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sugarbaby269 11-06-2006 03:08 AM

Oh and btw jasminethere's a test you can take on the 6 week body makeover that can help you determine what kinds of foods your body metabolizes best. It's really neat. It's free too. The test is. Check it out. My husband and I have different body types so he can tolerate more protein and carbs than I can. I really can't have a lot of carbs and sugars. Since I've cut down on them my stomach (indigestion) has went to almost nothing. I notice if I eat "cheap" carbs and not good carbs that I don't digest them as well. I feel gross too. Maybe that might help with your dilema?

Hun.e.B 11-06-2006 08:58 AM

Good Monday morning everyone!! Ugh I'm so glad the weekend is over, I got that terrible mentality this weekend of "oh I'll hit it hard on Monday" not good and neither was I. Now this morning my allergies have gone into overdrive its as though someone poured cement into my head, even my face is all puffy. So now I'm wondering if it wasnt just the food choices. At any rate I'm starting a new plan today. I got the YOU on a diet book by Dr. Oz and I'm going to give the plan a whirl. The website you can do out menus and I filled mine out but the calories come out too low. So I may have to add another meal in there I suppose.

The morning is getting away from me! I'll have to catch up on your happenings a little later. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is ready to have an even better week!! We can do this!!


Tisha___ 11-06-2006 09:33 AM

2 pounds down this week. :)

Still haven't done great with the exercise, but it's better than nothing. :D

I hope everyone has a great week!

Jasmine31 11-06-2006 10:58 AM



I don't think you're being bossy at all! I crave this information!! And it's really, really helpful. I try to take everything that I've learned and work it in, and it's getting a bit easier, and it doesn't take me as long to plan my day each day that I do it. I did a bit better for tomorrow 33% Fat, 42% Carb, and 25% Protein. After reading your dilemma about carbs, I may talk to my doc about keeping my carbs a bit lower.
Okay cool sweetie! I am only able to give ya as much info as I know and I do know what is working for me. I am a lil frustrated with that bread thing though so e'll keep our eye out! "33% Fat, 42% Carb, and 25% Protein" That sounds good! :D


Funny you should mention that... I did fit a choclate bar in to my diet today because I hadn't had one in a few days. I think that might have been the mistake. That's when I started fighting with myself. I love myself, I hate when we fight lol.
That could of done it. Also you need to realize even if you can fit it in which if you really need it as a treat then go ahead but the fat and cals in that is not created equal! I don't know how to explain it except that stuff like that goes "straight to your hips" so to speak. ;) You will also find that the less you have sugar, the less you will crave it.


I'm very hesitant about what I read online. It's all so conflicting, and generic. I like to talk to my doctor about this kind of stuff because she knows me, and she doesn't base her responses on the average yadda yadda yadda. I would talk to your doc about this, especially because he/she knows about your medical history, and that of your parents.
Well I wrote a long response about that in sugar babys reply. I am not familiar with the doc I do have. I know if I walked in there right now and didn't say anything it would be, "You need to lose weight and exercise!" That would piss me off to no end it would be like buddy, you have no idea!! :lol: I walk about 2000 minutes a month and have lost 63 pounds already and am continuing. :lol: I do want to go and get a physical though maybe in december. I really wish I could get ahold of all the med records of my mom. :( I have talked to my aunts about this stuff and they say that the docs tell them with my mom she had so many other things going on too. Ya know? They don't feel her health problems have a bearing on them at all.


Apparently, hahaha. This was the hardest weekend food-wise I've ever had, so I spent a lot of time on here trying to occupy my thoughts

Awww hun! Well I am glad I can be hear for ya! If you ever need someone to talk to just shoot me a pm and when I get on we can always im. I am a s.a.h.m. so i am able to check the board usually a few times a day in between chores and kids and buses and hubby and making food, etc. lol



Well I'm here finally. What a lousy evening I had. I have the worst family members... no I don't I just have very high anxiety inducing family members who are fat phobic gossipers and love to talk bad about my kids and my family. I'm so mad!!!!! To have the nerve to talk bad about me in front of my daughter and then start in on my son! DD didn't know what to do and was so upset. After all, she's only 10. Good grief! Sorry I'm venting but all this stupidity almost made me go for the donuts that my kids brought home after being with the "family". Did I say Adam's family? I didn't give in to the donut I'm happy to say. I drank water instead.
If it were your family I would of said give em ****! But since it is his, oh brother. Maybe you can have him talk to them? That is terrible talking about your kids bad!!! I wouldn't ever want to go again! WTG on resisting temptation!


