Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Unhappy "Fat Witch with Major Depressive Disorder"

I have been on Effexor for over a year, but only starting gaining weight sometime after I started my new job in Jan. 07 and moved my invalid father in law in with us. I only work 32 hours a week (Fri, Sat and Sun) and care for my invalid father in law Mon - Thurs. I can't quit this job, because I am also the sole support for my family. I am married (2years to a wonderful man who has gone back to college to become a nurse and graduates in 2 years) and have 2 stepsons (my 2 sons and his oldest are grown) that still live at home with us. I went on nutrisystem and lost 11 pounds this summer, then got off because they kept sending horrible substitutes instead of what I ordered. Since then I have gained that 11 lbs back and more. I really thought that the Effexor was working, until looking back over the last several months and have realized that more than my weight is getting out of control. I have started having panic attacks again, trouble putting my thoughts together, mood swings, trouble sleeping and increased pain (probably psychosomatic). Anyway, I really want to get back into my clothes and stop having to wear scrubs and stretchy clothes. I do not mean to sound this pathetic....but there you have it.
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DARLIN' ~ you are being way too hard on yourself!!! Right now, you are just discouraged; but as I just told another young lady ~ start with what you can do; what is possible now; THESE FEELINGS WILL PASS; you can overcome this set-back. START with one step and one day-at-a-time.

START NOW ~ get a notebook and write down everything you are eating and doing to burn energy; create a plan for healthy eating and so many minutes or steps (whichever you prefer); map it out for yourself; and you are on your way again ...

TRUST ME ~ we all have felt down now and then; many of us have had stalls and plateaus and set-backs. THE KEY IS TO FORGIVE YOURSELF AND KEEP ON GOING!!! Look around this site and soon you will see others who have great ideas and tips to overcome slumps; AND YOU CAN OVERCOME TOO!

TODAY IS JUST THE FIRST DAY of your successful journey; AND PLEASE FIND A NICER NAME FOR YOURSELF (not that nasty "W" word); shoo those neggies away! KEEP COMING BACK ~ read the success stories and they will encourage you soo much. ROSEBUD
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you may want to talk with your doc. You might be on the wrong meds to start. I know when I took Lexapro I was a major witch. Come to find out I was allergic to the med. Mood swings are a major problem for me as well. I take Abilify to help with those and can't tell you the difference that they make.

Just---is right. You are just down on yourself way to much. Things will look up and when you put your plan together you will start to feel better.

Good Luck
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I'm not drunk, I have MS.
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Um, about the word "witch". Hespa is Wiccan and means it in a positive way

Anyway, not to sound trite, but could it be the HUGE stress you are experiencing right now? The cortisol connection and what have you? I know for me, I get fat when I get married and skinny(er) when the guy is gone. I've done this twice before. Thinking back, at anytime of major stress, on goes the belly. Of course, I have no solutions. A change of meds may be in order. Gotta try different ones until you find the "magick" substance. Heh.

Blessed Be
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