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Leenie 08-06-2002 07:44 AM

Tuesday, August 6th
Good Morning Everyone,

Its such a beautiful day out today, the humidity is gone and its alot cooler out aaaaaaah. But since its August I'm sure it will be back very soon :(

Nothing much new. I'm doing crapy on eating for the past 2 weeks so I need to get that whip out and get myself in line (no linny, not THAT whip :o )

Boss is stilllll in. Gee you think she worked here or something :D

Today I had 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast and I have a hot pocket (philly steak mmmmm) for lunch :cbg: Hopefully I'll stay in control :ink:

Have a good one

Love Leens :dance:

liz321 08-06-2002 10:56 AM

Hey gang! Got house guests but everyone else is still sleeping...got the coffee on thought I might just as well get up at 830 as my phone has rang three times already!

Life is good! I'll be in touch more after things settle down.

Meg good luck with the wedding...looks like it is all falling into place.

Bye for now!


meg 1+2 08-06-2002 11:29 AM

Hi Lennie, Liz and anyone one else who stops in,

Good to see you Liz! How's Dad doing?? House guests? Anyone special?

Thanks for the "good luck" I need it!! Always stressful the last few weeks trying to get everything done. My soon to be daughter in law keeps coming over with last minute things for me to do, (place cards, more bows, etc...) I don't mind though, I love helping her, just puts my stuff off. Oh well, so I have people here with half painted woodwork. I'm am getting better with not agonizing over that stuff. Must come with age, because I wouldn't be ok with it the last wedding.:lol:

Leens, it is so BEAUTIFUL here too! I am so happy because I have so much running around to do today!!

Well better go, hair dresser is waiting on me.

See you all later,


meg 1+2 08-06-2002 11:30 AM

OOPS, I MEANT TO TYPE LEENS!!!! Must of been wondering where Linda was:lol: :lol: :lol:

Tippy 08-06-2002 11:51 AM

It was downright cold this morning at 5:00. The humidity will be back on Thurdsay according to DH, so I'll enjoy this now!

Meg, relax and enjoy the wedding. Everything will go just fine!

Leens, don't get too much hair cut off as you have beautiful hair! Mine is THICK and coarse as a horses tail!

Don't you just love these fellows>>:dance: :dancer: :moo: :sheep:

Am heading upstairs to sew. Was going to start packing up the kitchen but DH said to hold off. He says just when I pack something, we'll need it!

LindaT 08-06-2002 12:04 PM

I'm here Meg.. I'm here.. you can stop worrying :lol: Internet connection was down yet again at work today. For being a Fortune 500 company you would think they would have better connections.. HA.

Nothing much here today except that vacation starts in 3.5 days... :D :D Got up and did my step tape at 5am. Do you know that everything makes me mad at 5am? :lol: You should hear me tell the tapes to shut up a few times when they are so perky it makes me want to throttle them. Dinner tonight is fish tacos http://seafood.allrecipes.com/az/bjfshtcs.asp and some grilled veggies.

Leens, I hope you are getting some fruits and veggies with your meals.. 5+ a day :) I have my calories under control so the next thing I am working on is making sure I get at least 5. Most of the time I do ok, but on weekends.. oh boy! I dont blow it too badly on calories, but I do tend to make crappy choices.

Hope everyone else checks in..have a nice Tuesday

Tizme2000 08-06-2002 12:48 PM

Hi Girls,
Dont know if you remember me Tizme from Poole UK have been following your antics and lurking. What I popped in to say I too have suffered clinical depression for 10 years and was getting very very down, in desperation I turned to alternative meds. I started going to shiatsui massage treatments and can truthfully say they worked a miracle for me. Each morning I wake I am a little happier and it keeps going on getting better, I have now stopped anti-depressants and am feeling in charge of my life again instead od meds in charge of me. Dont knoow if you have things like this in US but am sure you have it somewhere there. I hope you will try it as I am disabled also its helps there too with pain etc and I might be able to walk short walks this year.
Vivienne PooleUK

cathyxxx 08-06-2002 03:01 PM

hey there gang!
Hey there Leenie, Liz, Meg, Tip and Linda!
Hey Tizme - remember me - we use to chat often!

