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meg 1+2 08-02-2002 01:24 AM

Friday August 2, 1:00 am
Hi everyone,

Seems I live in another time zone from the rest of the world!!:stress: Hope everyone is doing well on this the last day of the work week!! I know a couple of you are thrilled, i.e. Leens and Linda!!!!

Well as usual I have:
Too much to do and not enough time!!! Two weeks and counting. My sons wedding is two weeks from this Friday. Had my first dress fitting tonight, wasn't thrilled with the way it looked but they assured me that it is going to fit perfect. We'll see. The dress shop is actually very accomodating and the owner is so nice. She said if she has to alter the dress 10 times for me to be happy, she will do it...and the best part...There's no charge!!!

HEY LEENS...you keep asking me the color of my dress...I keep posting it and the other ladies are getting sick of listening to me!!!:lol: :lol: It is light grey and I am going to post the addy so you can see it, ONE more time :lol: http://www.sparklesbridal.com/mother_of_bride.html Click on MONTAGE Volume 4 and the dress is number 16. Wish I could say I look like that in it...but cannot tell a lie, I DON'T!!!

Well happy Friday everyone, I have to get on the treadmill before I go to bed...so must run.


Tippy 08-02-2002 08:08 AM

Meg(Leg), for goodness sake, go to bed!:D By the time you post, I've been asleep for over three hours!:) But, I am an old lady!:lol:

As I type, my cats are munching on their "salad" of oat grass. oh how they love that! For them, it will be another day of sleeping on my bedroom chair until it's time to eat again.

I'm going to mow the lawn. Since we bought a new lawn tractor, it's easier for me to do.:) The weather is perfect. Was 58 when we woke up today.

Let's see...what is up for the weekend! Shopping in the city on Saturday. On Sunday DH has to do the church service since our Pastor will be recuperating. I spoke to him last night. He had three small strokes, so he will be resting for a bit. He has to quit smoking and get some therapy too. Thank the Lord that it wasn't a brain tumor!

That's it for now.........

Leenie 08-02-2002 08:24 AM

Shoot ladies, the boss crab is back,

I'll try to write more later, but if I can't have a wonderful weekend.

Meg....that dress sounds nice, I will check it out later :)

Love, Leens :dance:

LindaT 08-02-2002 12:13 PM

Meg cheated!!!
Yes yes.. she cheated. She started this thread on August 1st,.. a day early... tsktsktsk. BUSTED!! :nono: :o :D :joker:

What can I say? It's friday!!!!!!! Woohhhoooo. One more week til vacaaaaaaation!!! Yes I am counting the days. I am out of here at 4pm today, but looking at the time.. I see Leenie is probably already gone. ( if she left at noon that is)

I'm pretty busy here today, which is nice. I am glad I now have more to do. This keeps me out of trouble.:devil:

Meg meg..I don't think you were ever going to be thrilled with any dress. Notice the dress for the nice parts, rather than the parts you aren't happy with. The wedding day spotlight will be on the bride and the groom most of the time, not you, so relax and try to enjoy.

Not much else here today. Had a cat intruder in the yard again this morning. Zooni has a boyfried who comes by and stares at her through the window at least 4 times a week. She sometimes likes seeing him, but today she didn't. I had a fluffy raccoon tailed kittycat in my window, flipping out at the intruder at 6am!! Oh well, women and their mood swings lol

Anyway, gotta go.. hope everyone else checks in. Have a nice Friday.

liz321 08-02-2002 03:58 PM

Hello gang!
I am still around...haven't been to 3fc in awhile...I have to get back on track...busy busy...finally got my house in order and it was a long time coming....deep deep cleaning...boxes and boxes to the give away crew and a load to the dump tomorrow morning!Like hubby says don't complain about not getting things done if you are sitting in front of the comp.....lucky he survived that one...it is not like I am sitting here all the time but I did eat up a lot of hours in the eve when chat was a fun place to be.

Anyhow I have scrapped 168 pages this summer and have got lots done inside and out.

I am having fun too! Company coming on Monday for 4 days then the Folk Fest all weekend and then off to BC for 12 days!

Life is good and so are you all!

Take care


meg 1+2 08-03-2002 03:57 AM

Hi Everyone!!

Linda...maybe I am missing something, but where I live when it's 1 a.m. it's in the wee hours of the morning, of that day. So I did start that thread on August 2 here. :?:

Tippy...Lippy....I know i should be in bed...I am working on that...I really suffer from insommnia bad and I am no spring chicken either :lol: Glad to hear about your pastor not having a brain tumor. Hope he recovers soon. Tippy I hear ya about the remodel...my mother did it 3 years ago, it was so worth it even though it was a mess. I am next!!!!!

Lizzie...good to hear from you..I missed you. Sounds like you are being really productive. I must get to a lot of that stuff after this wedding. Don't work too hard. Hope to catch you soon.

Leens...You are working too hard! Get a new boss:lol: My complaint about the dress was it had to be ordered up three sizes too large in order to accomodate my boobs and now the dress is so big that it is falling off my bust. The alterations are soooooooo extensive that I have no clue how its going to come out. (It looked like I had a tent on). But we shall see. Just goes along with the territory. Another trial and tribulation of being a "large woman". I'm coming back as a male, so much easier :lol:

Have a wonderful weekend, I think I will do some more painting on Saturday and on Sunday I will be attending my grandson's 3rd birthday party, he is so excited. ~~~~~Meg

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