Wednesday...hump day

  • Good morning everybody!

    Another beautiful day here in sunny alberta...actually there is flooding south of us!

    Hope you are all well...will post more later!

  • Hi Lizzy Tizzy,

    Very busy day here, boss is at lunch so I'm sneaking in to say howdy. HOWDY.

    Nothing much new here SOSDD as usual. Which I guess is a good thing.

    Had a teriakki (sp ?) wrap today for lunch OMG was it good, I could eat another one but I got to remember DON'T BE GREEDY. LOL. sign and I didn't eat my fries which were SOOOOOOOOOO yummy cause I tasted one.

    Okay enuf.

    TTYL, Love Leens

    Linda did that make you hungry ????
  • Ok I have to ask..........what is
  • SOSDD = Same Old Sh*T Different Day
  • Mornin'
    Hi Leens and Lizzy and those to post later (HA),

    I just came back from lunch at Chevy's. It was okay. I had fish tacos, rice and black beans. According to Dotti's that had 539 cals 15 g fat and 86 carbs. I didn't eat most of rice and about 1/3 of beans so that keeps me well on plan for the day. I even have enough calories left for an apple for lunch if I want one. Not one single chip passed my lips.... I stuck them in front of someone else.

    I got invited to a BBQ on the 29th and am probably getting together with another gf this weekend. Both will be tests of planning ahead, which I do intend to do.

    Otherwise, nothing new here. sosdd as Leens calls it. I need to go for now. I drank a gallon of water to stay away from the chips and gotta pee bad!!
  • Linda how are you doing on your sound so disciplined...are you losing...pounds , inches what?

    You are so dedicated

  • Lizzy,

    I am very pleased with what I have been doing. I am not weighing myself as a good weigh in and a bad weigh in both had the power to send me to eating treats. A good weigh in would mean.. gee I did well, I deserve this treat. A bad weigh in would mean, I did bad.. I need consolation, give me food. I am going by my clothing and how it fits. I have lost 2 pant sizes since the beginning of the year and hope to lose two more by the end of the year. So whatever I am doing, seems to be working for me. I makes some people crazy not know how much they weigh. I know what I started at and I dont care if I weigh more than I should when I get to my goal.. I care about my size. I am shooting for 10 in pants.. that is my goal. Anything more I look weird at, becuase my upper body is so big ( shoulders and back, not boobs) that if I get much smaller I look like I will tip over.

    I dont know how disciplined I am.. I just know I don't want to die any earlier than I have to and the extra weight is not helping. Obesity is one of the top killers now.