So how's everybody doing? I've been lurking but haven't taken the time to post because the silly phone at work won't quit ringing long enough for me to finish anything! grrrrrr

It's nice to be able to catch up with everybody - since I never catch anyone in the chatroom anymore. I tried again last nite at 8:00 my time, but it was empty.

I have been good - drinking my water, journaling, counting calories, watching the carbs, up every morning before 5:30 to do a walk aerobics exercise tape. I have finally lost 8 lbs in the past 4 weeks (which is really good for me) but that is probably because I am taking diet pills (I know I know I know but I couldn't stand myself anymore and I just had to do something about it).

So I just wanted to pop in and say hi and let everybody know that I am here and lurking whenever you don't see me posting.

Group Hug,

outback 08-06-2002 08:47 PM

Anxious to know how the hair do went MEG
Hello Meg, and Hello also to others who regularly post here. I have been following your posts MEG cuz I see that is the only way I get to know how things are going with weddings plans. A lot of pressure on parents to have it go just right! The hosting of get togethers before and after are a real handful.. and knowing how we like things to be just right, can get overwhelming at times. However, you seem to be keeping it together, like a pro!

So tell me, how is the mother of the groom fairing thus far? How did the 'hair do' turn out.. was it better than you expected? Or is this one of those moments where the hairdresser will not live to tell about it!

CathyXXX I remember you! Miss you in chat.
Liz hope your visit with friends is wonderful!
Lindat...mmh how many more days till vacation...??? like we don't know..:lol: :dizzy: sorry in order to read through megs posts I read everyone elses..and I swear LT your vacation has come and gone! Hey, but I do the same thing..countdowns living to see the vacation days!

See you all.. and MEG '3 days to D day' (dress day)....


meg 1+2 08-07-2002 01:29 AM

Hello All,

Cathy long time no see! No one is in chat when I get in there either...of course I'm in the "outerspace time zone" :lol: being an insomniact and all! Glad you stopped lurking and joined us.

Outback, Welcome back!!! Got my earrings today, really pretty rhinestones...small version of the doorknocker earrings. Didn't find any comfortable shoes yet, tried on several beautiful pairs, but I wouldn't last 15 minutes in any of them. I wore a 3" heal for my last sons wedding...I'm trying to do a 2.5 this time but I don't think I can with all this extra weight my poor feet have to carry :mad: I need them by Friday for my fitting, so I will be out tomorrow again after work.

Hi Tizme...congratulations on the weight loss. The massage sounds wonderful! I've had a couple of Theraputic massages myself and I must say...they were WONDERFUL!

Tippy, thanks for the encouragement...I know things will be wonderful, just all the last minute stuff getting to me...so what do I do...I come in here :lol: like I have the time or something:nono:

Well I am out of here....have a great day, night or whatever, I don't know what time it is or what day :stress: :stress:


Tippy 08-07-2002 09:23 AM

Wow, look at all the familiar "faces"! Hi Tiz, Cathy and Outback. It HAS been awhile!

I sometimes check the chatroom also, but the echoes in there give me a headache!:D


Tizme2000 08-07-2002 03:05 PM

Hi Tippy not being a night owl myself your 8pm is my 1am so we never meet anymore keep looking for you all but cant stay up that late. Am doing OK have been very down but am bouncing back since the robbery. Nice to see old names about but I dont usually post except on UK chicks.
Cathy of course I remember you but we are in different time scales again. The UK girls dont seem to chat like we used to I supposed we are too reserved or something.
Well its my birthday in two weeks so I have been out and bought myself a leather rocking chair with matching rocking footstool Cool or what. I have just been told I am the oldest 17 year old about. Not bad for 66 years young I have decided I am not doing anything ever again but to enjoy myself and not get tied down with art committees etc I HAVE RETIRED you heard it hear first girls.
bye regards to all who know me

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