Wednesday, August 14th - FREEEEEEE !

  • I'm Free
    I'm Free
    I'm Free

    The boss is away
    The boss is away
    Neener neener neener

    Good Morning All,

    Did I forget to mention I'm free and the boss is away. Oh Joy. Give me Joy in my heart keep me happy happy happy
    Give me Joy in my heart I pray - hallelujah
    Give me Joy in my heart keep me happy happy happy
    Keep me happy till the break of day !

    Enuf Said !

    Love, Leens

    Who needs anit-depressants, just keep my boss away and I'm happy haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • uhmmmmmm Leenie - I wish you would cheer up! hahahaha

    It's great to see ya so happy! I hope your day just gets better and better and gooder and gooder! lol

    Linny - thanks so much for the gory details! I really appreciate you taking the time to give them to me. Looks like you are doing exactly what we all know to do. I mean the things that make sense and the things that you can do long term. I am so thrilled for you and your weight loss and your healthy lifestyle! It is really motivating to see you doing so well.

    Tip - hope all is well with you and your kitchen fun! :-)

    Liz - hope you're having fun!

    Rest of the gang - everybody have a great day!

    Oh by the way - mine started off really good - stepped on the scale and I have lost 10 lbs in 5 weeks - so that is really really good for me. Of course, that is weight I recently put on and I am simply down to 195 - which is where I was a year ago, but hey, I can't be worried about that now. :-)

    Group Hug,
  • Friends, my hubby just gave me the "Are you nuts??" look! All because I asked him to get the vacuum cleaner for me as I can't walk into that room. He said there is no purpose to cleaning until the rubble is cleared! But I ALWAYS vacuum on Wednesdays!
    What he said is true, but I hate living in dust and mess.

    LindaT, your post yesterday was a work of art! I plan on printing it up and putting it on the frig as it will be an inspiration for both DH and I! But then, you always did give good advice....

    Leenie, I get the idea that you're a bit happy today. Don't hold it in, girl, shout it to the roof!

    Hi are the boys?? And, you ARE losing too! Great!

    Hi to everyone else and God bless!!
  • Morning all!
    Off to make pancakes for the goons!

    I hve 4 of my little neices and nephews sleeping over as a final hurrah before we go on holidays!

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Mornin'
    Hello ladies,

    Another day, another doctor's appointment.. ugh. This is no way to spend your vacation. Today is just a medication check with new doctor. I sit here and think I am late on two other medical appointments and wonder if I am ever going to catch up!! I tell ya, the older you get, the more doctor appointments you need. When I am 40, I might as well quit work and just go to doctor appointments. .. what what?

    Leens, glad the ol nosy nelly is gone and you can play. Keep sending the naughty pics.. love em

    Cathy, I am glad I made sense. Sometimes I don't make sense to myself.. well most of the time really. I spend most of my spare time trying to figure out how to get more fruits and veggies into my

    Tippy, work of art.. bah. Just common sense. I hate to admit it, but I think most of those things came from my mother and I must have been listening!! I need to quit that right NOW!!!

    Lizzy.. I haven't eaten yet.. please send pancakes. Dinner tonight is going to be carolina fish cakes ( think crab cakes but made with catfish) and some veggies. Lunch is an iced mocha freeze.. that is why no breakfast this morning.. I am saving for a lunch time splurge.

    I did my latin dance workout this morning.. it is starting to be a little bit fun. It does work up a nice sweat and it doesn't feel like exercise. If I had a man around, I think I would look into latin dance classes.. and no I dont wanna go solo to classes and get groped by a sweaty old man who I am sure I would get partnered with!!!! I need to get in the shower and get ready for my doc appointment across town. I am sure she is gonna draw blood... bleeeeecccch.
  • Linny,

    You know you want to get groped by sweaty old BO smelling men with body funk so bad it curles the hairs in your nose

    You are OH so right, about 3 years ago I signed up for (okay I can hear the snickering already) square dancing with my sisters friend. We figured we would both be partners. WELL when we got there, there were professional dancers there (men) who turned out to be our partners...... They would squeeze you and throw you so hard it wasn't funny. When you left the class you felt like you just got beaten up in an alley fight. I went 2 times and quit, and my friend quit after 3 times. If you got a step wrong Oh Lordy, they would get so mad.......Old geezers

    Can you picture some old fart swinging me around the room (50 lbs ligher I was )

    TTYL, Love Leens