Doc Changed My Med:

  • And I'm feeling really down and stressed right now. I am agitated and the worst part is, I am pms ing on top of it & lately I have been "miffed" about everything, and I know partially it is the switch from Lexapro to Prozac a few days ago, but I don't know how much of it is the meds, how much is pms, and how much is legitimate. Sigh.
    I am losing weight and eating healthy for my health. Sometimes it's hard to do without snacking when you feel so bad with meds and you know that meds are causing cravings.
  • You might want to call your doctor and describe what you are feeling to him. Yes, it could be that you need a few more days on the new meds, or that its PMSins... but it can't hurt to notify your doc Good luck !!!!