I'm no sugar free fan of anything but lately I've been really developing a taste for sugar free jello and it's TASTY!!
I just got that sugar free jello a few days ago but haven't tryed it yet. diet orange and diet rootbeer are really good and they do taste sweet to me too! :lol:


They do have sugar free chocolate but you have to watch the fat grams in those things. You could try that too.
I seen at the store ff and sf pudding! you add ff milk to it. I don't have ff milk on hand but I might pick some up next time and try low fat instead!


jasmine Soo soo sorry to hear about your parents! I would be really motivated diet wise if my parents had had diabetes too.
Thanx hun. It is very rough. I was very close to my mom, she also had cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis and a pacemaker. PLUS she was popping like 13 different prescription pills from the time I was pretty young. She used to be addicted to street drugs before she became a christian and got married and had me and my bro. So it is like she changed one addiction for another. I really feel all that had a big effect on wearing her body out to. The reason she couldn't get on the liver transplant list was because her kidneys were also really bad! My dad what he had trouble with was his foot. Wound up having to get half of it cut off. Then a few years later I believe he was going in for another surgery and had a heart attack because of it. :hug: This food thing is just such a nitemare it just makes me feel like they won't let us eat anything any more. I am trying to do what is right and it just feels like they keep changing the plan on me.


What a terrible disease to have. Speaking of disease, the cancer that I was diagnosed with having in spring of 05 was fallicular lymphoma. It's a non hogkinsons cancer and it's not curable but treatable for a an average of 10 years. I had an intense cocktail of chemo for about 5 months and went into remission where I'd just better stay, thank you very much!
I pray you will stay in remission too! There are alot of fruits on the worlds greatest foods health site that help fight off cancer and stuff. That must be really hard to have gone thru! :hug:


I feel so much better and I'm trying to get my body into shape from all the sterioids and garbage that it went through. PLus I'm fat on top of all of that.
I hear ya! Steroids will do that to ya!


My doctor said that my metabolism should be kicking in now that it's been over a year and I can see that it is. Earlier this year I tried to exercise for at least 1hour a day and many times 2 hours but my body couldn't handle it and it took 31/2 months just to lose 4 pounds. I was so discouraged that I quit. But things are looking better now and I'm ready to have a life.
That would be very depressing. I am glad it is working for you now.


You know, my sister is a nurse and she always is scolding me for getting medical information off the net. I have found some great sites for my cancer as well as other sites too. I was looking into liver detoxing at one point.
I know what ya mean about being careful on the net. My dh gets so upset and he says there are studies out there where they can find something wrong with everything! I do know that there is alot of great info out there though. Info that I wouldn't get just from a doctor or a nurse. Like for instance if you go see a doc and you tell him you want to lose weight, they might give ya the food pyramid and say to exercise and eat more fruits and veggies. That is true but they don't say why. They don't have the time to explain it. That is where the net comes in handy. I have learned alot. I do feel that I know more about health and food than even some so called nutritionist.

Like for instance I ran into a friend the other day from town and the poor thing is 344 pounds!!! She said her nutritionist put her on a diet of 1200 cals a day!!!! That is rediculous! And she is not able to do it. She could go on a 2000 cal diet and lose weight at this point!!! All that 1200 is doing is making her hungrier! and want to binge!

