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Default Friday 11-29-02

Happy Friday!! I went to WalMart at 6 this morning and fought the crowd. Could not believe how many people were there. Lined up in 2 lines to middle of parking lot. I can elbow my way with the best of them...and did.

Got Dad a pair of jeans for $7, Chris a couple of shirts for $7 each, and a crockpot for $5. Took longer to check out than it did to actually shop.

Taking my meds and then its back to the grind. I still haven't cleaned that bathroom...sigh. I'd put an out-of-order sign on the door but then they'd mess up the one bathroom I have cleaned. It should be a law that men have to sit to pee.

I wish I'd been smart like Tippy and suggested we all go out to eat. The cook and dishwasher (me) never enjoys the day like the ones who eat and then sit in front of the tv for a ballgame.

Meg you ol dog you. You did well...good girl. Proud of you. Shopping???? oh no!!!

Time to run get busy. I will think of each of you when I see that turkey. :
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Hitting the pit...just got home from work...

Hey sweet in my house the rule is you do sit to pee.....and if you leave a drop anywhere I announce it and expect it to be cleaned up...the only man I don't have trained is my father in law....

Why on earth are people lining up at it like that every day or was it just a special day?

Bye for now...I need some zzzzzz's

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Default Good Morning Gang

Hey there!

Is everybody shopping today? I'm not! I am doing most of my Christmas shopping over the internet, and the rest I just catch during my lunchhour.

Liz, the reason people were lined up at stores this morning, is because here in the states, the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year! yikes! They have been showing on the local news this morning that people were lined up at the local toy stores at 4:00 a.m. waiting for them to open at 5:00 or 6:00 and get the only 21 furry friends??? left. It reminds me of a few years ago when the Cabbage Patch Dolls was a hard to find item like that. I am so glad I don't have to fool with any of that sort of stuff!. Oldest son is getting a cd player for his truck and youngest son is getting a stereo for his room.

We should put up our Christmas tree today, but I just don't know if we will even attempt it or not. I feel bad for saying this, but I could just skip all the decorating this year. I really could and it wouldn't bother me one bit. But dear hubby LOVES all the decorations (probably cause they didn't have much when they were kids) and there is no way I am getting out of putting up trees and lights and all that jazz *sigh*. I would be happy just to set out the nativity scene and call it Christmas. ;-)

Hubby and I may go look at a couple of used trucks today that are in the paper. He has got to find a good used full size truck and they are just hard to find for the price we need to find one for, but sooner or later something has got to turn up.

I hope everybody had a great day yesterday with lots of yummy food and lots of love and family and of course, thanks!

Are we ever getting the chatroom back? does anyone know?

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Gosh, I didn't know that the chatroom wasn't there! Well, it's been months since I popped in, so I guess I'm out of the loop. The only time I saw it busy was late( for me) at night. Usually, my evenings are spent with DH so I don't even check.
Yesterday was spent trying to digest Thanksgiving dinner and doing this and that around the house. DH hung the curtains in the bathroom that I remake ALL summer. He had taped a wonderful dog show, so we watched that. I enjoyed seeing all the different breeds of dogs and how well they are trained. We're also watching "Pearl Harbor" again. Love the movie. Gradually we are switching to DVD's, but we're finding that a good many movies on DVD's are wide screen only and we don't care for that.
Well, am off to clean and do laundry.
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Hi everyone,

It's a grey day here...sort of foggy & you can smell the polution from the pulp rotten eggs.

DH & I went to Costco today. I had to get a prescription there, plus wrapping paper & some other things.

I started the day off really down.....but I thought...I need to talk to DH & try to get my feelings out. I have a hard time doing that. We did talk about this depression stuff....probably have been depressed on & off for the last 21 years. DH said depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. I said to him that it must have been hard for him all these years. Anyway we talked for a while. After that I seemed to feel better.

It's been almost 2 weeks that I feel more taking my meds. Last year at this time...the Dr. thought I might have seasonal affective disorder. We do live up north at the 53rd parallel. So if I don't feel better next week...I will go to the Dr.

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Hi Girls,

I'm still recovering from food over dose
Walmart or anymart couldn't pay me enuf to go out today. I hate black friday. I know that you can get some really good buys its just that I hate the pushing and shoving and the traffic madness. So I sayed home and cleaned so tomorrow and Sunday I can play with

Hope you all had a great Holiday. My butternut squash pie turned out heavenly..........the longer it sits the better it tastes.

Can't wait to make my fingerprint/chocolate/pnut butter filled cookies for Christmas..........OY

Hey ! I did get on the eliptical for a few minutes today....then ate another slab of pie

Huggs and smooches with whipped cream.

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