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martiniforme 11-01-2006 11:49 PM

Late Night Venting...

sugarbaby269: Thanks for the tip! That's some great advice. I was just talking to the other people in my household about that literally 30 minutes ago! And I'm really glad I joined, too! The ladies there were soo nice, and so realistic. They didn't pressure me in to selecting an end date for my ideal weight, and they accepted what I had to say, and what I wanted for myself without setting my goals for me. I think it'll work out great :)

melissa: Thanks, doll :) I went and got weighed today, and the scales are correct. I did lose the pound, and I ended up buying the digital scale. I like seeing the partial pounds, too! I'm not sure if we have the Viva Delight Skim Milk, but I'm going to hunt for it while grocery shopping tomorrow! Thanks for the tip!
So I promise this will be the last post of the night, but I just need to VENT!!!
The perpetual snacking in this house is driving me craaazzzyyy!!! Someone always has something in their mouths, and it's NEVER healthy. I just downed 1 1/2 bottles of water (500 mL per) trying to curb the want to eat what they were eating. Fudgsicles, Wagon Wheels, Halloween Candy, and the list goes on.

I'll either get stronger will power, or I'll die! I have to get away from these guys! I'm going to go sit in my bedroom and read, and when everyone else goes to bed, I'll go out and do my nightly cleaning. GAH! :mad:


Losing4another 11-02-2006 08:06 AM

Martini~ Yep I hear that..Same here. Getting sugar free or low fat snacks for yourself helps tons.

Shari ~ Hello there girl :hug:

Down two pounds :exercise: Today is my daughter b-day party ....WISH ME LUCK :crossed:

jenniferp417 11-02-2006 08:16 AM

I'm a bit late joining the challenge, but I'm up for 5 pounds before Tday!

I'm in Weight Watchers, and my second meeting will be Monday. I'm at 148.5 right now, so that makes goal for this challenge: 143.5.

I'm really, really bad at exercising, but I bought two "10 Minute Solution" DVDs and an exercise ball, so I figure that's a good start!

Hun.e.B 11-02-2006 10:07 AM

Good Morning everyone!! Well I did it!! I got on that elliptical this morning for 15 minutes, I wanted to go longer but I ran out of time. Had to hit the shower or lose my place in line. My leg is giving me a little bit of fits but nothing I cant handle, little ibuprofen might take it away I hope anyway. I feel great! I'm so very very proud of myself!! When I got up this morning I was telling myself...why did you post that you'd workout this morning? Why did you do it? I'm so glad now that I did!!

Mande...we are a snacking family too. My girls...oye! I wish I had their metabolism LOL!!

losing4another....WAY TO GO on your loss!!! That is excellent news this morning!! Keep up the great work!! Happy Birthday to your dd!!

Jennifer...welcome!! Good luck on your challenge and with that exercise. I struggle there too, but I'm gonna win the battle! You will too!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


lodyangel 11-02-2006 10:16 AM

Well last night I worked out for 65 minutes. I did Denise Austins' Core work outs with the ball. I planned to do the entire thing, but it was too much for me the first time, so I only did the warm up, core and arms, and core and legs portions. Then for the last half hour I did my street heat dance video. Then stretched afterwards. Total of 65 minutes of moving. :carrot: Plus I can count the core workout for strength training because I used weights for alot of it! Food wasn't the best. I slipped alittle. But I am back today and focused on how hot I am going to be if I don't eat Junk!
Well back to work. Everyone have a great day!

my ivy 11-02-2006 10:27 AM

HI, Wold like to join this challenge I hope I am not to late:?: I love challenges and did pretty good last months Halloween challenge I lost 12 pounds.

1) today's weigh in is 187

2) I am going to power walk 4x a week or more for 45 min. Jog for 10 min and run for 5.:carrot:

3) I am not eating any potatoes,pasta,rice, or breads of any kind. Will have low fat and fat free products and lean meats veggies and salad. will try to drink 1gal or more of water a day.;)


Tisha___ 11-02-2006 11:04 AM

Well, I haven't done crap this week, as far as exercise goes. :o Hopefully that will change tonight though. We'll see.

At least my calories are good for now. Although, for some reason I've had a hard time getting my last snack in at night. It's just been one thing after another. And, I've ended up with less calories than I was hoping for. Oh well... Maybe things will get back on track now that Halloween and all that is over.

