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Stevi-rocks 10-28-2006 01:46 AM

Alright, I haven't been in a challenge in awhile. Might do me some good. And since its Jasmine, should be fun!

209 lbs
Calorie counting
Power walking w/ weights

IAte86Crayons 10-28-2006 03:23 AM

Can I join? :)

1. 193
2. walking on the treadmill, walking up and down stairs at school, hopefully some trips to the gym
3. i'll be following the 6 week body makeover plan

Lovestorun 10-28-2006 10:26 AM

Hello Everyone-

Well it is Saturday and the weekends aren't always
good as far as food goes but I am hoping that this
thread will motivate me more to think about what
I am putting in my mouth. :D

So far....today...

Punched out 3.31 mile run I was going for 4 but my
back was hurting so I choose not to push it to hard. :mad:

Not to sure what the day holds but so far for food...
B: 1 ww english muffin with egg,cheese (I also LOVE cheese) and ham.
S: probably fruit-
I will post my complete menu later as I am not sure what we are doing
today hubby has the day off and all of us are probably going out for the
day. :cool:

Hope everyone has a great Saturday :carrot:

Jasmine31 10-28-2006 11:44 AM

Well I changed and got a turkey day ticker yesterday and worked my butt off this week and I am finally down another pound! I was scared I would kick that scale good if it didn't move by tomorrow! (My normal official weigh in day! ) :lol: So I am now at 219!!! I am in the teens today hooray!!


So glad you joined us!! :hug: Bycycling sounds good. I had wanted to add a bit of that in with my exercise but dh's bike is not comfy! :(


Yup, I eat the fresh ground p.b., just peanuts. The only thing is, I completely rebel against eating a full serving of just about everything.
What brand is that? I seen smuckers all natural just salt and nuts, has anyone tried that? What is the health benefit of those compared to the regular skippy? Anyone know?

Get n healthy:

So glad to have you! :hug:

Hello ladies. i would LOVE to do this challenge. I am going to the dreaded in-laws for Thanksgiving, so i would be really happy if i could be down 10 more pounds.
I hear ya! When my new parents in law came out 6 months ago I was 250! When I hit 225 I took a few pics and sent them! :lol: They are nice people though and his mom is really happy for me to be getting healthy. She is like 220 herself and I always told myself, my gosh, you can't be fatter than your hubby's mom!!! Lose the weight!!! hahahaha


Here lately I have been averaging about 8 pounds a month but I need to kick it up a notch and get to 10 a month. With me being this heavy, there is no reason why i cant be getting 10 a month easy.
I know what ya mean! I hit the 8.5 pound mark by the 23rd of this month. then it stopped til today! I was upset cause it stopped and I was even thinking I would of rather just lost 8.5 evenly all month then to stop! Cause I had planned for 10 this month when I was losing 2.5 a week! I know my body can do it so get in gear! :lol: The week is not over yet though, official weigh in is tomorrow so one more day. I am down 1.25 so far, so now I am down 9.50 for the month but today we are taking the kids clothes shopping and to dinner at Denny's tonite. I know I could be good and just get something lite, but heck I eat that all the time at home! I am going to have a cheeseburger and fries! I did look at the cal list and I think I will give a 1/4 of it to my 3 year old. That will cut down right there. :D I will tell them no th. island either because I don't like that dressing at their place. It taste a lil different.


3. I count cals...goals are 1300-1500 a day 5 days, 1500-1700 2 days.
Yeah I calorie cycle too. :D What is your average by the end of the week usually? How long do you walk your dogs for?


Look forward to working towards losing 10 pounds with you all. So glad to be a part of this challenge.
So I am!


Hello!!! I am glad you joined!! :hug:


3. I will follow the fatsmash diet plan and not give up.
Sounds good!!



Ugh...a fairly high-calorie "cycling" day, and I feel gross.
awww, how high was it? Sometimes I feel gross and heavy after having red meat, cause I normally do chicken.


Hello!!! Welcome! We are glad to have you! :hug:


I'd love to hop in and join the challenge.
Today I worked out at the gym for over an hour and started a serious diet of low carb and low calories.
I weighed and lost a pound from yesterday.
I have loads to lose so I'll just keep it at that.
I've decided to alternate my workouts between gym and walking. I need to relieve the pressure off my joints from going to the gym.
Just be careful going to low in cals. We are bigger girls and we can still lose at these weights with higher cals. (Hooray!) I for one have been losing this month even at the 1800 cal range! If we go to low too quick it might be hard to dip lower later like when we hit the 190's. How many cals are you on? That is great an hour at the gym!!!