I am going to look this wheat bread thing up more, talk to some of the long term maintainers too in that forum etc, maybe hit the diabetic forum and try to get some more insight. Unfortunately because this is my health this is too important to just pass off and say, oh its just the net. What if they are right? For along time people thought white bread and white rice and all that was okay for you and now they are finding out it turns to sugar quickly! They are even thinking of redoing the food pyramid with putting that stuff on the top with the sugars! I just can't afford to be wrong. :(


Jasmine I think you just need to take a balance in whatever you do and just keep adding better whole foods into your diet. White flours and sugars are known to be so unhealthy.
I know that is what my hubby says, all I can do is my best. (He also says he wants to throw the p.c. out the window cause he sees how upset it makes me but that is another story! :lol: ) That is what I am trying to do cause what my hubby thinks is the biggest problem is inactivity! People have been baking bread for centuries! So now all of a sudden it is so bad for us? :( He thinks it is because people are not burning it off!! Which makes sense. Cause you can eat too much good healthy food and still be fat. It is about cals burned and whether you can burn what you eat.

I try not to read too much stuff about diabetics cause I am not one and don't want to start thinking like I am one, if that makes sense. But I do know that I need to research and find out enough so that I won't become one. I have also read the best way to prevent diabetes is to start walking! That is why I am so vigilant about it. When I get upset and feel like the weight is not coming off quick enough or I am plateauing I tell myself that the weight isn't what is important(even though it is). Me eating healthy and exercising is. No matter what I need to get off my butt and walk every day even if I think it is not working, especially when I feel it isn't working cause that is when I need to double the effort!


I have heard sprouted wheat bread is the best.
I seen something about that. The bread from heaven! :lol: What is it called again and why is it so wonderful? I have looked for it at one store but didn't see it. I am doing a grocery trip today so I want to look for it!


It's so hard to know what to do. Like mande said, maybe just talking it over with your doctor or a naturopath or dietician might help you.
Well I am on Medical so I have a doc but have not ben to see him yet. The one time ealier this year I wanted to go for a physical I wasn't able to cause my purse got stolen with my ins card and soc sec card!

I don't know, I have gotten so jaded about all this that I think I know more than the doc! :lol: I know that sounds funny, but really, I have spent alot of time getting to the point where I am now foodwise. I can't think of anything they could tell me that I don't know. I would like to go to find out how my body is doing over all thru tests and what not. Maybe this December I will set an apt.

As far as diabetes goes I really dont want to believe it can be inherited. Type 2 you become that way basically from your body not being able to handle all the food you put in it. I feel where the family thing ties in is because you learn your eating/exercise habits from them! It has taken me along time to break this terrible cycle. By the time my parents started trying to cut back on eating they were already diabetic.


You never know... the next thing you know we'll all be grazing out in the back pasture cause nothing is good for us even the grass..

:lol: I hear ya!!


This is where my faith in God kicks in and I just have to trust him to keep me until it's my time, ya know? We can only do so much to make ourselves healthy.
I know I just have to let go and let God. He knows I am doing my best and that I am searching for answers. I do pray that he helps me to lose this weight healthfully and shows me what to do to get there. I really feel he is the one who led me to cal counting. I had lost about 40 pounds since June 2005 but felt like it was hit and miss. I knew some of my portions were still too big and I plateaud at like 240 for a few months it seemed (From Jan - april of this year I hadn't been working on weight and walking at all due to a difficult pregnancy that resulted in a misc due to an iud! SO that set me back on time too) and that is when I really felt like I needed to research cal counting and do that. I was 280 summer of 2005 and got down to 250 by x~mas of last year, but by August 28 I was 238 and had only lost 12 pounds since kicking back into gear at the end of april. So I had lost only 12 pounds over 4 months! I have lost 21 pounds in the 9 weeks since then. So cal counting has really helped!! It was the big push I needed and it makes sense now. It is just a numbers game!


I can sure understand your frustration though. But on a brighter note, you ought to be totally commended for all that exercising you've been doing! MY WORD! I need to get that much in. You must feel great all the way around!
Thanx for the commendations!! Yeah it does feel great! Sometimes when I am walking and thinking about how good this is for my body I thank God that I am able to do this. So many people can't. I think the big thing I want to focus on is over all health. I think diabetes happens when your liver can't filter out all the fat and the sugar stores too quickly. I have read about it but am not good at resaying it. But what I am trying to say is the imp. thing is to get this weight off. You don't see a skinny person have type 2 diabetes. ;)


Oh and btw jasminethere's a test you can take on the 6 week body makeover that can help you determine what kinds of foods your body metabolizes best. It's really neat. It's free too. The test is. Check it out. My husband and I have different body types so he can tolerate more protein and carbs than I can. I really can't have a lot of carbs and sugars. Since I've cut down on them my stomach (indigestion) has went to almost nothing. I notice if I eat "cheap" carbs and not good carbs that I don't digest them as well. I feel gross too. Maybe that might help with your dilema?
Cool! Where is the test at?

