Halloween Recipes

  • I am throwing a Halloween party for my family and a few friends. I am having a hard time thinking of some healthy Halloween treats / meals. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • There are lots of low fat and full of vegetables chili recipes out there now that incorporate pumpkin (or any orange winter squash). You could do any low fat dip with vegetables but color the dip red with a few drops of food coloring and serve with baked blue chips (or the other way around in colors depending on what color of baked chips you can get). Use sugar free jello in in combination with some sugar free jelly shapes (or fruit based ones) - example: blue jello with fish shapes served in a big glass bowl to scoop out, or red jello with black bat jellies. Baked apples. What would you normally serve if healthy was not the priority?
  • I got this link in my inbox today! I can't vouch for the calorie count or health value of these recipes, but they look great! I'm sure with a little tweaking they might be made in a healthier way. Have fun!!

  • Here is a healthy AND fun idea!!

  • Annie, those fruit cups are adorable! I have guests from South Africa over the Halloween weekend, and I bet they would get a kick out of that at breakfast. Think I will make it for them.

  • Awesome thank you very much!
  • If you were serving the fruit cups to kids...you could mix something in the fruit to make a red juice and it would run out of the mouth like blood.... Maybe maraschino cherry juice. Kids would love that!
  • Here's another cute one I found. You could reduce the serving size or use turkey pepperoni and fat free cheese.