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callystia 10-29-2006 04:35 AM

Wow. Sugarbaby, thank you so much for that post. I can't tell you how much it meant to me. *hugs you tight*

jelly 10-29-2006 09:06 AM

Callystia~ I am sorry to hear that life has taking it's toll. But by sticking to your goals will just make you stronger. Don't thinkof it as a diet, it's a lifestlye and forgive me for saying, no matter what stress goes on you have to be strong for yourself and your health. It'a alot easier then said. I know, I should eat my own words. When things get bad I give up. And you learn from your mistakes. If it's a challenge for you then don't poat everyday and take a break. Come once a week. for now and when things get better come back daily or everyother day.

I reaaly hope things get better and I hope you could clear your mind and stay focused. Have a GREAT day!!! :hug: Drink your WATER!!:D

jelly 10-29-2006 09:15 AM

So far so good this morning! I am having my Breakfast right now. Then gotta clean the backyard, do my Billy's Ab bootcamp, and carve pumkins with the kiddies :ghost: Oh and do some homework.Well I 'll be back later to write my lunch,dinner,and snacks. Ya'll have a GREAt day and drink that WATER!!!

SugarBaby~ Have you ever seen the informercails for Billy Blank's Bootcamp workouts?? Well I have the whole set. It comes with Basic bootcamp, Bootcamp live,Ab bootcamp and Ultimate bootcamp. He gives you a rotation calender for those workouts. They all are great workouts.

1 packet of Cinnamon Oatmeal
1 small Apple
1 bottle of 32 oz Water

Jasmine31 10-29-2006 11:36 AM


Yay Jasmine!!! Way to go on that pound lost!!! I dont know if last week effects this week but it is definetly something to look at. The way our bodies cycle so much I'm interested to see how that keeps playing out. I suppose what you did last week geared your metabolism to work differently this week. Whatever it was it got that scale moving!!
Yeah either way a loss is a better than a gain even if it is small. I am down a total of 1.50 this week. Most weeks it is 2.50 but I am just going to keep giving it my best!


I did fairly well yesterday. AF is here so I've got those darn chocolate cravings. And darn it if we dont have Halloween candy. I had 2 of the little Reese's pb cups (the tiny ones) and 2 sugarfree dove dark chocolates. So not terrible but thats about 150 calories I didnt need. We did homemade pizzas last night and I think I overdid it but since I was very disciplined with my other meals I'm sure it was fine. Got in all my water and then some! No exercise though, it was a bad day pain wise for me. Although I need to stop using that as an excuse because there is no reason I cant get on my stability ball and use some weights. That is supposed to be on my plan afterall.
I HATe when that happens! I feel like eating everything in sight when A.F. hits! Thank God I haven''t gotten any chocolate or candy cravings yet!!



Hey everyone. This challenge is totally gearing me up! I feel sooo good today, better than I have felt in AGES!
That is great! Me too!!


What I'd like to include in our chats today is weigh-in days. Everyone things "Sunday" because it's the end of the week, so to speak. But I was thinking of making my weigh-in day Friday. Weekends I think are the hardest for slipping up, and I foresee a possible self esteem issue if I weigh-in after having a bad weekend. I'm just starting, so I haven't set my weigh-in day yet.

Any thoughts? What motivates you to choose the weigh-in day that you did?
Martin you are more than welcome to weigh in on fridays if ya like! This thread is for supporting each other and we havejust general guidelines. We all can weigh in when ever we feel comfy! I myself had originally picked sunday cause when I started the halloween challenge at the beg. of the month it was sunday. I have realized how great it is to have myself a set weigh in day too cause then I track everything from week to week from that date. Like my cals, my exercise, my weighins, etc. So whatever day works for you hun!!1


Today, (soontobe)DH and I are driving in to the city to do a little bit of shopping. It's his first day off in.. oh, well over 20 days. We might eat out, but if we do, I'm going to stick to ordering a sandwich w/side salad (1 tbl spoon dressing), and NO MAYO on my sandwich. I always overdo the mayo, and I think I'm going to try cutting that one specific thing cold turkey, until I can learn to control myself around it.

WISH ME LUCK! I will be bringing fruit for the drive, and 2 bottles of delicious, cold water!
That sounds good. Mayo is a big one. I was always more of a mustard person though thank goodness. When you are at home you could always just do light mayo. :D


Oh wow. I bought a new scale today because my scale is REALLY old.
I got home, and pulled it out of it's fancy new wrapping, set it down, and got ready to test it out.