Thanx so much for listening to me whine girls! :hug: That is just something that scares the heck out of me though!!!


Morning sweetie!! Well I am sorry you had such a bad weekend! I wonder if you are allergic to something? Tell us how the book turns out!! :D



2 pounds down this week.

Still haven't done great with the exercise, but it's better than nothing.

I hope everyone has a great week!
That is great news!!! WTG!!! Just think when you do start exercising you can lose even more!!

Well ladies I am feeling better this morning and I know that I am doing the right things health wise and exercise wise and I just have to let God help with the rest. I will not accept defeat and I will not let myself get into the mindset of no matter what I do it will be bad for me. There has to be some balance here. Sheesh! :hug: to all

Well last nite went almost as planned except 3 of the kids went to a bday party and I had made 8 burgers! When raw they are 4 oz and after cooked they are 2.5 So I was a lil bad and had 2 of them instead of one but the cals for two are still only 300 altogether! plus 10 fat grams. Really not bad. I had one bun. I did splurge with a slice of real cheddar cheese though. I went ahead and nixed on the blueberry muffin though since I had the extra burger.

SO my cals wound up at 1732, fat % was 27, carbs were 47%, protein was 26%, not bad at all!! I will go back and edit my food post up there. Oh and I did have some pretzels. But I substituted out one slice of bread and I only had one cup of coffee cause we ran out of creamer! :lol:

I am in a good mood today! It is time to go grocery shopping today so that should be an all day event on the bus a few times. I am also going to go out and visit hubby for lunch, probably bring a sandwich for us. I read a great review on a sub shop that is like an hour from me. :( lol But it reminded me of a great way to get the vinegar and olive oil in my food more! How does a sub with cheese and trukey and lowfat ham and tomatoes and lettuce and a lil bit of oil and vinegar on the top sound? ;) I know subway has wheat bread but I dont think it is the legitimate whole wheat bread. You know 100%? I want to see what they got at the store etc today cause that just sounds so yummy!! Has anyone tryed pita pockets? Are they any good?

Well the good news is I am down another .25 pound!!! Whoohooo!! I am starting the week off right!!! So I am officially down to 217 today. Hooray!!

martiniforme 11-06-2006 11:38 AM

sugarbaby269: I have come to the resolution that that is a HUGE binge trigger for me; once I have it, I can't stop. With the pop, I used to drink ALOT of ginger ale, but since I joined this board, I haven't had any pop. While grocery shopping, DF found a really sweet deal on diet pop. 3 for $8.00 CAD. I ended up getting a case of Diet Ginger Ale, Diet Pink Grapefruit, and Diet Raspberry Cranberry. This was at the end of the week that we went grocery shopping, I've had 1 1/2 cans thus far. I used to "quench" my thirst with pop, but lately I've found that I'm not thirsty that often (probably because I'm drinking water even when I'm not thirsty), and when I do get thirsty, the first thought that comes to mind is water!

I'm feeling you on the family members. I have this uncle that is an alcoholic, and when he gets drunk, he always makes comments about what a big girl I've become, and how large my breasts are and such. My aunt just looks sooo embarrassed. One Christmas Eve we were over for Xmas dinner, and DF was with me, and he heard my uncle make a comment about my large breasts, and he almost lost it. We had to leave. It's a real shame when people start talking badly about your children. My father always hated that soo much because he had instilled so much time in to our self esteem, and then to have our other family members dash it right out. He eventually ended up moving us to another province, and kept contact to a minimum (I talked to my Grandma and my Mom, that's about it). What do you do to keep yourself out of those situations, I'm curious? And way to go on not going for the donut!!! Instead, just give your kids a BIG hug! From experience, I found that my father just being plain honest about his family was the best. I was able to accept that that was the way that they were, and it made it easier for me to confront them, and make the decision to continue keeping contact minimal. He never "bashed" them, he was just very honest about the situation. Good luck!