Check out the womans health link I posted on the first page. That shows what your maintenance is and you can play with the numbers to get the pounds off per week that you want! :D It has really helped me. I am losing and am never really hungry!


Hi sweetie!! I am so glad you joined!! :hug:

Girl I am losing already!! I am down a pound this a.m.!!! Your plan sounds good!!! We can do this!!! Take your son with you on a walk today!!


Hello! I am glad you joined us! Everyone is welcome to join us! The more the merrier!!! :D

3. i'll be following the 6 week body makeover plan
What is that? Sounds like a good plan!!


I love cheese too! I am watching it better now though. :lol: That run sounds great! Definately be careful if you start hurting though. My ankle is hurting a bit from all the walking this week but only a tiny bit when I first woke up.

I will post my complete menu later as I am not sure what we are doing
today hubby has the day off and all of us are probably going out for the
Sounds good.

Well everyone I have been doing pretty good this week, except monday. I was wondering if you guys think that what you do this week, food and exercise wise, affects you next week?

Like for instance:


week 1: 1850 cal average, 440 minutes total walking, 2.5 pounds gone by that sunday

week 2: 1880 cal average, 540 minutes total walking 2.5 pounds gone by that sunday

week 3: 1567 cal average, 360 minutes total walking 3.25 pounds gone by that sunday(the cals were alot lower cause I got sick a few days that week and had to basically force feed myself. )

week 4 Well we haven't finished this week yet but so far my average is at: 1691 cal average , my walking WILL be at 540 minutes today!!
I am down only 1.25 so far this week!

Okay so this is my theory. I was looking back over everything, as you know I was really irritated to have only lost .25 pound all week(I finally lost one more today!) When normally I have been losing 2.5 pounds every week. Today I am down another pound so that makes it 1.25 and we still have tomorrow but I am going out for dinner tonite. So I am hoping to just maintain! :lol: Anyhow, my point is this. I am wondering if me doing the 540 minutes of walking in week 2 is what caused me to lose 3.25 pounds at the end of week 3 and that the reason I am only down 1.25 pounds so far this week, is because I only walked 360 minutes last week? It kind of makes sense to me. Like what you do this week, affects you next week! What does every one else think? Either way I am just going to roll with it. I am not going to let the scale have victory over me no matter what it says tomorrow. That is why this week, instead of getting depressed, I walked even more! Which is a good thing now that i am looking at the walking times. Now that I see the stats with the 540 vs 360 walking I am going to shoot for 540 every week! Today I am already at 510 and just need 30 more to get to 540. Am I making any sense to anyone? :lol: This scale is not going to stop me from going out and enjoying dinner with my family tonite! I am also going to go shopping and buy a few new things for all of us, but esp. me! I deserve it!

So that is how my day is looking I am very excited about this pound! Finally!!! :D

Hun.e.B 10-28-2006 12:32 PM

Yay Jasmine!!! Way to go on that pound lost!!! I dont know if last week effects this week but it is definetly something to look at. The way our bodies cycle so much I'm interested to see how that keeps playing out. I suppose what you did last week geared your metabolism to work differently this week. Whatever it was it got that scale moving!!

I did fairly well yesterday. AF is here so I've got those darn chocolate cravings. And darn it if we dont have Halloween candy. I had 2 of the little Reese's pb cups (the tiny ones) and 2 sugarfree dove dark chocolates. So not terrible but thats about 150 calories I didnt need. We did homemade pizzas last night and I think I overdid it but since I was very disciplined with my other meals I'm sure it was fine. Got in all my water and then some! No exercise though, it was a bad day pain wise for me. Although I need to stop using that as an excuse because there is no reason I cant get on my stability ball and use some weights. That is supposed to be on my plan afterall.

Weekends are so hard for me to stick to plan, I'm going to work HARD this weekend to turn that around! Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!!


Hun.e.B 10-28-2006 12:33 PM

Excellent workout today Stacey!!!

martiniforme 10-28-2006 01:32 PM

Hey everyone. This challenge is totally gearing me up! I feel sooo good today, better than I have felt in AGES!

