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Leenie 03-05-2010 10:08 AM

March 2010 Monthly Chick Chat - Come Join Us
Hi Ladies,

Just starting up a new thread for March... ;)

:hug: Leenie

cmyhc01 03-05-2010 12:02 PM

Mornin' all....I'm sad to say that I'm still in a funk. I'm just exhausted. I've been losing/gaining the same fifth of a pound for the last week now. This morning at physical therapy (s/p knee surgery in January), I almost broke down in tears because both of my knees were giving me trouble even though previously I'd been doing wonderfully. I couldn't do one of the excercises as my coordination was completely off.

I'm currently on both celexa and welbutrin and even though my pscyh np and I have fiddled around with them and thought we had reached a good balance, it just seems like I'm having crazy ups and downs lately. Not to mention the fact that celexa does not do any favors to the libido (sorry for the overshare, heh).

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem, especially upon starting a new diet. I'm seven weeks in but it's definitely been a change since I've started.

Sorry to be so whiny the last couple of days. My bf and I are going to New York this weekend to see a bunch of my college friends, so I'm sure the little trip will perk me right up.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!

momof4under5 03-05-2010 07:17 PM

eww because of how hectic this week has been with dh's surgery (surgery on his neck, dr took out the C5 disc and put in a caged metal disc.) I have missed several of my med doses....n now its really bad....very testy and just want to eat any and every thing....sucks because from the beginning of this week till the end I have plummeted down hill so fast....dhs is already irritating me and hes only been home for 24 hours...err

Leenie 03-06-2010 04:14 PM


CM, have you talked to your doctor lately about your meds?
Have a great trip to NY CM .. :hug:

Mom, your poor DH.. back surgery is just awful. :hug: to you too.

Just cleaning today and trying to catch up with EVERYTHING lol..

Have a great Weekend Ladies ;)

hope4me 03-07-2010 11:40 AM

Hi ladies,

You must all be enjoying your weekend. I have been busy procrastinating. I've got a big test wednesday and haven't started studying though I've had a couple of days I could do it.

Just wanted to say hi, gotta get to work.

cmyhc01 03-08-2010 04:19 PM

Leenie: that's the thing--I had just seen my psych np who prescribes my meds and we both felt everything was fine and then my mood plummetted only a few days later. I have another appointment with her at the end of the month so I'll discuss with her then if things don't change.

Right now I'm feeling pretty great--I had a lovely weekend catching up with friends. But on the flip side I cheated for the first time since I started my program seven weeks ago--I didn't even go crazy, just a couple of things here and there--and gained FOUR pounds over the weekend. So now I'm back on the straight and narrow (and hoping the cheat session might jump start additional weight loss). By gosh if that food didn't taste fantastic, though. I was really almost hoping it would make me sick so I would fully regret eating it. Haha.

How was everybody else's weekend??

buddly 03-09-2010 05:35 PM

Hi everyone!

Wow is it ever quiet in here, hope everyone is busy with spring.:flow1:
We've been having spring like weather and the melt has started, but today coming home a rabbit ran across the road in front of me and it was still all white, so still a chance of snow.

CM I'm glad to hear you had a great weekend, I hope you are still feeling good.

Mom how are you doing with hubby home and recovering?

Hope, How is the studying going?

leenie I hope you took some time for yourself this weekend.

Hi everyone else!!

Yesterday was DdC's 18th birthday, we did the birthday thing on Sunday as people were working and her friends were talking about going out. Anyway we had a fondue dinner. It was good. Because we were expecting a lot of people we pulled out a table that has been in storage for years and I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the dust as I was sneezing so bad with the itchy eyes, but its still going on so I think I may have caught a doozie of a cold that just came out of the blue. At least the sneezing has quit. I'm suppose to go to a panic and anxiety group tonight, but I'm starting to think I should bail.
Just looked at the time and I better motor. I have to pick DdB up from work at 2 and DdC is meeting her friends at the one pool at 2. At the rate I'm going I'll be late for both.:dizzy:

Take care everyone and have a wonderful day.

momof4under5 03-09-2010 11:01 PM

dh still cant eat because his throat is still swollen..hes bored but cant get up to do much. I had to go to the dr because I hav had a bad cough since the beginning of feb. the dr gave me anitbiotics, steroids, and cough syrup that made me throw up...if its not better in 7 days i have to go for chest xrays and blood work because the cough is dry and its been longer than a month....

tomorrow boys are on a feild trip with gramma to the candy factory so i am taking dh and girls out for a little trip to get some fresh air hopefully he makes it!

Ok gotta go not a lot of time....

hope4me 03-10-2010 12:08 AM

I've been studying all day for a test I have tomorrow. I still haven't covered everything so I may call out from work tomorrow to study more. I hate to do it but I have the time so I guess I should use it. I'm tired.

Momof4, hope your hubby gets better soon and gets to go with you all to get some air.

Buddly, so glad to see you. I miss it when you don't stop in often. I bet it's hard to believe one of your daughters is 18yrs old. Do you think the panic and anxiety group is helpful?

The diet and exercise is still going well. I actually can't seem to get enough fresh veggies. I'm craving them big time. Thank the good Lord!!

Hope everyone else is doing well.