Melissa: Come see us when you get that mentality! I was all over the board all weekend out of boredom :(. For the best, I think. Good luck with the new plan! I watched a video clip on Dr. Oz and the digestive tract, and I was really impressed! Let us know how it works out!!

Tisha___: Congrats on the loss! That's fabulous! :carrot:

Jasmine: Good on the burgers. A little splurge every now and again isn't that bad, as long as it doesn't turn out like my "little splurges" do :LOL:. After last week, I've gone ahead and switched straight over to Mozerella. I don't like one more than the other, so it's a bit easier for me. I do absolutely LOVE swiss, though!!!! And huzzah to your good mood! I was having trouble getting motivated today (hence why I'm still on here hehe), but your good mood has just given me this little burst of motivation, to get me going. Way to go on the loss!

I know I've been on, but I just had to... DOWN ANOTHER 1.4! I had a really good weekend, and I was good, so I was happy to see the change! And I know this isn't typical, that to lose up to a pound or so every 1-2 days happens typically in the very first few weeks, but what a heck of a motivator!

Have a good day ladies, and be back tonight!


P.S. I've noticed alot that people shorten my nickname "martiniforme" down to "martin." I think it's adorable that people are calling me martin. But when broken down, my handle is Martini For Me, because I used to be a lush :o Just a little history for ya guys!

jelly 11-06-2006 01:31 PM

Hey everyone!!!! Long time no write. I have been busy with family and all. I have not been doing exercise. Yesterday went out to the park and did a little runing around. Today I am GIONG to the gym. I am going to do the Treadmill. YAY!!!! Can't wait. Well, ya'll have a GREAT DAy nad catch with ya'll later. Don't forget to drink your WATER!

JasonsLea 11-06-2006 01:34 PM

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Okay so my computer has apparantly completely crashed now. Luckily, I get my check for Spirit Halloween this week so I can put it in the shop and have it out in like two weeks. I've been doing really good with keeping track of my points and I went walking for the first time in a long time with my friend Erica last night. We're going to meet up again tonight. TTYL!

sugarbaby269 11-06-2006 03:11 PM

Ok post time!!!!!!!

First of all... I have to confess after all that pep talk last night and being so proud that I didn't give in, the stress of family fell on me and I caved in and ate two donuts. Do I hate myself? NO LOLOL I'm still mad and I don't care at this point. But what I do find interesting is that I turned to food when I felt this way. I wanted to stuff those feelings down and not deal with the emotional pain from family disfunction. My relatives are supposed to be Christians. That's the sad part of this. Dear MIL apologized this morning but it just seems like it's an ongoing thing. Personally I just don't go around them if I can help it because it just causes so many conflicts. Some people are so busy talking that they can't ever hear anyone else. (dear MIL) SIL doesn't really like me. She is so catty. Thing is I don't know how a catty person thinks as I'm not into that sort of thing so I never have a come back or know really what angle to take her in. It's nuts that's all I have to say and for me martini, I just avoid the conflict but stand my ground. I'm not a kiss bum person. ;) I feel your pain about the alcoholic uncle. My Dad is one and it makes family gatherings really difficult too. I just hope when my kids grow up they don't feel bad coming home to visit the old parents. I don't blame your DF for getting upset about your uncle's comments. What a dork! LOL Sorry, I have an uncle who used to pick me up to babysit his daughter and he would ask me about my love life (when I was a young teen) and I would be casual about my answer and then not knowing what to say to him I would ask him about his and then he would go on to explain how he was bored with the same "mountains, valleys, platueas" etc making comparisons to his wifes body! :eeks: To this day he's a perv! I just ignored it and didn't even let myself hear what he was truly saying or I'd have flipped. He used to stare at me all the time and then kiss my hand and ew ew ew ew ew.... ew :barf: He wasn't alcoholic either. :yikes:
I need to go to the gym but I'm really bummed today. I don't know if I will have time as I have so many errands to do and homeschool, etc. I can't set myself up for failure or I might fall off the bandwagon for good. :( So, I need to get myself in control here. I ate two donuts, now what? Birthday is coming up and I gained two pounds this morning when I stepped on the scale. :eeks: I think it's water retention because my fingers are puffy and so are my ankles.
I'm sad... but good grief! Get a stinking grip! LOL :lol: Ok, Here's the scoop. I will go workout today before I go do errands. Then, I will get back with my diet plan even though I really need to get to the grocery store. :crossed: This is a true account of a real live fat chick that needs to go on a diet. LOL :lol:
Jasmine, First of all congrats on your continual weight loss! You too martini!and Trisha! Melissa sounds like maybe you had food allergies or something? I've never heard of Dr. Oz but maybe there's a website out there? Good luck with the new diet plan and hope you get to feeling better. :hug: :)