Was I ever shocked! Apparently not only is my old scale old, but broken/off. I don't weigh 262. I weigh.. 279!

I was so good eating out to lunch today, and this feels like such a punch in the gut. Any ideas on how to overcome such a mental setback?

I feel crushed...
Oh my gosh! Hun that is terrible! I would be so upset!!!! :hug: :hug: The first thing I would do is make an apt with a doc and get weighed there. So many times even brand new scales are wrong! My situation is reverse, my gyno's scale is 18 pounds less than mine at home but I even had my aunts check mine against their weight and what they weigh at home. Mine is right, his isn't. But that is very rare. Check the scale out somewhere else hun!!


Sounds like you had your hands full hun!!

Jasime~ I do Denise Austin' 20 min Pilates. It has two parts, Part.1 is Pilates & Part.2 is Pilates mixed with yoga. The first time I tired it, It was a bit difficult, but what workout isn't the first time. The second time I did it it got easier, and thrid, and so on. Just give it a go. It really does work.After one week I felt greet physically, and two weeks I could tell my body was getting some nice curbs.
Thanx for the info! It sounds good. I think I seen a pilates for dummies so I will try that first. Does it help work on toning your belly? That is what I really need!


Sounds like you did good yesterday! :D


BTW Jasmine: The pb I get is no brand at all, I use the grocery store's grinder. Pure unsalted, organic peanuts, nothing else.
Cool. I don't think my store even has one! :lol:


I did really good yesterday on the 6 week body makeover diet. It was really hard but I was a good girl and stuck to it for most of the day. The rewards were a 3 pound loss! AF even came a knockin' yesterday so I'm hoping by the end of next week an additional amount will be gone.[/QUOTE]

That is great sweetie!!! WTG!! Try to make them good carbs though like wheat bread, grains and brown rice, etc.


Jasmine- Girl! You are so encouraging and have some really great ideas. I'm glad that I'm getting to know you even though it's through the net.
I was thinking that we can boost our metabolisms somehow and like you were questioning, maybe it keeps it kicking through the next week? Dunno. All this is new to me and I'm totally open for tips and suggestions. Go to the website of the six week body makeover (not sure of their website but just check on googles) and you'll find it. My hubby and I ordered it last month but just now started it. It looks pretty intense but I thought if I could just prove to myself that I can lose weight and see some quick results then I will have more confidence to continue. I feel and am so big right now it's pretty discouraging.
Congrats on making it to the teens!!! I'm going to check out those places you suggested and try to figure out the calorie/ exercise, etc to figure out how to lose and how much I will, etc. How horrifying that would be to lose a bunch of weight and still be stuck at fat! 190 is still way overweight for my height. Thanks for the tips...
Awww thanx for saying that! I am glad to get to know all of you too! DOn't knock the net it is actually a great way to meet people! I met my hubby online! :D I do feel like I have finally figured out what I am doing! And I would love to help others find their way. If I could of found the cal counting stuff a year ago I might of lost 100 by now but oh well, you live and ya learn. I think as far as boosting our metabs, i think having small meals and snacks helps. It doesnt have to be big. Like obviously my smoothie is for breakfast. Sometimes I will break it up and have a banana around 8:00, then the smoothie around 10:00. coffee and a sandwich at 12:00 and at 3:00 a slimfast. (sometimes if I am hungry I will have that with the snadwich or at 2:00 and then will have a yogurt around 3:00 or serving of cereal) If my hubby has to work the 10-7 shift, then a snack around 5:00, yogurt, if I didnt have one, or cereal, then dinner at 7:45. I hate those days! Otherwise dinner is usually at 6:00. But the point is I think that the small meals and snacks keeps the metab going and makes me feel like I am never hungry! :D



Not. So. Good. Today. I was terribly worried about something and had myself a nice little binge & purge.*sigh* I'm not going to report any totals tonight because I don't even really remember everything I ate, nor do I know how much I "kept". Sorry if that's too graphic for anyone, but I'm kind of upset.I think maybe I need to refrain from "challenges" for a while; I thought I was ready to get back to regular dieting, but I think that pressuring myself with a deadline of any sort just brings back the bad behaviors.
Oh sweetie, I am sorry to hear about that. I had a friend online who was bulimic and she wound up losing all her teeth because of it. :(
That is not too graphic! I am here for ya hun!! :hug: Well I dont want you to feel pressured if that is a problem for you hun! I dont want you to drop out either! I have an idea, why dont you just come to this thread for support? You can make your challenge for turkey day about being binge~purge free and eating healthy? That takes the focus off losing weight andn pouts it on being healthy? :hug:


That was a great post! :hug: to you too! I am so sorry to hear about the cancer. You do not need to face this lying down! Look at the 3rd link I posted. The worlds healthiest foods. There are some foods that can help to destroy certain types of cancer. I dont know if it will help in your case but it doesnt hurt to try! If you need any help let me know and tomorrow I will probably go looking when the family is back at school and work! :hug:

Jasmine31 10-29-2006 11:39 AM

Well for the peeps who'se weigh in day is today, don't forget to do it!!! I stepped on the scale today and it is 218.75 So it is not the 2.5 pound loss I hoped for, but it is still 1.50 pounds. I will accept that! ;) So that officially brings me to 9.75 pounds this month! Hooray! ( I entered my weigh in on the first as 229, but it was actually 228.50 , I didn't want to fool around with half pounds then but you know what? I will take every .25 pound I can get!! :lol: )

I am really excited and ready to start a fresh week! Yesterday we went to Denny's and I enjoyed a nice dinner of steak and shrimp and baked potato, with butter and sour cream and a salad! I should of stopped there but they brought two small rolls and I smeared all the butter on those two! Oh well. I feel I deserve it! So I really wasn't exppecting to be down another .25 pounds this morning. hehehehehe I will have to log it all into fitday today and find my average cals for last week. Ill do that later. Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Oh by the way, we went shopping yesterday just to get a few new things and I was able to get a pair of 18 jeans!!!! They do say stretch, so they do have a bit of give in them but they are not elastic or anything!! I wanted to get a black pair too but they didn't have any! I bought one sweater and a few new blouses as well. :D

I will come back and post the totals for the week later today.

Hun.e.B 10-29-2006 12:18 PM

Good Sunday Morning everyone!!

Mande...its just a number on the scale, it does not define who you are! Plus that number is going to change in no time at all! Chin up! You can do this!!

Jelly....Excellent workout!!! You are very brave to take all those little ones out alone!! I couldnt have done it! LOL..I hope you've recovered from the experience LOL!!

Melissa...you did so great yesterday!!! Way to go! I hope you arent getting a cold! Be good to yourself rest and fluids! Hopefully it'll be mild and just pass!

Sugarbaby...water for me has been a gradual thing, I just make sure I've always got my waterbottle handy. On the days when I'm really struggling getting it down I mix half water and half crystal light, for whatever reason I can suck the crystal light down no problem. Eventually it gets to be a habit and now I can tell when I dont get my 3 - 4 bottles I feel really thirsty all day. I checked into the 6 week makeover briefly once, I think Micheal Thurmond is amazing what he can do. But for my body type it recommended WAY too much fish. I hate fish! You are doing so great on it!! Keep up the good work!

Callystia....you are right, sometimes deadlines cause unneccessary stresses. And the more stress the harder things can be. I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I hope things are looking better today!

Jasmine...you are just cruising arent you!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic dinner last night and still down!!! Way to go!! and 18s!!! At the rate you are going they arent going to fit for long!! You are shrinking!! LOL!! Keep up the great work!!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!! Its football day, we are HUGE football family and that means snacks! Oh the snacks!! But I'm going to try very hard to make healthy choices today. Candy got me last night!! I did pretty great all day long till we got in the car for the ride out to the haunted corn maze and I nibbled on candy. I can say that this weekend so far has been better than last weekend! So far anyway! LOL!!


martiniforme 10-29-2006 12:48 PM

Today is much better than yesterday. I had a good sleep in until 10am (usually up by 6). Had a good night last night with friends (a few drinks... ONLY 2 Vodka and Diet 7), my spirits were lifted. And I also forgot to mention, I got a new game.
One thing about me is I'm a HUGE gamer. I love video games. I think that's why (soontobe)DH and I get along so well, lol.

I want to say thank you to all of you for your kind words and support.

