Friday, September 20th

  • Yeah its friday whooooooooooooohooo !!

    I'm so beat it isn't funny, HI EVERYONE

    Please feel free to start the daily thread. Some days I just can't get in due to work.

    What are you guys doing this weekend ? I'm going to take to the farm so she can see something different than her mommy in pj's on a Saturday

    Maybe cook a nice meal ?? have to see if I'm up to that

    Next week is going to be REALLY crazy here so if I don't check in, you know where I'll be....... #_(%&!#%%&#(%!&% ~!!!!

    Have a blessed weekend.
    Love, Leenie
  • Mornin'
    Hello ladies,

    It's friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!! Whoopieeeeee. Friday nite is the best nite of the whole week, since I can lie back on the sofa with my kittycat on my belly and think about 2 whole days of ME time.

    I am going to do a little shopping, maybe at Macy's, some chores.. nothing too serious. Saturday is usually my sleep catch up day so I am going to try and get my butt out just to do the shopping.

    I am in the process of making up my meals for next week. Right now I am making a chicken stuffed with feta cheese served w fresh spinach and tomatoes, a fiesta pasta veggie dish with lentil pasta, some sort of an asian fish dish and maybe something with tofu. Next weekend I am going to dinner at a gfs house and am bringing dessert.. some sort of an amaretto cake I think. We are gonna eat, gab, watch a sappy movie and man bash Can't wait.

    This was the first week of adding more exercise.. it went very well. an hour on Sunday tuesday and thursday and 45 mins on monday and wednesday. I am leaving it at this level for a couple of more weeks, then plan on adding in 15 more mins on mon and wednesday. Some day.. I am going to add in an hour on Saturday.. but not for quite awhile.

    It seems my assignment has been extended yet again for another month.. big surprise huh? I have been handed a couple of project, one of which really doesn't start until next FEBRUARY!! so I may be here for quite a bit longer. Just wish they'd get off their behinds and make me perm instead of making me a contractor!! I am tired of paying for my own benefits and not getting any vacation time or sick time.. whine whine whine I know.

    Leens... when I was a kid, I remember seeing ladies in the store in their robes with curlers in their hair. You can go shopping that way.. would be nostalgic for people.
  • Hello ladies and Linda

    Thanks for the welcome...

    Today I went to Stillwater with Chris' caregiver so we could pay our phone bills. I got Dad off on his fishing trip before we left. While he is gone I hope to accomplish a few things. I started moving some boxes from the living room into the dining room in preparation to begin painting soon. I haven't the faintest idea where I will move the boxes to once ready to paint the dining room. Guess I will move them room to room as I go. It's things I can't get rid of as if he ever moves into another home, he will need them.

    Meg and I stayed up til 2 this morning my time chatting in yahoo. That woman never sleeps. We had a good chat. It was nonproductive as I never got her talked into sending me a cheesecake.

    Think I will go and take a nap. Hope everyone had a great day.