Hi Meg!!

  • Dear Meg......thanks for writing....yes we do look alot alike!!
    I hope you are having success with your weight loss.
    How many grandchildren do you have? I am a mother of two boys....very active boys I should be really skinny lol.
    Well I hope you have a super Sunday.. we are off to church this morning and later this afternoon we have a kids presentation followed by a baseball game( I will get somebody to run for me!)
    and then we are eating at the chipstand....yum! I will try not to eat to much. Take care munchieface
  • Hi Munchieface,

    Hope you had a nice weekend.

    I have two very beautiful Grandchildren, one is 5 and the other is going to be 3. I have 4 children and my youngest (25) is getting married in August, so if you read about my insane hunt for a dress, you'll know why.

    Tell us something about you. Are you on a weight loss program?

    I am not having much luck with mine...but I get a A for trying

    Have a great Monday!

    Hello to everyone else!!!
  • Hey Munchie !!

    Cute name

    Glad you can hang with us chickies.

    Love, Leens
  • a little more about me.....
    Hello everyone this is munchie......
    Well meg ....I will be married ten years this Oct 10th. I attend Tops meetings every Monday evenings. Right now I am just doing portion controls and having more fruits and veggies .
    I should have my water bottle near me but I don`t!
    Leens thanks for the encouragement.
    I am glad to have found an even greater source of encouragement on line.
    I babysit a one and a half year old and a 4 month old a few times a week so that keeps me hopping!!!!

    Hope you are all doing well!!! Keep making wise choices and you will win! Munchieface

    Favorite colorsurple and pink
    Favorite foods : mexican and chinese
    Favorite shows:Spy T.V. and Fear Factor
    Favorite Hobby: My computer lol