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LovebirdsFlying 02-06-2010 01:21 AM

Congratulations on your A, hope. :cheer:

This was the third vet we took Tuffy to, and the first one to think of checking her blood pressure. Granted it's a little more involved than checking a human's bp, since it involves shaving the base of the tail, and the cuff wraps around that. But still... here they were, talking "brain tumor," when all she needed was blood pressure meds. For cats, they like the top number to be under 160, and Tuffy was around 280. So it really was very high. She's doing very well tonight.

Which means I can start going to the Y again on Monday. Weekends belong to hubby. :D

hope4me 02-07-2010 01:01 AM

OK, where is everybody?

Anybody have any plans for superbowl? Indulging or eating healthy? I plan to go the healthier route. I'm making some grilled chicken strips, some buffalo, some teriyaki basted, a lite spinach-artichoke dip, chips and salsa, and shrimp cocktail. That's what I came up with. I unfortunately have to make brownies for a bake sale on Monday at work but I think I can stay away from them.

VermontMom 02-07-2010 08:16 AM

I'm here :D Congrats on your "A"!! and yay to Ms. Tuffy! :carrot:

I'll be pooped after work (get home at 6:30 or so) so I don't know if I'll take friend's invite up about a Superbowl party. I would like DH to go and have fun but he doesn't know how to have fun without me :shrug: I don't care much about football but I like the commercials and I like getting together with friends.

I haven't spent a day off in bed for a couple weeks, that is good for me for February. I like the feeling that I am kicking Depression in it's big butt :devil:

:hug: and :wave: to everyone.

Purefire 02-08-2010 07:08 AM

Morning Ladies... :wave:

I haven't had a chance to read anyone's post yet this morning. I will read them later and catch up.

The last couple of days were kinda bad. I completely went off plan and stopped exercising.. and I gain 4 of the 8 lbs I had lost back. My mood was completely shot.. I felt like I was being pulled in 5 different directions.. Between son, step-mother, boyfriend, best friend, and the friend from school that I have been helping lately... I haven't been there for my son like I should be and always was have been for the last two weeks... My step-mother has been home for two weeks now and I even though I said I should be the bigger person and deal with her.. I simply can't stand to look at her or be around her. As of this morning... I know I have to just deal with it.. and go see my son and spend more than 15 minutes with him. I'm just really hoping that she will go back to work and soon. For two weeks now.. its like I am never home or never alone. before that I would go days on end with being home alone and just having me time.. I got into that role.. and at times it was lonely but that is what I was use to.. But now I feel like I use to when everything was all messed up and I was screwing up. I've come up with the fact that I have to talk to my best friend and my friend from school and tell them that I need to set days for myself and days that I spend time with them. Otherwise I am going to go insane.. I feel like my whole body is completely off schedule.. and I need that schedule back.. Then there is the boyfriend. We live 800+ miles away from each other and right now all we can do is talk on the phone and for the last two weeks we have barely been doing that. I am always with my best friend and friend from school and he doesn't like to talk to me when I am with them because I just don't talk. So he is aggravated with me and I feel really crappy about it cause I am just not there. we normally talk two or three times a day and the past two weeks its like we don't talk at all.. and its really starting to get to me... I have been completely depressed the last few days because of everything... I just have to get myself back on track and fast...

Starting today as day 1 of my watching everything again and then going from there... sorry about the rant.. I just needed to get a little of this out..

Have to get ready for class. Have a good Monday...


VermontMom 02-09-2010 07:38 AM

Purefire, you come here to unload whenever you need to. I agree you need to tell your friends that you need "YOU" time! We don't want you to go insane :devil: but you really sound at the end of your rope :hug: You need those alone times, and then you need the time to freely talk to BF on the phone without anyone else around.

now with me, why don't I learn not to make statements like 'I am kicking depression's butt' because the day after I feel like I :foot: nothing too bad just one thing I do is play up possible situations and get all angry , when there isn't even anything really happening. But by then I've put myself in a terrible black mood. I think I really just need the days to be brighter and longer, meaning come on Spring.

momof4under5 02-09-2010 08:22 PM

snow snow snow snow.......

chitownbex 02-09-2010 10:36 PM

It is really snowy here in Chitown too --- I went to the gym tonight and actually it was kind of pretty looking out the window while hustling on the treadmill --

