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  • Has anyone here taken duromine (phentermine) as a supplemented part of their diet to lose weight?

    I am interested to hear of any experiences that you might have to share.
  • YES !!

    A few years ago I took phentermine to help me lose weight, and I LOVED IT !! I lost really good on it. One thing about that drug is its been on the market for MANY MANY years so I felt safe with it.

    Now Phentermine is part of the Phen Phen pills that was doing alot of folks harm but its not either drug that was the problem it was the combination of the both and doctors OVER prescribing it. The drug was suposed to be taken only for a couple of weeks and people were taking it for months on end.

    Taking Phentermine I believe (my own opinion now ladies) under a doctors close supervision is safe. I was thinking about asking my doctor to put me back on it.

    Good Luck SAS1

    Love, Leens
  • Thanks for your reply Leens

    I have recently started taking phentermine again. I used it in 2000 to help lose weight and it was really great. I lost aprox 10 kg in 12 weeks. However during that time a relative passed away which made the side affects worse than usual. I also did some research at the library and found some disturbing case studies relating to phen/fen. These case studies also changed my outlook on the drug and I thought they were causing my depression at the time. At the time I thought the two were exactly the same (phen/fen -vs.-phentermine). I now know that the case studies based in the States were in relation to phen/fen and not what I was taking as their chemical structure is different thus producing different side affects.

    I don't think that they perscribe phen/fen in Australia, only phentermine (duromine). Even so, I have only ever been given a pescription by one female doctor who confided she took it from time to time. All the other doctors I went to before and after (all male) would not give it to me. The first doctor had me in tears and told me to go to weight watchers. (Which I have tried, but personally find calorie & fat counting easier than points).

    After recovering from my grieving period (which if anyone knows has no time limit), I decided to try duromine again. This time the doctor (male) said no and to try meditation and acupunture. I think he thought I was an addict.

    In fact most doctors assume you are a drug addict if you ask about duromine. This is a terrible stereo type, and disappointing that a lot of people have ruined it by setting a precedent for those who would like incorporate it into their diet short-term for it's proper use.

    If anyone else has info or personal experiences, I would be glad to hear them as I am still a little spooked about the case studies I read a couple of years ago and the circumstances I was under the last time I was taking them.

  • Phentermine
    I've been taking Phentermine for almost 6 months. I haven't really had any adverse side effects. I do get a dry mouth. I don't sleep well, but I don't know if I can blame that on the drug, because I often have that problem the days I don't take it. It was very effective in suppressing my appetitite for the first couple months, but there's been a definite decrease in it's effectiveness. I've lost 35 pounds, but the last couple months I really haven't stuck to my diet plan (the Zone Diet) very well and the weight is coming off a lot slower. I don't like the idea of taking meds to lose weight, but I was desperate and couldn't do it on my own. I do worry that even though it doesn't seem to be doing much, if I stop it completely I'll gain back the weight, plus extra pounds, like I have every time I've lost weight in the past. I'm going through some major life changes - separated after 27 years. Two of my three children are now living on their own and my youngest is 19. I'm no longer the "mom" I've always been. I've suffered from depression in the last couple years and right now my self-esteem is very important and being 50 pounds overweight was quite a detriment. Would I recommend Phentermine? Only if you've given up on controlling your eating on your own. I fortunately found a doctor who sees me monthly and submits my visits to my health insurance so the meds are covered by my prescription plan. I don't know if I'd take any medication without at least a 4-6 month trial with a doctor's supervision, checking blood pressure, etc. before I'd order my pills off the internet.
  • Hello!

    I have taken phentermine to lose weight and it worked well when I was on it. I did gain back the weight eventually and when I tried to go back on it, it didn't work like it did the first time. I also had the side effects of loss of sleep, and a verry passive state of mind. It was really wierd and euphoric, almost like I was indifferent to everyone and every situation. It also made my hands shake and my heart race. But this was just my situation, I'm sure it is different for everyone.

    Hope this helps with your decision!