Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default It's Tuesday July 23...I'm early!!!!

Hi Ladies,

I'm the first one here this morning...of course it's 2:30 am and I am just on my way to bed!!!

I wouldn't go to bed until I finished making all the pew bows, my granddaughters little flower girl basket and decorating the toasting glasses. I needed to get that out of the way...the wedding is three weeks from this Friday. Tomorrow I have to get the invitations out for the rehearsal dinner. All these last minute things!!!

I spent 5 hours Saturday trying on dresses...found another one! Won't know if they can get it until this afternoon. If not, I choose a back up so I don't get stuck this time. This one I don't like as well as the first one I picked, but I guess it will do. If I end up with this one, it will be graphite grey (sort of a dark grey with blueish tones) It's strapless (of course I'll never take the jacket off) but because of it, I had to buy a strapless long line bra. Feels like a corset but boy does it keep these big old boobs up! Anyway, the dress is long and straight with slit up back, has a jacket to my waist and it has simple beading on the bust and on the sleeves of the jacket. I'm trying to find a picture of it to post without me in it Now I need shoes a bag and earrings. Talk about last minute!!

Leens...I love the age that Gracie is at. They are so sweet then. I expecially love when they try to start walking (won't be long)

Linda, good to hear you will be employed for a while. Food sounds yummy!! After this wedding is over, I have to try some of those recipes.

Hi to everyone else and Welcome to all our new friends!!!

Hope to catch you all later.

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Default Hi Gang

Ahhhh, after really hot humid weather-in the 90's and 100's, a cold pattern came through and it's downright cold! Love it!

DH just left and I'm heading to the sewing room for a bit. got a lot planned for the next three days.

Yesterday, I helped our minister and his family move stuff to their farm-about a two hour drive. The wife is a pack-rat. She saves EVERYTHING. Pastor drove their van, also stuffed with junk and their two teenage daughters. Betty, his wife, rode with me and we giggled all the way. It's amazing how different they are when not being a pastor and his wife. Their daughters are pretty great girls with high goals, but they are still teenagers. I told them that they made me happy I didn't reproduce more.

Hey Cathy, it's great to see you! Somehow we all ended up here. Visit when you can. I haven't been in the chat for at least two months. off to remake some curtains. I didn't like the way they looked without ruffles.
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Good Morning,

Glad I'm not the first one AGAIN to start this thread. Nothing much new here SOSDD, busy like crazy here at work, trying to figure out the budget for next year. Sucks to be exact

Cant play long, so have a wonderful day.

Love, Leens

My boss goes on vacation in a few weeks so I'll get to play - big time, then
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Good Morning,

I overslept today, and thankfully my Mom called me ( which she never does, in the mornings ) I was having a good dream and I want to go back to finish it I am going to work all day, I run an in-home daycare. Then later tonight I will drop my son off at Vacation Bible school, I am wanting to pack up my bike, and go for a ride in town, I really need to do that.

I have been wanting to see my docotr about my depression, in the past I have taken Zoloft, and it has worked wonders, I think that if I start feeling better about myself that I might not need it this time, but who knows I am going to wait a week, and see if I can take off a couple of pounds before I call the doc. Have a great day everyone!

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Default Mornin'

Hello Ladies,

It's a lovely morning here out in the wild west.. and I am stuck in the middle of a cave!! I don't think I could be any more in the dead center of a building if I tried.

Meg.. I am glad you found a couple of possibilities for dresses. That has to be a relief. Sounds like you are having fun with the last minute prep work. At least it got you away from sniffing paint fumes.

Hillary, glad you found your way here. Don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about depression.. that is what they are here for.. to help us. She/he may not recommend medication, as that isn't for everyone. One thing I am pretty sure your doctor will recommend, if you are in otherwise good health, is to start moving your butt!! It does me a world of good with my depression. Sometimes when people have a mild case, that is all they need.

And yes I moved my butt this morning before I came to work. I tell you 5 am is pretty much the same as 3am.. freaking middle of the night. But I do this because I have to get healthier and it keep my depression in check.

I think I need to toddle off and get a half a cup of caffeine... eyes are not cooperating with requests to stay open.

Hope the rest of you have a nice day.
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Hi, i've not posted on here before, but i needed to put my frame of mind in writing.
I've not been out of the house all day, in fact i didn't even get dressed till about 5.30pm! I knew that if i went out i would go to the shop and by loads of chocolate and that would be another dieting day ruined! This evening all i have done is cry - i should have been out at a meeting but i didn't want to put on a false happy face in front of my friends, besides, i know that someone would only have to ask me how i was and i would burst into tears.

I know today is not a typical day and that tomorrow i will be completely different, but that doesn't help me today.

Just a bit of background, i am 41 and have been treated for depression for the past 6 years. Having attempted to come off anti-depressants recently, my doctor and i concluded that i would have to stay on them for the forseeable future - probably for the rest of my life!

To follow my dieting progress and read my journal please visit my HOMEPAGE
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Default Hi Susan

Welcome to the boards. Glad you found us.

I have had days just like you before.. not wanting to get up and go out.. sad sad and crying. I tried once also to get off anti-d meds and that little experiment lasted about a year. More than likely I am a lifer with the pills, but that is okay. If I had diabetes or a heart condition, taking pills or shots daily would be necessary to stay alive... in my mind, my meds are the same thing. I am the same age as you are and I suspect a lot of my down moods are hormonal.

One of the things I have mentioned to other ladies that helps me tremendously is physical activity. You don't have to start out doing a one hour advanced aerobics class.. a 10-15 minute walk around your neighborhood would be a wonderful place to start. And while you are out.. notice things. Notice a cool breeze, the beautiful flowers that are in bloom, a bunch of children playing or the shapes of the clouds in the sky. A little extra activity will greatly help you when you get into down moods. And tell yourself you are not going to the stores.. You are worth more than chocolate!!

I am sorry you missed out on your meeting with your friends.. but you know what? Your friends are your friends because they are there for you in good times and in bad times... and they would have understood and listened to you. Lord knows I have talked to many of the ladies on this board many a time when I was feeling so bad I couldnt see straight.

One thing to consider if this happens very often, is perhaps the need for a med adjustment. Everyone has days like this, but if this happens too often check with your Doctor
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Talking I'm still alive

Hi Gang!

I have been working nights all week so I really feel out of the loop. Glad to hear all your voices when I woke up today. Gotta get moving!

Take care all!

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