burger recipe ideas

  • My boyfriend and I used to be addicted to Bubba burgers until I saw how much fat was in them! So I went and got 96% lean ground beef and I want to make up some burgers of my own. I have plenty of spices but I'm not really spice savvy, so I don't know what goes well together. What kind of good stuff can I put in there to make some de-lish burgers?
  • My bf always makes the burgers, so I don't know what he does for spices, but I love it when he adds mushrooms and capers to the meat, or shredded carrot--you get a little bit more bang for your buck. And he always puts in worcestershire sauce and onion.
  • A1 or BBQ sauce are always good. I also sometimes use the Monteral Seasonings with either of these and that adds a nice little kick. Some other things you could add are onions (or onion flakes), garlic (or garlic poward).
  • One of my favorite turkey burgers has chopped onion, spinach and fat free feta cheese along with some oregano and spicy salt for seasoning. Would work great with beef too. Oh I forgot to add some sun dried tomatoes!!
  • that sounds delish with the and feta cheese, i'll definitely try that!