What I'd like to include in our chats today is weigh-in days. Everyone things "Sunday" because it's the end of the week, so to speak. But I was thinking of making my weigh-in day Friday. Weekends I think are the hardest for slipping up, and I foresee a possible self esteem issue if I weigh-in after having a bad weekend. I'm just starting, so I haven't set my weigh-in day yet.

Any thoughts? What motivates you to choose the weigh-in day that you did?

Today, (soontobe)DH and I are driving in to the city to do a little bit of shopping. It's his first day off in.. oh, well over 20 days. We might eat out, but if we do, I'm going to stick to ordering a sandwich w/side salad (1 tbl spoon dressing), and NO MAYO on my sandwich. I always overdo the mayo, and I think I'm going to try cutting that one specific thing cold turkey, until I can learn to control myself around it.

WISH ME LUCK! I will be bringing fruit for the drive, and 2 bottles of delicious, cold water!


Hun.e.B 10-28-2006 03:42 PM

Good Luck today Mande! Think about those goals while making choices!

I weigh in on Fridays. Weekdays are the best for me plan wise so it kind of ends out a good week for me, however I get this mentality sometimes that okay...I've got 7 days till i meet the scale again and since weekends are already tough for me I tend to be even more lax. I used to WI on Tuesdays. So even if I did totally blow a weekend I'd still have that one day to reign it in. I dunno, seems like no matter what day it is we really do need to be conscious of our choices each day of the week. I'm sticking with Fridays.


martiniforme 10-28-2006 04:57 PM

Oh wow. I bought a new scale today because my scale is REALLY old.
I got home, and pulled it out of it's fancy new wrapping, set it down, and got ready to test it out.

Was I ever shocked! Apparently not only is my old scale old, but broken/off. I don't weigh 262. I weigh.. 279!

I was so good eating out to lunch today, and this feels like such a punch in the gut. Any ideas on how to overcome such a mental setback?

I feel crushed...

Get n healthy 10-28-2006 07:04 PM

Mande, oh my gosh...that would really throw me for a loop too. Just look at it this way...at least you haven't been working for two months and lost 20 pounds only to find that you are now actually at the same weight that you *thought* you started at. So just be glad you found out now. Even though i am sure it was still quite a blow, you'll have that 20 off in now time and better to find out now than down the road.

jelly 10-28-2006 09:04 PM

Hello every one!!! I have had such a busy day :dizzy: I had watched my friends childern today (all 3 boys) plus my two. I took them to a holloween block party and boy, oh boy, NEVER again will I do that without extra Help:headache: They were 5,4,and 18mths. Mine are 4 and 22mths. Forget IT!!!! But all is good now. My kids are in bed already.

Well, I did my Ulitmate BootCamp:exercise: and my legs are aching. I had a so,so day of eating the best it coul've been better. Tomorrow is a new day!!

Jasime~ I do Denise Austin' 20 min Pilates. It has two parts, Part.1 is Pilates & Part.2 is Pilates mixed with yoga. The first time I tired it, It was a bit difficult, but what workout isn't the first time. The second time I did it it got easier, and thrid, and so on. Just give it a go. It really does work.After one week I felt greet physically, and two weeks I could tell my body was getting some nice curbs.

PellMel 10-28-2006 10:05 PM

I've been doing quite well today, I must say. Yesterday I was able to get a lot of emotional crud out of my system during a massage and I think that has helped my food-issues immensely.
B: FF waffles w/ lite syrup, 1/2 c. soy milk
S: soy yogurt, banana, kashi
L: salad w/ spicy corn, cukes, carrot, black beans, few shreds of cheese, lite italian, lite mocha, diet sprite (I was thirsty:)
S: Vanilla Tofutti
D: Quinoa w/ 1/4 c. marinara and 1 tbsp. parmesan, salad
S: Mini milkshake- I put a bit less than 1/2 c. soy ice cream in a juice glass with around 1/4 c. of chocolate soy milk- yummy!

That leaves me with around 1385 calories for the day. Took a 45 minute walk through the college campus down the street, it was gorgeous, probably will stretch in a bit. Doubt I'll do lower body strengthening, I've been feeling a bit of a chest cold coming on and I don't want to aggravate it too much.

