Thursday, August 8th

  • Good Morning,

    Boss left for a meeting yahoooooo

    How's your day going. Boy did I eat ALOT of sugar yesterday, I won't even tell you what I had cause its just to dang embaraskin..

    Anyway back to the grind. Its yet another beautiful day good to be true, waiting for that icky humid crap to come back.

    Gonna fry me up some bananna peppers tonight, never had them so this aught to be an experience. Don' t know what else to cook with it but I'll figure that out later.

    My hand is so numb right now, I must have typed this 4 times.

    Have a great day.

    Love, Leens
  • Well, I got a dozen roses along with my Chantilly cologne and the Baskin Robbins ice cream for my BD! Either I'm very very bad or very very good!

    This may be the last you hear from me for awhile cause tomorrow starts the kitchen renovation. I'll be busy looking for things--like the stove is in the back storage room, the frig is in the office, the coffeepot in on the dryer and the microwave in on the plant stand! I'll be washing dishes(if I can find them) in the bathtub.
    Fortunately, I have fourteen meals in the freezer.

    DG is rewiring too and I can't wait to have enough outlets in the kitchen! And cupboards that don't get buggy! And, someday, flooring that isn't stapled down in places cause water caused it to curl!

    I'll have to stay outa there as much as possible because of the old plaster dust. I get bronchitis very easily so I'll wear a mask as much as possible. It will be interesting to see what we find. We already found two doors in the walls. I hope there isn't anything gross!

    See ya later!
  • Hey Tip,

    Boy do I know what your going thru. Lived that way for 10 years..uhhh. If anyone appreciates a home, it sure is me. A finished home I should say

    With all the clutter, just make sure your PC is accessable, it will be your sanity away from the insanity. Oh the saw dust, how I remember it - only to well. When you do things yourself, it makes you appreciate it all the more. Did you decide on the trim color. I was talking to Jim about it and he said he would go with the cream also... You gotta give us details and pictures if you can. Now that I have a digital camera I'll try to get some of my kitchen and send it to you.

    Soooooooooo roses huh. Well you must be good. I got a card from hubby and Grace mlm <----- remember that expression haaaaaaaa. I must be baddddddddddddddd ahh who gives a @#)^&$%)#(

  • Yup, went with the cream color trim. The rest of the house has white walls and cream color trim. The cupboards will be a country blue--very simple. This is a very old farmhouse and I try to keep it simply done. Otherwise it would look like a peasant in a ballgown.
  • Mornin'
    Hi everyone,

    Another day, another headache.. not really. Had a tough time getting up this morning, so I think an early to bed night is in order tonight. Of course tonight I have to make breads for the company bbq tomorrow, so I won't be getting to sleep quite as early as I would like... I am making a traditional garlic bread as well as a garlic cheese bread Of course I am out of preminced garlic, so will be doing this by hand.. or the food processor if it works. Rats, I just checked the recipe and I am out of parmesan.. so it looks like a store stop on the way home.. phooey.

    Btw 1.5 days til my vacation Tomorrow afternoone should be pretty light from people taking off early to start the break.. maybe my boss will be nice and kick me out.... nah!!

    Leens, I know you had Tollhouse Cookie pie... she told me in email... I blabbed!! It was her birthday pie and everyone deserves a little sweet on their bday if they want it. I hope they had all 40 candles blazing away.

    Hope everyone else checks in.. Have a nice THURSDAY!!!
  • hey there gang!

    Tollhouse Cookie pie sounds good to me! :-) yum
    I didn't know it was the BIG 4 0 ! Almost catching up with me Leenie.

    I did get myself up early this morning and did my exercise tape before getting ready for work, so now I'm drinking my water and being good.

    If anybody's coming to Louisiana be sure to bring your mosquito repellent with ya! Those little buggers are killers! There is never a dull moment around here! :-)

    Hope everybody is having a good day!

  • Hello old friends!
    I hope you haven't forgotten me!

    Company left this morning! It was days and nights filled with drinking, eating, laughing, running around and the likes...this morning since they left I have done laundry, stripped beds, cleaned bathrooms and bleached!

    We are going to a four day music festival starting tonight!

    Neices and nephews here from Ontario so I am having the gang over for lunch tomorrow.

    We leave for holidays Tues or Wed of next week for 12 days so the fun just goes on and on and in the mean time work phones me day and night!

    Hope you are all well...

    Happy Birthday Tippy and Leens!