JasmineBoy, it sounds like you've had plenty of setbacks in your life. Look at you now though, you've taken control of the things that you can and you're making the best of it! Kudos to you! Reading about your mom with all of her health problems I couldn't help but wonder if they were caused by the drugs she had been taking. I know liver damage comes from that. Did you know that if you cause yourself to starve that you can get a fatty liver which leads to liver disease? I have a fatty liver and I know that from reading my CT scans on my medical records. Did Dear Doc tell me this? NO! He tells me nothing. I think that the internet is an awesome tool to research on and I'm not surprised that you feel that you know more than the regular doc about certain things. I did a lot of research before my cancer treatment so I felt I was well prepared when I went in to see the doc. He got mad when he heard that I did that and said you can't believe everything you read on the net. Thing is I went to forums with people who had the same cancer and read about all of their experiences. Some were worse and others prepared me. I think knowlege is power like Dr. Laura says. LOL :lol: Keeps you from being in the dark. I think it's a great idea for you to go to different sites and research the diabetes thing. Just keep things in perspective that's the best thing to do. Plus, you're doing the right things for yourself: changing your diet, exercising and losing weight! :cheer:
Anyway, I don't really have time for a long post but the sprouted wheat bread is wheat that is picked at a certain time of maturity. It's not processed like regular wheat I guess. It's supposed to have less or no gluten in it? Something like that. I find breads like that in the health food dept or health food stores. Pita bread is great. You just stuff it with sandwich stuff. You could look online for recipe ideas. Maybe spreading the insides with FF cream cheese spreads and adding turkey, sprouts, tom, etc. might taste good to you. WW tortilla wraps are great too! You can wrap a tortilla with just about anything. The test for 6wks body makeover can be found at their website. I hope that helps. I Know I didn't respond to everything but I really need to get busy. Take care everyone and good luck with your dieting and exercising today!

Sherrie66 11-06-2006 03:42 PM

Please count me in !!!
Starting weight: 154
Goal: 120
Exercise: 3 mi. daily on treadmill.
Water intake: 76 oz. daily
SlimFast 2x daily and a healthy portion controlled dinner.

littlegg 11-06-2006 03:49 PM

What kind of scale do you all have? mines on the bum!
I weighed myself a few days ago twice and I was down 3 pounds. The followin morning I was up 2 so I really only lost one. Is this possible?
I was excited although skeptical about the 3 #. Then upset that it was only one. I guess I should be happy I didn't gain. Its an old scale, maybe I am due for another one. what kind is affordable but decent. How often do you all weigh in?

martiniforme 11-06-2006 08:27 PM

ALERT: Foods mentioned may cause triggers. VIEW WITH DISCRETION!!!
jelly: Good on you for going out to the gym! A little break is sometimes needed. Hope you had a good time with your family!

JasonsLea: Isn't it great getting in touch with long lost friends? I love it! Too bad about your computer, though :S. What seems to be the problem?

sugarbaby269: I understand. It took me a long time to get to the point that I'm at, and it's not necessarily the right solution for everyone. Everyone has their ways of dealing with things that work best for them. I'm glad that you atleast got an apology, but I also know that sometimes it's just not enough. I mean, the best way to avoid having to give an apology is to just keep your yap shut in the first place, ya know? I lucked out with a good MIL, thank goodness! And we're pretty close. I've even got her hooked in to exercising with me, lol. Keep bearing down, and you'll break through this! P.S. Catty SILs will never be understood. I have a dumb-as-nails BIL, and sometimes I ask myself, "Where the heck has natural selection disappeared to?!" :LOL:

Sherrie66: Welcome to our little nook! I see you are at a goal of losing approx. 25lbs. Is that by US Thanksgiving Day? Or is that in total? If it's your end goal, what is your goal for the 23rd of November? Glad to have you!

littlegg: Great that you lost and didn't gain! I own a Weight Watchers digital scale, it measures to the .2 of a pound. It cost me about $45 CAD. I bought it at Home Hardware. I'm sure you can find them almost anywhere! I love it, and it gives me generally the same results. If I'm skeptical about a loss, I step off, and step on again another 2 times. And for the most part (give or take a .2 lb) it's the same!

Today wasn't the greatest. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, and lazed around. I didn't actually leave my house until noon! I just could not get motivated. I was supposed to leave for the gym at 7:45, but I told myself I could always go after work. I finally got to work, worked only 4 hours, and then I did end up going to the gym thankfully! But this morning after I missed my gym appt, I binged. I'm not sure why. I kept asking myself why the entire time. Sitting before me was 1 Coffee Crisp, 1 Mr. Crunchie, 1 Kit Kat, and 4 Wagon Wheels. I sat down and ate the Kit Kat and the Mr. Crunchie and 1 Wagon Wheel. Suddenly I was so angry, I almost completely flipped out. And for the first time I wasn't mad at myself, I was mad at the reasons I binge in the first place. Well, that stopped me right in my tracks. Suddenly I didn't want it anymore. I stopped eating, and threw all that crap straight in to the garbage bag. But eating some in the first place set off another trigger response. I craved it the entire day, and ate a Coffee Crisp later on in the day. I ended up adjusting my meals a bit to compensate.

And I know what the initial trigger was this time that got me thinking about it in the first place. The Forum: Chicks In Control. No malace to the forum, I think it's great! But not so great for me. I read about things like people's most craved food, about the foods people binged on, and the perpetual binging, and I just could not stop myself at first.

Step 1. Extract myself from that forum, and stay as far away from it as possible, atleast until I'm actually a Chick In Control. I thought I was...


Hun.e.B 11-06-2006 11:29 PM

Good Evening everyone!! Stressful day lead to stress eating and now I'm doing that old guilt thing. Tomorrow is a new day!

Tisha...way to go on another excellent loss!!! You are doing so amazingly well!! Keep it up and keep that motivation going!!!

Jasmine...another loss for you too!!! Way to go!! You are just doing so great! I really admire your dedication to yourself and your focus, I need it to rub off on me this week! I've used whole wheat pitas for crust when we do make our own pizzas and they work great. I also like to cut the whole wheat pitas into triangles and spread some hummus on them for a great snack. Keep on shining lady!!

Mande...sheesh another loss here today!! Way to go girl!! You are just kicking some serious butt arent you!!! Excellent job!! I guess the weekend didnt knock you for much at all did it!! Its so great to see everyone doing so great! This is the motivation I needed tonight!! Keep up the great work!! You are just shrinking away! You will be that chick in control!! You are strong and I just know you are going to succeed!!

jelly....how'd that workout go?!

Lea...I hope you get your computer better soon! I'd die without mine I think. Excellent job on your walk I hope you had another great one tonight!!

sugarbaby...dont even get me started on those family woes!! My inlaws (or outlaws as I prefer to call them) have been huge triggers for emotional eating for me for much much too long. I came to the point where I just cant give them that kind of power over me, they dont deserve it. I'm glad you arent doing that self hatred over donuts...they arent worth it either! LOL!! But you ARE worth this battle and I know you'll win!

Sherrie...hello and welcome!! I'm using slimfast products myself, mostly for breakfast but seriously thinking of doing 2 a days. You are gonna love this group! Good luck on your challenge!!

littlegg...your body will fluctuate all day and every day, the best way to keep the sanity is to limit your scale visits to once a week. Way to go on the loss though, you are doing so GREAT!!! Keep it up!

