5-10 Pounds to lose by Turkey Day Challenge!

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  • Okay so turkey day is less than a week away! Hooray! I am down 6 pounds so yes i am proud of that. I don't think I will hit 10 by t~day but I should probably hit about 8, not bad at all! I will defo hit 10 by the end of the month though!!! Good luck ladies!
  • Hi Ivy good to see you and little egg!

    Ivy I hope you feel better and glad you found what is working for you!
    10 lbs off!!!Yahoooo!!!How much do you have to lose to come down a size in your pants
    Little egg you are doing great!! WTG on the 10 pound loss!!!! Hooray!!! It all depends on sizes, the larger someone is the harder to come down a size. The smaller the quicker. I am 214 right now and wear a 18 in jeans. I wear a 16 in stretch pants.

    Here is my new shirt I tok a pic of in over the weekend. I should of ironed it now looking at it! Just wanted to share with you all, everyone else is welcome to share any pics too!!

    See the side view? My boobs are peeking out a little so I need to lose a few more or get a tighter bra before going out in public! haha But I just had to take a few pics. I just love the blouse!!

  • I began my diet on 9/1/06 and have lost 36 pounds so far I was a size 2x and yesterday I tried on my old size 13 junior stretch pants which I had to wear a girdle to get into And now they are very, very baggy I may not wear them again to big around butt & thighs. I am very happy I think maybe you loose a size at about 10-15 lbs. Every one is different some loose more inches and some loose more weight.

    I am keeping a picture diary will post soon when I reach my goal.

    Good Luck Little egg
  • Hey Jasmin,

    You look grate I love your hair color I wish I could have it ever since I was a little girl I always loved red hair all my Barbie's and boys I liked had red hair.
    So what if you show a little? I always do HA HA HA I will post a picture of me soon as I find one. Its nice to see who your loosing Buddy's are.

    You are doing excellent!!!!
  • Congrats! Jasmine and My Ivy
    You guys are both doing great! I am in a 14 Jr seems like forever now, at least they're not as tight as they used to be! I sure would like to be able to get my dupa in a 12 Jr. That would be some great incentive. I am off this weekend and we are going to the mountains, sure hope I have the will power
    to stay on track...my incentive I keep a little picture embedded in my mind from about 8 yr ago when I was with my daughters on the beach, (we looked more like sisters at that time)I lost 17# with weight watchers prior to that and I think I was all down hill after that... started packing on the lbs. I'd like to look like that again for our Feb vacation ansd keep it off this time! I am calorie counting now and exercising now and then but usually I am too exhausted physically and mentally. I have a high stress job and I work shifts which doesnt help much either.Oh well maybe with the next 5 # I'll go to an 11/12 Jr. Great Chrstmas present that would be!
  • Okay I am having two Thanksgiving meals this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I am doing some of the cooking so my food options will be low calorie and then I try to make healthy choices. I am going to go with the one plate method. Only one plate of food and one piece of dessert. NO SECONDS OR THIRDS!!!! Also if there is a veggie tray I will munch on those, but no creamy dips.

    Maritiniforme: I got to wondering where I had heard you are suppose to eat protein w/ every meal so I Googled it. I actually found alot of links, here is one from Shape Magazine.

    7. There's no shortage of myths about protein. Which of the following is good advice?
    a) Aim to eat protein at every meal.
    b) Get at least 40 percent of your calories from protein.
    c) Eat protein after weight-training workouts and carbs after cardio workouts.
    d) Get 50 percent of your protein from animal sources and 50 percent from plant sources.
    e) Refrain from mixing protein with carbs at most meals.

    Answer: a. Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrate, so a meal or snack that combines protein and carbs (such as cereal with milk) will keep you feeling satisfied longer than a carb-only meal (such as a bagel and orange juice). An active woman should get 15-20 percent of her calories from protein; 40 percent is way too high. Aim to get more of your protein from plant sources than animal sources because animal products tend to contain more saturated fat. Choose complex carbs -- like fruit, vegetables and whole grains -- over simple sugars or white- and refined-flour grains. (Complex carbs, because they are high in fiber, stay with you longer than refined carbs.)

    Jasmine: I am so glad that you are getting out of you funk. I sympathize with you on having to deal with bus situation, I would go totally nuts if I were you. Hang in there girl, at least you are getting alot of walking in. And did I forget to say you are looking FANTABULOUS!

    Hun.e.B: I hope you had a great day with your daughter.
  • Well stink!
    I went to post and somehow it all got erased... Grrrr.
    So to make a longer post shorter... Congrats to all of you that are losing.
    Jasmine you are so funny and I love your hair color! The pics look fab btw.
    Ivy how in the world did you lose so much weight so fast? You must be so proud.

