Artificial Sweeteners

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  • Sun Crystals are pretty good. It is a blend of raw sugar and stevia. My hubby doesn't like Truvia, he thinks it has a licorice taste to it. This I can put in his coffee and he doesn't notice...
  • I'm with Darway on this one. I went from a double double coffee (two sugar, two cream), to two milk two sugar, then down to two milk no sugar, and gradually reduced myself down to black. I can't even drink coffee with milk in it now. I notice the sweetness in everything. Even the smell of something is too much at times.

    I think because of this I rarely drink soda anymore, diet or regular. I used to drink a lot, now maybe 3 or 4 a week, instead of 3 or 4 a day.
  • Artificial sweeteners give me headaches (especially aspartame), so I don't use them. But for taste, if I had to, I'd go with Splenda.
  • I use Truvia, I prefer the taste of it over Splenda, otherwise I try to avoid other artificial sweeteners as much as possible because they give me a headache but the truvia doesn't, I haven't tried the Agave yet.
  • Most artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, bother me with a range of symptoms so I avoid them as much as possible. Fruit and regular sugar don't seem to affect me the same way, but I avoid added sugars whenever possible. I love to bake though, so I am forever testing to see how much I can reduce a recipe's sugar before it affects the chemistry.
  • I'm with gardenerjoy on this one... I really try to stay away from sugar and sweeteners of any kind but if I have to I go with raw honey, real maple syrup, molasses or agave
  • hi. I can see this is an old, thread with occasional more recent posts. I tried splenda. Was feeling quite sick. Finally after several days of feeling sick I googled the symptoms and the word splenda. I found others reporting the same symptoms. I stopped and became non symptomatic

    i do have a lot of trouble with sugar alcohols such as manitol,sorbitol, zylatol etc. So i stay away from any sweetner that has this in it. I tried truvia. But when I got it home I noticed it looked nothing like the stevia I buy at health food stores. I read further on it and decided it was not for me.

    So bottom line for me is that if I want low calorie with no GI system side effects I have to go with pure stevia. Kal made a great one. But then they started adding maltodextrin ( a non caking agent) to it. I do not think that is a safe ingredient. Altthough it is present in many stevias that are on the market. Since KAL added that ingredient, I have been on a search for a decent tasting stevia to use in my hot chocolate. So far, no substitute for the KAL. But UPS has been busy delivering different stevias as I continue my search. Onward.
  • I use splenda or the generic store brands. I have cut way back on the amount I use though.
    Can NOT use aspertame. Always gives me a headache, I stopped using it years ago.

    Sucrolose has never seemed to be an issue for me and I like the taste, I don't drink diet soda and only use some in my coffee and tea, and have reduced my sweet taste requirement by quite a lot.
    I've tried baking with it and it will yield a fine tasting muffin but it doesn't work as well so I just bake with sugar for the rest of my family and try not to be tempted.
  • I use Stevia, as it is the only sweetener that is from nature, and actually has some health benefits (dental benefits). As someone else stated I can only tolerate the pure/raw form.

    I actually get horrible cramping, bloating, and pain from many of the others including Truvia. I made the mistake of swapping out a ingredient in a dessert this week for something with Truvia and boy was I sorry....

    For an entertaining read on fake sugar/sugar free sweetener effects, read the reviews on Amazons Haribo gummy bears
  • I'm using Stevia as well and I think I will order the liquid Stevia because I think I read it has less carbs compared to the Stevia packets. I'm doing Atkins induction so every little carb counts!!

  • I used stevia a few times, but it has cleary a different taste then sugar. You cant just replace it and for me it is better to just switc to recipes which are not based on sugar at the first place.
  • When you quit eating sugar after a month or so your taste buds adjust and fruit becomes amazingly sweet.
  • Quote: When you quit eating sugar after a month or so your taste buds adjust and fruit becomes amazingly sweet.

    (some breeds of) apples are incredibly sweet, also bananas, pears, most grapes . breeders have been working on (and succeeding in) increasing the sugar content of their fruit for generations. even grapefuit, in a good year, can be REALLY sweet. i am old enough to remember when grapefruit was very sour, but tasted good with a spoon of sugar sprinkled over it. once you get off the sugar train your taste buds will adjust and you simply won't "need" as much added sweetness in your food as you used to.