Tuesday, August 13th - Daily

  • Good Morning,

    One more day until I can play here yahooooooooo.
    Whats up with everyone ? SOSDD

    TTYL, Love, Leens

    Hopefully the boss will leave early today
  • On my way out the door...
    Good Morning everyone,

    I am on my way to the dreaded GYN appointment, so I'll have to post later.

  • Good Day!
    Hello everybody!

    Well yesterday we regrouped and then it was out to the movies in the evening...went to see Spy Kids with the kidlets and hubby went to see Signs!

    Came home and watched a movie before we went to sleep....a Kevin Costner one called Dragonfly I believe...it was all right I guess...should have been sleeping...I do better when I am rested but there is just too much fun to be had.

    We are heading out to the waterpark today as we have company here from Ontario.

    One of these days we will get packed up and head off to BC...we rented a property there sight unseen.

    Well I hope all went well at the doctor Linda T and Leens look out for that boss.

    Hello to all those to come! Have a great day!

  • I'm baaack
    Good morning again,

    Well, its over and done with for another year. The annual spread and prod.. ugh. I got my referral for my mammo so am all set. I am now down 30-35 pounds since the first of the year, so the doctor was happy with that. Still have a way to go, but I am on my way. It is slower than I would like, but I am eating good food and not depriving myself so I havent gone off plan for more than a day. Tomorrow is a med check with my primary care doctor. I hope she let's me stay on this med. There has been some bad press about Serzone recently. I think she'll probably ask me to take a blood test, at the very least to check my liver functions. Now if I can remember what time my appointment tomorrow is

    Hey Lizzy, glad you checked in. Have fun at the waterpark. Are you going to go down those scary slides? I am afraid I would break something. The old bod doesn't bend like it did when I was 12. Leens, tell your boss she looks tired and needs to elave early.

    Everyone else.. happy Tuesday
  • GO LINNY !
    GO LINNY !
    GO LINNY !


    Congratulations on the 35 lbs - YOU GO GIRL !!!!
    When I read your post it gave me goose bumps, I'm soooo happy for you. Now mail me some of that "click"

    Love, Leenie
  • hey gang!
    just checking in quickly from work - its busy here.

    But hey Linny!!!! great big congrats on the 35 lb weight loss since the beginning of the year!!! slow??? that is not slow at all girlie!!!

    Soooooooo exactly what are you doing? are you just eating healthy or low carbing? journaling? I know you are exercising in the mornings....do you drink a certain amount of water each day?

    Details! Details! we need details girlie!

    A quick hello to the whole gang!

  • Our kitchen is now 2 inches larger without all those layer upon layer of old plaster, paneling and 4 layers of wallpaper! Dh only found an old corn cob or two and two ceilings. The old insulation is the grossest cr*p I've ever seen...grey, moldy crud. I see why we had so many sinus problems too as there was a water leak off the roof and black mold growing in the wall.

    Am having a good time washing dishes and even more fun cooking meals.
  • Da gory details
    OK you asked for it.. sorry, but I have no magic trick. Just mostly common sense.

    1) calorie counting - using dietwatch software. I keep calorie level at ~1500 a day. Balanced diet. 80-100g protein, 200g carbs, and 35-45 g fat ( with saturated fat, the heart killer at less than 16 g a day)
    2) Water.. 8+ glasses
    3) 45 minutes 5X a week of cardiovascular exercise.. step, aerobics.. and my latest tape.. latin dance workout. 6th day is usually lots of housework or gardening.
    4) buying some new clothes every 20-25 pounds - keeps you motivated to see things get bigger. ( the clothes, not you )
    5) Planning,planning planning.. have I mentioned planning? I decide what meals I want to make for the week and I buy that stuff.
    6) allowing self to eat like a normal person from tiem to time. No, this doesnt mean going on a binge, but this does mean eating out with people and not fussin over every mouthful.. just being careful. And.. after that one meal off, going right back to plan.. NO EXCUSES!!
    7) The big thing is.. believing that I am worth being healthier. I want to live a long time and frankly being overweight is a risk factor for all sorts of illnesses. I may not be having troubles now.. but believe me, it isn't a matter of IF.. it is a matter of WHEN.
    8) not stuffing down my emotions with food.. be they happy sad, depressed or otherwise.. eating when I feel "empty" isn't going to fill up the hole a lot of us feel in our lives. The hole will still be there.

    Bottom line.. self esteem ladies.. self esteem. I have a long way to go still..like 50 pounds, but I my self esteem has improved tremendously with the 30some pounds that are gone. Imagine what a big ego I am gonna have when I hit goal.. I love me more than any piece of pizza, donut.. even a cookie!!!