MoveMoveMove 03-10-2010 08:49 PM

Hi ladies. Read thru the March thread then went back and read the February one.

I think I need to be here. I started on Wellbutrin in 2000. Moved to TX shortly after and found a GP that wrote the rx for my WB without making me see a Psych. for the next 8 years or so. That was good.

Decided a little over a year ago to go off the WB and did well for a while. But boy oh boy has the depression been mounting up in the last few months. I wasn't fully committed to admitting that until I was reading your Feb thread. But no doubt about it the depression is back.

I think I scared the ladies on another thread with a post last week. I was/am feeling pretty violent but I'm not a danger to myself or anybody else. I just get to a point where I like to break things like dishes. I think I was finally able to convince them of that. Their care really helped me make it thru this past weekend.

I work for a school and next week is our spring break. I'm going to use the time to find a Psych. 'cause I think it's time to go back on the meds.

My house is a MESS, I mean really really bad, so I'll be working to make it look more like a sane person lives there. If I can stay out of the bed and off the couch that is. I can do this.

Anyway, found this thread and I think I'll fit in here. I don't have the internet at home yet so I'll probably only be back here one day next week when I come into the office to use the computer to find a dr and to order cable and internet. I'm out for training tomorrow and always off on Fridays so see y'all next week.

Have a great weekend.

VermontMom 03-11-2010 09:26 AM

Hi Marcia :wave: a big welcome to you :) and Hi to everyone else...sorry I haven't been posting. I had a few 'down' days and that is when I probably should be posting here, but I deliberately do NOT because that is just how I've been programmed, to not 'complain' or 'whine' , to just keep quiet until the crisis is over. And its true that usually I am better the next day.

My mood was the bad one, in that I do not look forward to anything. So it is a feeling of 'so what' or 'who cares'. Ugh. Or if something happened to me, like a fatal car accident, it wouldn't be a big deal. Ugh!! But I am so thankful that I can put those thoughts here, and not be reprimanded or have you be shocked. I can't do that in real life. And I don't want to feel that way!!! who would?

I know I am better just because of the shifting seasons. That it is light out at 6 am and staying light later. It's a little warmer here, getting to the 40's with sun and that is great.

I also got my motorcycle out yesterday and went for a ride, that always helps my mental health.

So yesterday was the first Wednesday in weeks, that I did not spend almost all day in bed. woohoo :carrot:

hope4me 03-12-2010 12:10 AM

Hi girls,

Can't stay long but just wanted to say that I could have written much of the last 2 posts. I'm glad too that we can say things like that here without shocking or scaring each other. I've been there way too often with the messy house and wanting to stay in bed. I can't tell you how often I've thought the same thing about a fatal accident and that it wouldn't be too bad, or maybe if I just had never existed at all...

I'm happy to say I haven't had any really bad lows in a while. I certainly don't miss them. I hope this lucky streak lasts.

On a brighter note, I made a 98 on my test and I'm one pound away from a 20lb loss! :carrot:

cmk79 03-12-2010 03:09 AM

Hi everyone.I'm new here and I also suffer from depression.In the past it's kept me from achieving my weight loss goals, but I' determined to stick it out this time and not give up!I've actually been pretty good since I've been working out.Every once in a while I'll get depressed about how I look and the fact that I wear "fat" clothes.But I just have to remind myself that I'm not going to be this way forever and that eventually I'll be able to wear normal sized clothes.

VermontMom 03-12-2010 09:06 AM

hope4me, congrats on the high test score, and for being 1 pound away from a 20 pound loss!

I would like to blame this time of year for our dips in mood but unfortunately it can happen anytime, so all we can do it try to get through the down times because things do get better eventually.

hi OompaLoompa :wave: I hear you on feeling discouraged, but I do the same thing, tell myself 'well I am doing something about it!'

hi to everyone else :hug:

buddly 03-12-2010 04:07 PM

Hi everyone:wave:

Welcome Marcia and Oompaloompa Looking forward to knowing you better.

Congratulations Hope!!! You are on a roll! Acing exams and weight loss!!

Holly that's great you've been able to get out on your bike. The ice is off of our roads so I don't really have an excuse not to get out walking. And its a beautiful sunny day here which is nice change after yesterday where mother nature decided to have a hissy fit and throw a little bit of everything at us.

Hope, that was my youngest that turned 18!!:eek: I honestly don't know how they can keep aging when I'm not ;) DdB turns 20 on March 31st as well. And about the panic and anxiety group, yes I do think it helps and I'm really glad I'm going. Its so nice to find out that I'm not alone and its really helpful finding out how other people cope. One lady in there who hasn't been to a hairdresser for years because of panic attacks actually managed to go in for a facial massage and a hair cut last week. She had the tools to assert herself and keep from having an attack. I find that so helpful to see. Just like being here, I've been privileged to watch you go from being unemployed and feeling down to where you are now working as well as succeeding in school and getting on top of the exercise and weight loss and getting healthy. It gives me hope I can move forward as well. Thank you :hug:

As I said its a beautiful day here. I'm hoping to be able to give the dog his spring haircut. I was suppose to go to work today, but called in sick as I've been taking decongestants and sleeping for most of the week I just couldn't picture myself flying around a hot kitchen without passing out.
Its noon, so I better get a move on.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful day TGIF!!!!!:)

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