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Default Best Muffins EVER

Pillsbury Banana Muffin (boxed) mix
1/2 Can (real) pumpkin (in place of oil)
Egg Beaters (in place of eggs)
2 ripe bananas
4 TB sugar free Hershey's choc chips
Fat free milk
chopped walnuts

Makes a dozen large super nutritious yummy muffins!
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Here is my story...

I joined WW in '05 and had weight loss success. I lost 47 pounds in a little under a year. However, their food choices and recipes are heavy with Splenda but I was foolishly shooting for low points and shaved them anywhere I could. Everything in my house was S/F, F/F and LOADED with Splenda.

I lost weight but boy did I get something else I never expected! My GB all but exploded and the lining of my stomach nearly ate itself. I developed IBS and was miserable for over a year. I had every test imaginable and was poked and prodded beyond belief and found nothing. So I began researching health and nutrition and bingo! You cannot believe the bad news that pops up regarding Splenda.

I immediately eliminated it cold turkey and pitched I dont know how much boxed, pre-packaged, Splenda laden food. I try to stay Splenda free and use real, raw sugar sparingly. It's in everything so it is hard to avoid. I try to shop / cook from the outer rim of the grocery store and eat whole, healthful foods that dont have much if anything added to them.

IMO Splenda is very bad and should be avoided for general good health and well being AND weightloss. I know that sounds counter intuitive but it makes sense really. Since Splenda came out....the nations obesity epidemic has gone off the charts! With so many products having Splenda in them, shouldnt that trend have gone the other way? Sugar...real sugar gets a bad wrap and rightly so most days. But...Splenda...this miracle we all waited actually WORSE for you than sugar!

I highly recommend that you research this sweetener before you fill your cupboards with it and give it to your children. I understand how important weight loss is but your health should never be sacrificed for it.
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