Oh, and I finally made it to Alberston's to refill my water jugs last night, so I'm back on my water today. I've drank water the past few days, but just not as much as usual. Today I'm all restocked and ready to go. Now if I can just get to Wal-Mar tonight and buy some groceries, I'll be doing good. :)

Jasmine31 11-02-2006 11:09 AM

Hello everyone well I breezed thru all the responses. I have to get ready cause it seems like it will be a long day for me. After I am done getting me and Katy ready if I have time I will come back and answer each one of you, if not it will get done some time today. :D ! I noticed I even missed someone talking to me two pages ago!! :(

I just wanted to jump in and tell all the new people welcome! It is never too late to join! :hug: This is such a wonderful group I am so glad to be a part of it!

Mande make your own snacks! Low fat, low salt pretzels!, low salt, 94% fat free popcorn! Add some ICBINBS!

Anyways, this is what is going on today:

Okay so I made it thru yesterday back on track okay! Even had a little bit of popcorn for a snack last nite with a movie. 94% fat free with some ICBINB spray. This a.m. I am down 3/4 of a pound!! So I am happy!! I am hoping I can just be good til sat nite. That would give me 4 really good days so I know I can be down a total of a few pounds this week by sunday if I do that. I know I can do it, I know I can! :D Today my hubby has court tonite for a ticket. (The ticket he got when they took our car :( ) They want like $800.00!! I am hoping he can talk the judge down and get payments. :( So I am going to get a day pass, go out, visit him for lunch, come home. Then go out this afternoon and meet him at his work. He has nite court at 5:30 tonite. So it will be one long day. I am packing a lunch for us so that I will be good and not eat out. I need to focus on the right track. I can eat out maybe sat or maybe next week if I am not doing much better by saturday. We'll see! :D

So I need to prepare. I am going to make us a lunch and I need to maybe make some popcorn for a snack. I am kind of freaking about the nite court thing though! I just know I will be hungry then! The good news is we are broke til he gets paid tomorrow or sat so i can't eat out and be bad even if I wanted too! :lol: So I need to think of what I can bring with me tonite. Ugghhhh I am all out of my slimfast too! Sandwiches are for lunch. I can probably eat a yogurt real quick around 3:00 right before I leave to catch the bus again. I guess I could bring a peanut butter sandwich for tonite then maybe have some chicken when I get home. That will stave off the hunger cravings at least. I am so hoping we can be done in time to catch the 7:30 bus home, otherwise I won't get back til 9:00 tonite!!1 I hate that!!

Tisha___ 11-02-2006 11:13 AM

What happened to your car, Jasmine?

Jasmine31 11-02-2006 11:31 AM

:( Well my hubby has two cars in mt but they would never smog over here, Ca. My ex wanted the van with the payment in the divorce so i gave it to him. That was July of 2005. Of course he never made payments! We were always running late but at least we still payed it! He lost it. I had a car my mom had given me years before but didn't use it cause I have so many kids and it was basically an emergency vehicle. So Joe fixed it up. (My mom dies xmas of 2004, right before she dies I had her officially sign it over to Joe so that my ex couldn't get his greasy paws on it) My ex wanted to fight over everything in the divorce including the kids. All I wanted was the kids and a divorce. After dragging me thru the mud for like a year, he never even comes for visits! He came out once July 2005, then we didnt see him again til jan 2006!!! Havent seen or heard from him since! (Good riddance0 That is also why we are going to try to file something to get permission to move to Mt where my new hubby is from.

Anyways is July 2005 my ex was mad cause the car wasnt community property cause my mom hadnt technically signed it over to either of us. We found out in dec of 2005 when my new hubby was trying to take it to get smogged, he got pulled over by the cops and they towed it saying it was stolen! My jerk of an ex called and reported a vehicle that never even had his name on it stolen!!! I cant believe that is even legal! My hubby tried to explain that it was registered to my mom, but that she had signed the pink over to him 7-8 months before and that he was trying to take it and get it smogged. The cop believed the story cause Joe knew my moms name and obviously my maiden name etc but still took the car. We barely get by as it is. I had just gotten let go from my job in oct and we had a few hundred bux saved from my last check that we hadnt been expecting and were going to use it for xmas for the kids. It cost us $650.00 to pay cop fees, and impound fees of only one day! His mom was nice and even sent us $200 to help us. We normally dont get any help from anyone. She said to think of it as a xmas gift which was a surprise cause she never sent us anything the year before. haha Anyhow. We got the car back and had like $5.00 each to spend on the kids. :( Did I say my ex is the biggest jerk ever? We had signed up for toys for tots and plus they got stuff from my two aunts and my grandma, etc.

