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Default Am I first? 11/18

Did I actually get here first? Wow!

Have any of you ever taken Paxil? If so, I have a question. What is up with the sex drive or should I say lack of? This is terrible. I feel sorry for hubby. He thinks something is wrong with him. I go for my three week visit Wednesday. I will have to tell the doc about that. Isn't there something else I could take that wouldn't hurt that?
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Talking Good monday morning!

Hello Kempyd and ALL to follow!

I was on Paxil for about 6 months about 7 years ago and for me I was fine with sex drive...the thing is I had been feeling so rotten for so long that it was like the sun finally came out and I had a ton of energy...I was almost manic!

Of course that always goes in cycles for me and I don't worry too much about it....we just keep the lines of communication open and hope for the best....and really enjoy it when it happens!

I got up early this morning as I have alot to do and I was lying awake dreading my life so I figured I might as well get up and face it! I did a load of laundry, made some meat sauce, folded some clothes, reviewed science with my dd10, made breakfast and a bagged lunch and got dd 10 and dd 4 out and to the bus on time....I want to do a fairly decent tidy before I go to work today as I am babysitting a 4 year old and twin 1 year olds tomorrow...should be fun!

I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by Xmas prep but will just take it one step at a baking this thursday with my mom and throwing it in the part of a cookie exchange with 12 other people so that should do for baking this year.

I made some yummy pineapple bananna muffins last night.

I am kindergarten phoning mom so I will get that done for December as less thing to worry about.

Okay I hope all is well with you all and hope to hear from everyone else today!

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Good Morning,

Boy its a gloomy day here. Meaning, the company is announcing that they are laying off 10% of the staff across the board. When your site alone has 3,000 people thats ALOT. Thank GOD our department had enuf vacancies that they took them first. We are so busy to ??? go figure.

Weekend was good, to short as usual. Got to play with Grace and take care of her little snotty nose. Now I got a big snotty nose lololol.

Kem I've never taken paxil but I do know on Zoloft I didn't even know what sex was. Tell hubby this is quite normal. Welbutrin isn't as bad as zoloft but it could be better if you know what I mean

Lizzy girl you beat me ! hope your feeling better ? did you save me a muffin MMMMMMM

Linnie binnie minnestrinie soup !

Have a wonderful blessed day all !!

Love, Leenie

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Leen what do you do? I would die if my boss hovered over me anymore than he does. It was worse when we had an audit. He wouldn't leave me alone. "What is that, did you mail them ....., Who is that for" he drove me crazy!!

I will have to ask the doc if there is any other kind of med I can take. I wonder if I will have to go back again for a three week visit if I switch meds.
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Thumbs up

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Default Afternoon

Hi all,

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was fine.. too short. I ate great, but was a housework slug. I made a artichoke, sun dried tomato white wine sauce for pasta and a 17 bean and barley soup. Now Leens won't come near me... Yes I did get up and exercise on Sunday and Monday, but I tell you Sunday was a real chore... sigh

Kem, each med can effect people differently, so you need to consult with your doctor. There are ones that have fewer side effects than others.. its really hit or miss. I wouldn't know if the Serzone I am on has sexual side effects.. no one to test it out on. whine whine whine.

Leens, wipe your nose. Sorry to hear about layoffs. I went though four rounds before I got nailed, so just breathe. It is very hard for those left behind.. so be easy on yourself.. and NO this doesn't mean go to the company store and get M&Ms.

Liz cooked sauce.. share please. I'd like a quart jar sent to me ASAP. I also am in line for a muffin.

Oh c*** . My message light is blinking.. gotta scoot.

Talk soon
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Default Am I first 11/18

Hi everyone.

Kem.....I took Paxil last winter for about 3 months. It had to be changed....wasn't able to have an orgasm while on it. The Dr. said that would be okay once....but not over a period of time. So he put me on Effexor XR.

Eliz....It sounds like you have your hands, work & all the other stuff going on in your life. I was wondering if you work full time or part time? I went through this stage when my kids were different times I worked full time & then at other times it was part time. It wasn't always easy.

I had a good weekend being OP. I gained 3.8 lbs. while I was now I am trying to lose it.

I was up early today & went to coffee with my mall walking friends. Then I did some shopping...Christmas cards & some other stuff.

I should go & stop rambling. Liz--those muffins sound yummy.

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My son and his daughters visited out here this weekend. Was amazed that his wife allowed it. She can't stand me and will find any excuse so that her daughters won't see me. She's just jealous cause I've had more husbands than she ever had dates!
Very unattractive woman...he musta been very drunk.....! Anyway, one child is very thin and the younger is overweight. I see problems there with self exteem already.
I found out today why a teenage friend of mine is looking so sad. She's 18, never dated another guy and he is trying to break it off with her. She is very beautiful but so young. Oh, do you all remember how painful a young heart can ache??
Other than that, we worked in the kitchen a bit and also did the church thing.
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I have never understood why people do that to their children and their grandparents. I think grandparents are important in a childs life.
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Hello everyone,

Glad to see you are all doing fine.

Kem...please tell that to my granddaughter is 5 and my grandson is 3 and I have never babysat them or been in the same room with them alone. Last week I found out that a neighbor babysat them while my son worked and she had a craft fair she was doing. I was soooo hurt to think she wouldn't call me. They live around the corner from me so that can't be the excuse. My son married a real control freak!!! She says, she is the best mom and the best wife! Yes she actually says that to everyone. She knows keeping those children and my son from us would just break our hearts and she has done a great job of it...of course I do blame my son a bit here, but he said he has to keep the peace. I'd love to smack him, but I know he loves those kids to pieces and she loves to threaten him with them. By the way, they also have two grown uncles and a grown aunt that would love to spoil them, but that is also out of the question because they are my children. Oh well!! I hope you get to the bottom of your medication problem, I have never been on Paxil only took Welbutrin for about 5 months and that didn't seem to have any effect on my sex life, but then again...I've been married for 31 years so you can draw your own conclusions

Liz...busy, busy...I envy you...I miss all those times with my children. Enjoy them, the years go by so fast and then when you are at home by yourself, you wish you could be running around again. can do it! If I was on vacation I would of gained 10 pounds, I think you did great!!!

Linda...send some food here!!

Hello Leens...Tippy and everyone else

Have a great day!!!! Meg
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Hi! Well, my two cents on this Paxil/anti depressant post. I myself am on Paxil. I've been on it for about 8 months now. I was on it while I was pregnant, went of it, and then had to get back on it. They had to mess with my dosages a lot. When I was on higher doses such as 40 mg. my sex drive and my ability to orgasm was very low but now that I'm on 20 mg. I seem to fare pretty well most of the time. Although, I'm on multiple meds, so sometimes they conlict. I know for myself, Effexor, Zoloft and Prozac did not work, but that's not saying it won't for you. Like someone up above here said, each body responds differently. What can work for one, may not work for another. I got fortunate to have this work for me. Although, it took me many tried with many medications to find this one. I hope it doesn't take you as long as it did me to find a med to help you feel better! *hugs*
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