Get n healthy: I agree 100%. I think if I had found out 20lbs from now, it could have been a very big disaster, reversing all that I had worked for. And you are so right, better now than never. I realize now that regardless of what I'm starting out at, my end goal doesn't change, and what I'm doing to get there won't change, it might just take a little longer. But what's a couple months in the face of years and years of healthy living?? Thank you :hug:

sugarbaby269: I have to say, you are truly amazing. You are facing so much more, and yet you seem to be so jovial and uplifting. You have guts, and I hope one day I have guts like you do. I'm going to be seeing my doc later this week, and then for good measure I'm going to also weigh on my mom's scale. Thankyou! :hug:

Jasmine31: It's crazy. You don't even know me, yet you are a pillar of support and strength. I have a good feeling that you, and others like you, are going to be one of the reasons I succeed. I'm going to weigh on the doc's scale, as well as my mom's to see where I end up. I'll keep you posted! :hug:

Hun.e.B: Thanks doll! Today is a MUCH better day. And my self esteem is shootin' pretty high. I feel good all over! I can't wait for the day when I chin up, and there's no dbl chin! LOL :hug:

Today's plan was/is:
Cheerios - 1.5 cups
2% Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 tsp
Orange (raw) - Medium

Chicken & Veggie Soup - 1.5 cups
Garlic Toast - 1 small slice

Tacos for the boys, but for me...
Taco Salad! Made with fresh spinach, loads of fresh veggies, a small amount (1/4 cup) of beef, and a little Light Sour Cream to top it off.

And of course, little snacks in between. I left room in my cal count today for popcorn with a little butter!

I feel more organized in my daily life even just having my meals planned out.
Today is a good day! I hope it's as good for all of you!


martiniforme 10-29-2006 12:48 PM

I've decided to make my weigh-in day Friday. Please bear with me all, while I get organized :)

martiniforme 10-29-2006 12:50 PM


Oh by the way, we went shopping yesterday just to get a few new things and I was able to get a pair of 18 jeans!!!! They do say stretch, so they do have a bit of give in them but they are not elastic or anything!! I wanted to get a black pair too but they didn't have any! I bought one sweater and a few new blouses as well.
CONGRATULATIONS!! I bet those jeans look GREAT on you!

FionaMSC 10-29-2006 05:18 PM

Hi everyone!

Thanks for inviting me in this challenge Jasmine! It will work perfectly for me, even though we don't celebrate thanksgiving in the UK! I am aiming to lose 8 pounds and get to that elusive 200 pound mark. Then on the 7th December I am flying over to Chicago, and would LOVE to be 199 pounds!

Anyway, good luck to everyone - I have been reading all the posts, and as ever, they are so inspirational and motivating!

This Sunday I weighed in and have lost 2 pounds, which I am really happy about! I also measured myself, and have started to lose the inches, some of my clothes are starting to look baggier, and that is such a boost!

Take care, all! :)

IAte86Crayons 10-29-2006 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by Jasmine31 (Post 1452818)


Hello! I am glad you joined us! Everyone is welcome to join us! The more the merrier!!! :D

What is that? Sounds like a good plan!!

Thanks :)

Here's a thread about it here:

I didn't wanna spend $120 on the kit, so I won one off ebay for $40. :D

sugarbaby269 10-29-2006 10:36 PM

So... does the 6 week body makeover diet work? I checked out your thread IAte86crayons and it looked like everyone had a great start but then it just ended? Eeks... Oh well, I'm just starting my diet with it. I know I won't be able to eat fish, chicken and blah oatmeal every day for the rest of my life. Eventually, I'll want a bit more variety in the ol' diet. It makes for a great jump start though. :)

Neesy_20 10-30-2006 07:25 AM

Hey everyone, I did pretty good last month.. I hope I can keep it up!
My starting weight 221
I will calorie count and exercise 45-60 minutes 5 days a week
I have a vacation coming up in december that I wanna lose it for. So, it has definitely been my motivation.

callystia 10-30-2006 08:26 AM

Thanks very much for the support, ladies. You are wonderful.

Jasmine, I think that I will take your advice and make my goal to just not b/p, and to stay as healthy as possible.

I am having a pretty nasty lupus flare right now, probably because of Saturday's antics, and I'm about to go back to bed, but I didn't want to neglect to thank y'all. *hugs all around*

Talk to you soon. Keep up the great work, everyone, and good luck! :)

Hun.e.B 10-30-2006 08:54 AM

Good Monday Morning everyone! My sunday turned out to be not so good, I let the snacks and bad eating win. Thankfully its monday and I can get right back on the wagon and do this! Busy couple of days for me so that should keep me out of trouble for awhile! I hope everyone has a great day!


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