Wednesday, May 1st

  • Happy Hump Day Everybody,

    Well Its MAY DAY !!!! haaa I know a dirty joke about the 1st of May, actually its a rhyme but I can't say it here ROFLMFFFAO.

    The boss is in today so I won't get to play as much. I'll pop in when she takes a potty break

    Did pretty darn good yesterday on my diet. I had a huge salad for lunch w/eggs and yes real blue cheese dressing and for dinner a small piece of chicken parm w/mashed potatoes. I didn't fill my plate and I didn't go back for 2nds which was HARD. In the middle of the night I had a yogurt (instead of my pigging out in the pnut butter jar). Today I will do even better..... so there

    Believe me girls (and guys if any are lurking ) this is a MAJOR accomplishment for me, since I have a hard time staying on a diet for one day.

    Blahhhhhhh blahhhhhhhhh blahhhhhhhhhhh

    Hope everyone enjoys the day and has a blessed one.

    Love, Leens
  • Dirty Joke.. well of *course* Leenie knows it
    Hi Leens and Lurkers,

    Three more days 3 more days... til weekend. Yes, another one of those sleepy weeks. I will ever be a morning person, no matter how much I kid myself.

    Terrific day for you Leens. Plan Plan Plan.. that's the ticket. One thing my reg. dietitian told me about seconds was, if I need more food.. wait a few minutes first. Then get up and get something different.. not more of what you already had. Get a different veggie or a different type of food than you had during your meal. Even if you go over on your allotment of food, at the very least you will be getting something else with different nutritional componants. And no, this doesn't mean after you have had ice cream, go have pie.. sorry.....

    I ran out of my frozen yogurt for dessert so I baked a snack cake. Funny thing, the cake wasnt very good at all. I ended up picking out the chocolate swirl part , then tossing the rest away. Oh well, it was only 99 cents. Too bad, would have been nice to have a baked snack in the freezer.. I'll have to find something else... NOT cookies!!

    I need to go get a shot of coffee. I don't drink coffee anymore but some days, there is no other way to get me going than caffeine. Even 40+ minutes of aerobics didn't help. I think I am going to bed early tonight.

    Hope everyone checks in.. well except Lizzy.. she has a valid excuse!!

    PS Hey Leens.. email that May day joke to me, willya?