Meat thermometer

  • Does anybody have one that really works? Mine never seems to be accurate. I saw one on Chef's catalog today, and it is a remote thermometer. The probe (wireless) goes in the meat, and the digital readout sits on the counter, so you can see what the temp is without ever opening the stove. I don't trust it enough to pay $60 without hearing opinions!
  • Jennifer, I don't have one of these either, but I do check out products by going to The site will give you the best price going, and you can view consumer opinions about the item in question if there are any. Good luck!
  • Ok, thanks! I totally forgot about this thing. It's not too late to put it on my Valentine's list.
  • Jennifer - the thread wasn't very far down the list, and I didn't check the date on the post, lol. I just love to share the epinions site, though, since I have researched many products there, and have avoided a few stinkers that way. Good luck, a few months late, lol.
  • I have a digital read thermometer that I bought at Williams Sanoma. The one with the probe that goes in the meat and stays there, and has the attached digital face that stays outside of the oven (and I have used it in the BBQ). I love it - and have had some great roasts because of it. You set the temp you want it at (it has the recommended temps for doneness for most meats, and ground meats, including rare, etc for beef) and leave it. It alarms, if you want the alarm, about 5 degrees from being done.

    Just remember never to immerse the part that plugs into the actual digital face in the water, that ruined the calibration for mine - but WS replaced it with no questions asked, even though I had no receipt, told them I bought it a couple of years ago, and stated that it was my fault.
  • Jennifer, I don't know if you made your purchase or not, but I have the pyrex profesisonal, it is the same kind with the probe. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond, with one of those 20% coupons, it was about 20 bucks, and it is one of the single most beneficial cooking tools that I have ever purchased....I am really bad and judging when meat is done, so the temp gauge has really helped, nothing is worse than dry meat and a great rub!!
  • Rowan, it's so nice to hear from you again! How have you been doing?

    No, I haven't bought a new one yet. Somehow I got sidetracked and forgot about it. Thanks for this info. We've got a BB&B here, I'll look for one!
  • IF you haven't bought one yet - I bought a $2 one at either Walmart or the grocery store - I think it was good cooks brand - simple, small, round face with 4" spike, works best when the middle part of probe is inside the part you are checking even if the end is sticking out the other side. Mine came with a chart that explains when to stop cooking so that the meat will finish off heat - generally 5 -10 degrees while sitting on the plate. Most people pull meat after it reached temp then it keeps cooking so you have to pull before it reaches temp.

    I love it and like I said only $2. And it works awesome!