Allergies still buggin this evening, must be the wind. I hate that itchy eyes and sneezing bit, but I suppose I'd take that over a cold anyday. No classes for me tomorrow but I'll be drowning in homework, studying...blech!! Is it spring break time yet?? LOL!! Have a wonderful evening everyone!!


sugarbaby269 11-07-2006 02:21 AM

Hi everyone!
What a wonderful group of ladies to come and visit everyday! :grouphug:
Welcome Sherri!!
littleggCongrats on the weight loss even if it wasn't what you were initially looking at! :cheer: I know that feeling cause I got on the scales this morning and had gained two pounds. I don't know what happened except I've had some water retention due to all the pickles I ate last night. Not telling what today's damage will bring. :( I guess the scale can go up and down so it's prob best to weigh yourself once a week. I get on hoping to have lost another pound. I think I'm going to make myself weigh in only once a week and get back on my diet. I fudged big time tonight and this morning.
martiniI think it's just great that you are becoming awareof your eating habits and things that trigger binges or crazy food cravings. I think that's a big accomplishment in becoming a healthy dieter. I am just realizing these things myself. However, today brought some level of saddness because of the stupid family thing that I didn't eat anything all day except the two donuts and because I was still mad tonight I ate at Red Lobster and had chips and dip but ordered salmon and veggies. No exercise either. I'm still trying to figure out that punishment. But way to go on recognizing it and you are gaining ground, girl! Take one day at a time and keep on going. You're doing such a great job! Oh, and the situation with the SIL just got worse this afternoon. She's such a manipulator. You'd be amazed if I told you what game she is playing along with the MIL. Oh well, I have someone bigger watching out for me and I don't have to worry about their stupid pettiness. Sometimes friends in this life are closer than "family" members. I think the hubby and I are going to go out of town for Thanksgiving. Too much drama here. I hate to do that but I can't stand the stress and anxiety of all the game playing.
melissaThanks for taking the time to post a reply to me as well as others. It sure is encouraging and comforting to have people helping out along the way. :) :hug: I'm sorry you had such an emotional day. Looks like we were in the same situation.We can do this though! Drink lots of water as jelli says and do something good for yourself. You deserve it!! Hoping tomorrow brings you a better dieting day. Leave the guilt behind because it just sets u up for more failures. Look at your ticker... you're going down, girl! Way to go!! :cheer:
Tues: Walk the mall
Eat diet of low carb and higher protein (white meat or fish)
Gym (gotta catch up with my exercise challenge)
Dinner going to Mcgraths for dinner so I will order something close to what's on diet. I will drink tons of water. I will HUG myself because I derserve it and I Hope I don't have drama at dinner with the OUT laws! :rollseyes:
I can do it. I can do It! Go sugar GO sugar It's my birthday GO sugar! ;)

Hun.e.B 11-07-2006 09:07 AM

Good Morning ladies. Well I had to step on the scale this morning for a little damage control I've just been out of control the past 3 or 4 days and thats gotta stop. It showed me being up 1.8 lbs, not as bad as i thought it was gonna be but enough to say hey...what the fudge are you doing??! I'm sure a few big bottles of water and a day of smart eating will see that disappear so thats the plan for today. I need to take my rear end over to that elliptical too.

Sugarbaby....dont let the outlaws get ya down! I'm lucky in the aspect that dinner with them really isnt even an option. I refuse to be in the same room with them, so I dont have the stress during the holidays either. Its hard because I know it hurts dh ALOT, but he's better off. Those are evil evil people who treat their own son as though he were nothing and he deserves better. At dinner just smile and nod, you deserve so much better!!! Big hugs to you!!

Time to hit the books!! have a wonderful day everyone!!! Be good to yourself! You deserve the best that a healthy and fit lifestyle has to bring!

hunnasgirl 11-07-2006 10:01 AM

Okay - I am in! I have been looking at this thread wondering if I could do it and now I know I can - or I can at least try my hardest. I want to lose 7 pounds by Turkey Day!

1. Starting weight - 235.0
2. I will be walking for 60 minutes 5 times a week. My goal is 300 minutes of exercise weekly but I am also planning on 2 hour sessions twice a week at the gym, crunches at home, and fitting it in anywhere I can.
3. For the next two weeks, I am following the Special K Challenge but mostly I am making better, healthier food choices.

6 more pounds to the 220's!


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