Anyways that was last christmas. We went and paid the registration which was $150.00 or something, took the car to get it smogged and guess what? It wont pass. My ex screwed with the car so much when we were together, wires going here and there, etc , it was a surprise Joe could even get it to run! We got as many extensions as we could but the bottom line is we couldnt get it smogged and a few months ago they pulled joe over and took it. It is not worth another 650.00 to get it out again, not to mention we didnt have the money, not to mention it wouldnt help cause there is no way that car is getting smogged! So yeah, that is my story. So now we take the bus everywhere and it only comes every 90 minutes. Alot of times the bus is like an hour behind! We just hope we can get clearance to move with the kids next year to Mt. :(

my ivy 11-02-2006 11:32 AM

Thanks for the welcome Jasmin,

Wow sounds like a bad situation the ticket and all. Wish you luck In court I didn't know tickets could be so expensive:o . Meal replacement bars are pretty good and plenty of water.:)

Today is my son's B-day he's 10 I will be taking cupcakes and snacks to his school keeping in mind not to eat any.:devil:

Take Care,

sugarbaby269 11-02-2006 12:42 PM

Wow, Sorry about your ordeal with the car, the ex and court, Jasmine! Looks like you're going to have one busy day ahead of you. Best of luck! BTW wjat os ICBINB spray?

Welcome my ivy! :) Are you doing Atkins for your diet plan? Just wondering how that is going if you are.

Melissa Way to go getting on the torture machine!! Jk Great job! It gets easier. After all, didn't I read somewhere that people are actually addicted to exercise? :D I've never heard of Viva Skim Delight but I'll check into it next trip to grocery store.

Martin I feel your pain sistah! OMW I have to leave the room when the family gets to snacking. I've been sort of drilling the kids about nutrition and healthy snacks. I guess for us if it's not in the house then I won't eat it. I told the family that I was going to diet and my dh is on one too. Although, he doesn't have to lose near as much as I do. I decided to bake just once a week and make sure I have plenty of diet food for me to snack on. Here are some ideas for low cal snacks:

Frozen grapes are delicious
100 calorie snacks- you buy them pre packaged and they are great for on the go times.
Sugar free jello
Fat free pudding
Sugar free fudge bars and they have other diet ice cream out there too
Special K is supposed to be a really healthy cereal that's low in sugar and fat and all that. HEY IT RHYMES! :D Ok.. sorry I need something like chocolate about now. Which reminds me they do have
Sugar free chocolates and stuff like that now. :D
Rice cakes with Peanut butter is so so good!
They have diet yogurt and you can freeze that with a popcicle stick added to it and then have a nice frozen popcicle. Those are pretty good too.

Hope that helps some!

Lodyangel Way to go! I think exercise for me is the hardest thing to do. :( I hate it BUT I love how I feel afterwards. Maybe someday I will be "addicted" to it.... :D

Tisha Water is good....I'm working on that one. Good luck with the exercising tonight. You can do it!! :cheer:

Welcome Jennifer!
Great job on the weight loss losing4another!

I am down to 261 today. Had this nasty cold thing going so my appetite hasn't been that great which is probably in some ways a good thing. However, I don't want to have my metabolism slow down because I didn't have much to eat yesterday. Today will be better. Same ol', same ol' and I doubt I'll exercise today cause I feel lousy. What a way to begin a diet. :(

Anyhoo.... good luck everyone and have a great day!

Neesy_20 11-02-2006 01:23 PM

I've been losing a pound a day for the last week and a half and I haven't even been exercising like I should. I've lost 2lbs for this challenge so far. I can see onederland getting closer and closer!

littlegg 11-02-2006 01:56 PM

Wow Jasmine thats really depressing
:rollpin: The smilie is for your x. I almost dont know what to say, except for thank god you are rid of him and you have no where to go now but up. I also hit rock bottom with 3 daughters 17,15,and 10. The x started drinking too much became abusive verbally and physically. My oldest is now 32.
We had some really rough times, but I pulled myself together went to school
part time for 5 years. I had to take out school loans( I am still paying for them) just to pay my mortgage and so the kids would have a Christmas. I got grants because I was below poverty level and worked part time jobs where I could get them. I graduated in 1995 with an Associate degree.
some where in all of that mess I met my soon to be husband who was a mechanic because my car was such a junker. Things worked out ok. I got a good paying job after I graduated and we got married in 1996. We get along great, the x is out of the picture for me and the kids, They have nothing to do with him. I actually feel sorry for him because he doesnt even know the 6 grandkids and they are the light of my life. We have a comfortable
life and are content.
Sounds like you have a great husband now, look ahead to the future.
I think there may be programs out there to help you even with a vehicle.
Good luck to you, as I can see from the success with your diet you are a strong willed woman and you will figure a way out of this one step at a time. Dont look back just keep moving forward. You will do it!

Tisha___ 11-02-2006 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Jasmine31 (Post 1458449)
there is no way that car is getting smogged!

Ok, this is probably a dumb question, but what does "smogged" mean?

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