Wednesday, April 10th

  • Hi Girls,

    Happy Hump Day !

    How's the week going for everyone. I'm feeling much better now that that bout with the flu is over phhhheeeeew.

    Started again to try to watch what I eat so lets see if I can do it today ??? lol

    Have a good one !
    Love, Leens
  • Mornin'
    Hi Leens and those to come.

    Will someone pass me some caffeine please?? I don't think I have adjusted to the time change yet. It is soooooooooooooooo frigging dark when I get up at 5:15 now, even my cat stays in bed! I tell you, it is really tempting to fall asleep during aerobics some mornings...

    Glad you are feeling better Leens. I hope your hubby waited on you hand and foot.

    Have you decided what program you are going to follow Leens? I checked out a few before I started calorie counting and this one was best for me. I like having software on the computer to play with, even if it is about calories!! Also, how is the increase in Zoloft going?

    I am happy happy today.. the taxes are done, filed and over!! Yipee... now I am poor, but at least it is over!!

    It is good to see all the new names here. Hopfully you will stick around this very new forum.
  • WELCOME BACK LEENS!!! Sorry you were sick, GLAD YOU ARE BETTER!!!!

    Linda-WOW, I'm jealous. We are still working on our taxes. We have to file for our son this year too, so one more complication!!!