Monday, August 12th - Daily

  • Good Morning All,

    How was your weekend ? Mine was the usual, didn't do anything special. Its suposed to get really humid today ICK ! hope they are wrong. Even thunder showers won't cool things down. I love the summer but hate the humidity, I'm a Fall person myself.

    Got 2 weeks to plan the bambino's 1st birthday party. She's such a little knuckle head She just figured out how to move her legs when she is standing up holding on to the couch.

    The boss is in this week only 2 DAYS !! yahooooooooo yipppeeeeee yah think I'm happppppy ?

    How was your weekend ?

    Talk to you later if I can sneak in.

    Love, Leens

    PS........ Got my hair cut and painted my this is what it feels like to be human again huh. Hmmmmmm maybe weight loss next ?
  • I survived the weekend. Hubby ripped out the cupboards yesterday. He'd look at them for a minute and take the crowbar to them! I think he enjoyed the heck out of doing that! In order to break up the cheap laminated countertop, he jumped up and down on it! I wish I had had a camcorder to tape him! We made two trips to the dump and will make another on Wednesday. Today he is ripping out the walls to rewire, replumb and insulate. He is going to seal off the room from the living room cause I'm highly sensitive to old dust...and this cr*p is OLD.
    So far, we've found mouse bones(yuck), acorns, and some old paperwork. I expect we will find more. I discovered that mice like to steal SOS pads to make nests.

    The kitchen will be 16 X 16 with cupboards covering half the walls, including the frig, stove, sink and dishwasher. A big country kitchen!

    If I don't show up tomorrow, either I'm buried in the rubble or DH sent me away...he is so crabby....and I'm so good natured...yeah right!
  • You gals are soooooo funny! Your posts always make me smile!

    Hope everybody has a great day!

  • Vaykashun!!!!
    Woooohoooo I am home I am home.. Morning all,

    Leens, so tell me what you did to your hair? How do you like it? What color are your nails? I want to get a pedicure, but don't want to go just anywhere.. need a referral. I know I feel better after I get my hair done and I bet you do too.

    No big plans this vacation.. a few chores, mostly relaxing. This is my last break until Christmas/Newyear's week ( unless of course I get laid off ) so I am going to enjoy it. Zooni let me sleep in this morning, but I was up at 7:15. That is sleeping in for me.. normal up time is 5. Maybe later in the week, I'll be able to sleep in longer. One the menu for the week lemon chicken, bbq chicken salad, veggie couscous, carolina fish cakes and other things that I haven't decided yet.

    Today's chore is to go down town and try and find parts for my blender. Somehow the blades got bent and the manufacturer no longer has parts for it. ( They changed the model.. grrrr) Of course aerobics will be done.

    A good night's sleep really helps with my depression, I think even more that daily exercise. I intend to get many good nights sleep during this coming week. Hope everyone has a nice Moanday....
  • Hey Girls,

    Cathy glad we can humor you How are the boys ? And congrats on the weight loss, I know how difficult its been for you.

    Tippy, eeeeeeeeeew on the bones. When we tore down our house (yes the entire house, and we did it ourselves, no contractors) the walls were infested with every bug you can possibly think of. It was sooooooo gross the first time I riped off a piece of sheet rock, I went screaming for the lie Talk about a nightmare.

    Linny, I"M SO JEALOUS, Can I come over and play too ! my next vacation is December I didn't go wild with my hair. Its kinda the same only shaped different. Its still long in the back but it is cut on an angel in the front so I can curl it under. He kinda did a choppy job but it will grow in. Think he was having an off day - figures. I painted my nails last night, a bright pink. Grace looked at me this moring like what did you do to yourself mom ? Thats about it !

    Can't wait until Wednesday when the boss leaves for vacation ahhh

    TTYL, Love Leens
  • Happy Monday!
    Hi everybody!

    Had a great weekend at the folk fest this weekend...there were acts from all over the world there!

    Runs from Thursday to Sunday night so needless to say not a dish has been washed or a piece of clothing washed...that is what is up for today!

    We had a lot of fun but the ethnic food and of course the beer on the hill....well neeless to say...the diet starts today! I did get exercise walking up the hill and dancing to the music

    Been catching up on the posts and it sounds like you are all doing well....missed ya!

    Now I get ready to leave on holidays to the sunny okanogan...we rented a house by the lake with another family.... It will be a great get away.

    It has been a busy summer but a fun one. Hope to hear from you all soon.

    Anyone been in the chat lately? What is new?

    Bye for now!

  • Hi Cathy,
    The girls could always make me smile when we used to chat it seems like years ago now. I have had a lovely Monday I went to painting group this morning and this pm went in my swimming pool and did my excerises. Tonight whilst reading your goings on I am watching the most beautiful sunset over the top of my computer all orange and lilac and golden I do hope that means we are going to have another lovely day tomorrow as summer has not been happening here this year. I know what you are going through ripping the kiitchen out we did it last year and I seem to be washing dust off everywhere for months. It will be nice when its all over with. It doesnt seem a year has passed since the babe was born, I am to be a great grandma in January I am thrilled to bits, its my eldest grand daughter so I am busy knitting to send her some clothes.
    Have good week girls.
  • Gosh it's good to see some old familiar "faces" again!