    Well, I've got to jet I'm on my way to the gym.
  • Jasmine: A couple of things that you can do around the house if you aren't able to get to the gym etc, is do weight lifting with cans of soup For toning, you don't want to lift ALOT, that's for building. You want to do more frequent repetitions of smaller weights, like 2-4lbs per hand. Also, for Calisthenics, I do lady pushups (on my knees, hehe), and I will do crunches (not situps, those KILL me!). What I do is spend about 10 minutes on each. I will do 10 crunches, then rest for 10 seconds, do another 10, and so on. As you keep going, you will probably take more time to recuperate between sets of 10, but that's okay I don't count how many I do total, just that I did this for this set of time today. The pushups I will do about 5, then wait 10 seconds or so, do another 5, etc. Hope that helps! The weights and stretchy bands you can usually get at WalMart. I almost bought this Bally's beginner set today. It had the ball, pump, two 2-pound weights, and 2 stretchy bands (for resistance training). It was 36.00 Canadian. I decided just to get a yoga mat for my calisthenics. I was using a blanket before (all hardwood and tile in our house), and that was killing me hehe. OH! And I couldn't not find WATP (I think it's an American thing), but I found something pretty much the same. It's made my Stolls Pilates. Also, word to the wise about the pilates, THEY ARE HARD!!! Haha, so start at the beginner one if you've never done them before. Yikes, I almost died on intermediate!!
  • Wow, look at that. I actually stay away from the board for a day, and I'm all like WOW! So many posts! hahaha.

    dolly: Thanks for looking that up for me Sometimes I wonder if successful calorie counters aren't just closet mathematicians! Also, that is a really good TG plan, good luck and enjoy yourself!

    ivy: Congratulations to your little one!!! And I LOVE the T-Shirt! I wish that Jamie (other girl on my team) and I had thought of that when we were wrestling! Maybe something like "We have 'em, you play with them." In reference to the other male wrestlers who's butts we kicked!! LOL

    jasmine: WHOA! Hot Tamale! My boob always shows in my dress shirts, too Haha. I just started wearing a white tank top underneath them, which also helped to hide the lining of my "tummy tuckers."

    littlegg: Wow! Congrats on the weight loss! You sure have achieved quite a goal, good on you!!!

    sugar: aww! I hate when that happens, especially when there isn't enough time to write a new rendition of the original post

    melissa: Aww! Congrats to your daughter! I know when I first got mine, I didn't think it was a big deal, but after talking with my step mom, I felt I had really crossed an invisible threshold in to woman hood.
  • And if we're doing pictures.... Hahaha. They're big, sorry!!



    A Thinner Me From A Few Years Ago

    And I love this picture because it really says a lot about my personality. Look who you're socializing with! Haha, I promise that craziness is not contagious! ...Most of the time, hehehe.
  • LOL.... cute pics Martini!!!

    You don't even look the weight you've posted....
  • Quote: LOL.... cute pics Martini!!!

    You don't even look the weight you've posted....
    Hehe, thanks. The boobs say it all! I honestly think that a good 20lbs is boobs alone
  • Oh, and I almost forgot to post to the general population.
    Today I bought:
    1 Yoga Mat
    1 Speedometer/Odometer/Pulse Tracker/Timer
    1 Stolls Pilates Walking DVD (aka: cheaper version of WATP, watched it, and I like it. It's interactive, and the people in the group actually vary and are real people)


    K, midnight, I should really go to bed, but I'm sooo wired! I don't normally drink caffeine, but had a diet Dr. Pepper today, and now I'm just buzzing :S
  • Hi girls,

    I am happy as can be I will share my new photos of me how I look as of yesterday and I am also keeping a picture diary I will post when I accomplish my goal. This time of year is difficult on weight loss and I am sick so I don't even feel like working out .

    On a better not my son Dragis won his match yesterday my goodness the boy he wrestled was all muscles and about 4inces taller I was so worried
    But my boy pined him down on mat and won In 4 min I was so proud and my hubby was so emotional he cried and I have only seen him cry once in 18 years and was when his dad almost died. Well that was yesterday he wrestles again today his school is in 2nd place out of ten schools and he has only been wrestling 4 months. And I have little league baseball as well I will rrruuuusssshhhhh!! from one place to another clear across town.

    So here I am as of yesterday!!!

    No more fat girl pants (no offense)

    me dragis 003.jpg

    me dragis 008.jpg

    me dragis 027.jpg

    me dragis 024.jpg