Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Hi Ladies,
May I join you SAD thread? I've been diagnosed, went on meds then went off meds when they didn't really help. However, I do find that like others have mentioned, low carbs and regular exercise do help. Right now I feel worse than I have ever. SAD, with the holidays, add to that my "friends" have either sent emails severing the friendship or just not returning my emails. The only thing I can think of as to why, is that I just don't have an extra dime to spare. I do want to try, but most of those meetups = extra $$ I don't have right now. I suggest DVD's at someone's house or something of the like, but no they're not interested.

Does anyone know of any holistic/natural ways (a.k.a. cost free) that would help? I have come to find that all the ladies on this site have been better friends to me than those other fake friends.

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Hello Violin Jenn, of course we welcome you!! so sorry to hear of your 'friends' ditching you via emails. We might never meet but everyone here always offers such nice support.

The only totally free thing I can think of is what others have done, a walk outside in any kind of weather besides active storming. Or some indoor exercise, one can do videos or dvd's borrowed from the library.

I am cautiously hopeful that I"m still okay as of the end of November. I remember, at this time last year, I was pretty irritable and pessimistic and gloomy.
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I've always suffered from SAD. It got worse when we move to Alaska, and this wretched darkness. I rely on my light box in the mornings, going outside EVERY day, fish oil capsules, vitamin D, and the gym. So far, so good.
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has anyone tried the light therapy boxes/lamps? my insurance won't cover it but my dr has been recommending it, so i asked my parents for a set for christmas. at least this definitely won't make me gain weight like the meds.
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