Sad for no reason

  • I am so glad I stumbled upon this forum. I am new here, like many of you.
    I was medicated for depression about 8 years ago, when I was a freshman in college. I didn't like how it made me feel. Since then I try to stay off, except I wonder if food became my drug instead. I've gained over 50lbs since that year. I am an emotional eater, like it is going to fill a void.
    I don't know sometimes if I'm depressed or if this is normal. I have mood swings. Maybe a touch of baby blues (although the baby is 6 months now). I have really noticed that I am down since I started dieting again 4 weeks ago. I am fighting my usual urges to sneak snacks.
    I need your support to help me through this depression. Maybe by conquering this food addiction, I can gain better feeling of self-worth to conquer other demons.
    Yes, Iknow I'm rambling!
  • It has been a while since i had my kids, but I seem to remember the doctor saying that hormones do not return to normal for a Year. If that is true, it may explain a lot of what you are feeling. Also, I think that if we are eating as a form of self-medication, we tend to feel worse when we stop eating. My therapist thinks I am "stuffing" (literally!! ) my anger. Since I have gotten back on program I have been feeling angrier, but this gives me the opportunity to get into touch with that, and deal with it in a healthier way.
  • Hi Missy,

    First thing is your not alone in how you feel.

    I also have a 7 month old and I went thru the baby blues real bad when I first brought her home. I am also depressed, been so for over 4+ years now & gained over 50 lbs. As you can read in my earlie posts I just went to my doctor on Wednesday and got Zoloft. I can not go on feeling this way anymore, I have a precious baby girl who need a healthy Mom and a husband who needs his wife back.

    8 years ago is a long time in Pharmaceutical time. Companies have come out with many new drugs to help since then. If you first don't succeed, try try again. I know if Zoloft doesn't work, my doctor will try another. Missy I know that the first step is always the hardest (seeing a Dr.) it took me 4+ years. You and your family are worth it. Congratulation on the Baby.

    Glad you joined us here.

    PS...don't be so hard on yourself, having a baby (NO SLEEP), and dieting on top of that can make one miserable, it is stressful and if your working full time like me OY VEY

    Love Leens