Aunty Jam 02-10-2010 10:33 AM

Well i stretched them out as long as I could but I've been off my meds since sunday. we have less then 0 in the bank. I'm in such a bad mood I'm ready to snap and tell my boss to shove it up his arse. And I've only been here 20 minutes. Unfortunately my bum of a husband is still out of work so I don't have much of a choice but to keep working at the place that hasn't given me a raise in 3 years. No, that's right, nothing has ever gone up in price over the last 3 years.. I'm doing just freaking fine. some yahoo shut the door to my office even though I've been leaving it open, it's now about 30c in here (I'm Canadian, that's hot). My lovely new office that has no natural sun and a window with broken blinds that faces a hallway so people can stare atme as they go by. people say "You're lucky you still have a job" I beg to differ, i hate this gong show.

People kept making illegale left turns in front of me on the way in and I almost hit one, why are some people so freaking ignorant????

LovebirdsFlying 02-10-2010 10:39 AM

Best wishes, Aunty Jam. I hope it works out well for you.

VermontMom 02-10-2010 02:05 PM

Aunty Jam, you are having a terrible day :( I'm so sorry you are out of your meds and the money situation. And 86F is HOT for an indoor room!
:hug: to you and everyone else who is not doing good.
Mrs. Brady, how is Tuffy?

momof4under5 02-11-2010 12:55 AM

WOW aunty jam-I can just imagine...You totally sound like me when I go off... I totally understand the money issues...with having tons of kids and only one income you have to make things stretch..I hope something works out for you! Let us know how tomorrow goes...even if its not so great let us know!!

LovebirdsFlying 02-11-2010 01:25 AM


Originally Posted by VermontMom (Post 3145843)
Mrs. Brady, how is Tuffy?

Doing wonderfully, thank you. Her meds seem to be doing the trick. She struggles at medication time--she cannot be made to swallow a pill. I dissolve it in a few drops of water, inside a feeding syringe, and hurriedly squirt it down her throat. She resists but cooperates, and frankly I'm glad she resists. It means she's got some kick left in her.

We no longer have to carry her to her litterbox, or bring her food and water to her. At feeding time, she's right there with the other two cats, waiting.

I researched feline hypertension and found that one of the symptoms is sudden blindness. Tuffy did go blind. I read that when the blood pressure is treated, the cats can get at least some of their sight back, and Tuffy is definitely seeing now.

Thank God.

And :thanks: for asking.

Tegeray 02-11-2010 01:31 AM

Hurray For Tuffy!!!!! I am so very happy for you both! Fang, my siamese was 16 or 17. Those were some of the best days, enjoy Tuffy and give her a pat for me!!

LovebirdsFlying 02-11-2010 01:40 AM


Originally Posted by Tegeray (Post 3146771)
Hurray For Tuffy!!!!! I am so very happy for you both! Fang, my siamese was 16 or 17. Those were some of the best days, enjoy Tuffy and give her a pat for me!!

Recent estimates say Tuffy's around 12.

I'll definitely give her a snuggle.

And I will pet Tiger and Alex too, since they have been very cooperative. They've given Tuffy either space or affection, depending on what she needed at the moment, and they never once complained about us not giving them attention while Tuffy needed more of it.

Alex (age 3, neutered male, tuxedo coloring similar to "Socks" the Clinton cat) may feel privileged now that he is the only cat allowed outdoors at all. Tiger (age 9, spayed female, full name Tigerlily, a fat "Mrs. Garfield" orange tabby) is not; she gets lost and can't find her way home. And of course Tuffy isn't quite healthy enough....

Aunty Jam 02-11-2010 12:10 PM

I'm glad Tuffy is better. I'm more of a dog person by nature but I don't mind cats. Our youngest dog was horribly sick when he was very young and we almost lost him a few times, the helpless feeling was just horrible.

I'm all over the map today and it's very tiring. I'm honestly not sure how I really am I have so many conflicting emotions. I get the urge to do the stupidest things that are totally NOT office appropriate. I'm going out of my head, my mind is racing and I'm trying to convince myself it's not a real big deal so I don't over react but is it a bit deal? I mean seriously... I'm on medication for a reason right? I'm going to run around the block screaming, skip down the hallway singing, bang my head against my desk then crawl under it and have a good cry. I may just start with that one. And stress? Stress! There's already bad emotions from the female curse helping all of this along. Meds soon, cross your fingers. Thank god I only have a step daughter who is back with her mother right now.

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