BTW Jasmine: The pb I get is no brand at all, I use the grocery store's grinder. Pure unsalted, organic peanuts, nothing else.

Hun.e.b: I love your graphic, my name is Melissa, too :)

sugarbaby269 10-29-2006 01:07 AM

Hi again everyone!! :grouphug:

I did really good yesterday on the 6 week body makeover diet. It was really hard but I was a good girl and stuck to it for most of the day. The rewards were a 3 pound loss! AF even came a knockin' yesterday so I'm hoping by the end of next week an additional amount will be gone. :cheer:
Alas, today I didn't do as well on the diet because I'm feeling a nasty cold coming on and was really sick to my stomach. I had more carbs than I was supposed to but at least I don't feel quite as bad.

Jasmine- Girl! You are so encouraging and have some really great ideas. I'm glad that I'm getting to know you even though it's through the net. :D
I was thinking that we can boost our metabolisms somehow and like you were questioning, maybe it keeps it kicking through the next week? Dunno. All this is new to me and I'm totally open for tips and suggestions. Go to the website of the six week body makeover (not sure of their website but just check on googles) and you'll find it. My hubby and I ordered it last month but just now started it. It looks pretty intense but I thought if I could just prove to myself that I can lose weight and see some quick results then I will have more confidence to continue. I feel and am so big right now it's pretty discouraging.
Congrats on making it to the teens!!! :cp: I'm going to check out those places you suggested and try to figure out the calorie/ exercise, etc to figure out how to lose and how much I will, etc. How horrifying that would be to lose a bunch of weight and still be stuck at fat! :yikes: 190 is still way overweight for my height. Thanks for the tips... ;)

Hun.e.B - I know where you're at girl... chocolate and AF unfortunately go hand in hand... I still can't drink the amount of water I'm supposed to. I'm pretty bad when it comes to drinking water. Got any tips? Sorry you have pain... me ol' joints have a hard time working out myself. The last time I tried to tackle the gym and walking all in the same day I hurt so bad I wasn't able to do much of anything. This time I'm going to go easy and take it a lot slower but still do something. :)

martiniforme- I am so sorry to hear about your scale situation!! :hug:
:idea: I've read though in times past that you have to get on and off a new scale quite a few times to get it adjusted or something. Maybe THATS the problem... wouldn't that be great if it were? At least you've started the diet and you look like you're doing great. Best of luck to you....WE CAN DO IT! :dust:

Jelly- what is ultimate boot camp? Kudos to you for watching all the children! That should have been a workout in itself... ;)

Pellmel- what healthy choices you have. Got any good fish recipes? Or do you eat fish?

callystia 10-29-2006 01:33 AM

Not. So. Good. Today. I was terribly worried about something and had myself a nice little binge & purge.

*sigh* I'm not going to report any totals tonight because I don't even really remember everything I ate, nor do I know how much I "kept". Sorry if that's too graphic for anyone, but I'm kind of upset.

I think maybe I need to refrain from "challenges" for a while; I thought I was ready to get back to regular dieting, but I think that pressuring myself with a deadline of any sort just brings back the bad behaviors. :(

sugarbaby269 10-29-2006 01:12 AM

Awww callystia,

I'm so so sorry... :hug:
I don't like sharing this but maybe it might help... I used to be anorexic and then bulimic when I was in highschool. I'm in my late 30's now :yikes: After going to college for a couple of years I quit purging due to a personal experience that I had. I got married shortly after that and my husband has been so good to and with me. I am amazed at the GUILT that I carried for years when eating. Even for years after I never knew how to eat and dieting meant starving. Three kids later I realized that certain things triggered my desire to binge and although I never purged after that I had a lot of emotional baggage attached to my eating patterns. My husband was a gem. He showed me that it's not what you are on the outside that matters it's what's in the heart.
Anyway, I don't want to make a long post here, but I do want to encourage you and can vouch that there is hope. My heart goes out to you and anyone else that suffers from eating disorders. I can honestly say that although I am very overweight I don't carry the oppressive, negative thoughts that tried to destroy me in years past. Last year I was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma) and it's not curable but maintable for a few years. I would just encourage you to love yourself and take care of yourself the best that you can...life is so short... I know that there's a lot involved with eating disorders and there really isn't a quick fix but I'm here for you if you ever want to talk... look me up... :val1:

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