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Leenie 08-07-2002 09:35 AM

Wednesday, August 7th HAPPY B-DAY TIPPY
Good Morning,

Don't have much time here as always.

TIPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:hb: :hb: :hb: :hb:

LOVE, Your Sis, Leens :dance:

cathyxxx 08-07-2002 10:56 AM

Do you mean to tell me that Leenie and Tippy share the same birthday??? way cool!

Happy Birthday Tippy and Leenie! What a great day August 7 is!

A great day for great people!

Hugs Hugs and more Hugs,

cathyxxx 08-07-2002 11:00 AM

Oh ok - I see that this is the daily thread...just wanted to say hi to everybody....
and hey there Outback - good to see you again - how ya been?

Well I did not get up early this morning to exercise before getting ready for work, because a very distraught mother called me late last night and talked until after 12:30 - I am usually asleep by 10:00 but she really needed somebody to listen so I was glad to be there for her - but it sure would have been nice to get a little sleep too. hehe

I wonder....do you burn more calories if you sleep less???
sure hope so!

Hope everybody has a great day!


LindaT 08-07-2002 11:47 AM

Hello ladies,

Happy Hump day!! 2.5 more day left til vaykashun!!! and Happy Birthday to bday ladies. :hb:

Work is hopping this morning with all sorts of internal political wrangling..like a big soap opera, I swear. Otherwise, things are slowing down.. I imagine by Friday they will barely be moving.

I was up at 5am to do my new Latin Rhythm workout. If someone has my rhythm, please return it ASAP.:lol: I did a little better getting the steps, but the salsa has me a little toe-tied (think tongue tied but in the feet). It might have been easier if the video had been shot like a normal video, instead of trying to be "cool" with weird camera angles. I am trying though.. not going to let it beat me.

Cathy, here is an interesting calculator that will give you calories burned for a bunch of activities. http://www.caloriesperhour.com/
I find their estimates way too high for me, however. With the intact I have and the activity, I should have lost more weight by now... its just me. :(

Dinner tonight is leftover baja tacos and grilled eggplant, I think. I think I feel hungry now, but it actually might just be cramps.

Well, phone is starting to ring, so I had better get off line. Hope everyone else checks in... have a nice wednesday.

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