Always something

  • I take a wide range of meds to treat bipolar. Because of all this meds my throid is out of wack thus making it hard to lose weight. Then to top things off last week I cracked three ribs and dieting is the not on the priority list. I am just feeling like there is no chance I can get back to my old self. I have about 75 pounds to shed. I get motivated to lose weight and BAM life throws another curve ball.
  • Oh wow, sorry to hear about your ribs.. OUCH!

    I would suggest not worrying about anything but healing your ribs first, I know its hard but one thing at a time. I find when I think about the whole picture, I freak out... its just to overwhelming, but if I take it one day/problem/situation at a time, I do a heck of alot better.

    I am sure the girls on the monthly chat thread would love to get to know you