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Leenie 04-18-2002 08:14 AM

Thursday, April 18th
Good Morning Everyone,

Well we are in for another hot day but the rain later on should cool things off "SPRING WHERE ARRRRRRRE YOU?" :shrug:

Gotta get really serious about this diet stuff...I'm definitly to lax. Hopefully today I can do better (crossing fingers :rolleyes: )

How's everyone doing this week ?

Have a wonderful day everybody.

Love, Leens ;)

LindaT 04-18-2002 11:32 AM

Hi Leens and everyone,

I don't know where spring it either. It was in the 30s here this morning and we had snow in the sierras! Spring is very confused this year.

I am bushed this morning. Had a late hair cut and glaze last night, so didn't even get home until 9:30. I am usally in bed by 9, so it was difficult to get up this morning at 5 for exercises.:yawn: I got up anyway, got them done and now am at work for yet another brain numbing day. Calorie level and exercise level were right on target yesterday.

Leens, just take it one day at a time. Get up in the morning and tell yourself you are going to be OP for just one day.. one day only, not weeks or months. Start with baby steps.. it gets easier.

Two more days .. two more days.. then WEEKEND!!!!:cool:

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