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"workin' on my fitness"
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Default *~* Thanksgiving Challenge *~*

Welcome to the eighth challenge for 2004!

Daylight Savings time is gets darker earlier...time to make sure we are getting up and getting our exercise in when we have light. NO excuses now that it really is an hour later- we're used to being up before that, right???

If we're good, and we work hard during the month, we might just be able to throw caution to the wind for 1 meal, at Thanksgiving, with our families. Is it worth it? Remember stuffing? mashed potatoes? Cranberry sauce? Get ready to get things moving again, and avoid a gain over this upcoming holiday season.

Whatever your program, whatever your fitness level, you can participate.

Post your goal(s) for the next 4 weeks, and join us for support and encouragement. Anyone is welcome to jump in and join us- please, make yourself at home.

This Challenge thread is a place where we can all come to share our progress, our struggles, our triumphs, and to cheer on those who are committed to a healthier lifestyle, and to just talk!

Let the challenge begin!

Click Here for Thanksgiving Avatars
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"workin' on my fitness"
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Default My Goals...

I really, really, really need to stay focused over the next 2 months. I know what I need to do- now I just need to get back to the business of focusing on doing it, not sitting back & being a lump.

*Stay on plan
*Prepare in advance
*Bad meal day= Thanksgiving- better choices, but able to have a small "taste" of some of the bad stuff.

*72 oz water before I leave work each day (3 24oz glasses) minimum!
*Limit caffeine to 1 cup of tea & 1 can of diet coke, daily.
*Keep Crystal Light & Kool Aid made with Splenda on hand at all times

*Exercise a minimum of 5 days each week
*Get re-acquainted with my presssscious exercise bike
*Make the 100 Mile Challenge, hopefully before Thanksgiving!

*Journal food & exercise every day
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Default My Goals

*Stay on plan food wise*
*Drink 72-96 oz of water daily*
*Exercise in "some" form at least 4-5 days a week*
*Try to only weigh in at Weight Watchers*
*Get extra steps in when ever I can*

Limit caffeine? Are you insane, Jennifer? Are you trying to kill me? I'm Hotcupojava, not Hotcupowater. I realy HAVE cut back on my coffee though. Twelve years of midnight shift caused me to drink lot more coffee, but now that I've cut my stress levels from a job with 94% stress to one (afternoon shift) with 2% stress or less, I don't have to lean on the Java as much. Just 2-3 cups in the mornings to keep the headaches away.

Okay, there's my goals. I've got a lot of work to do. And the good news? Wearing your pedometer while cleaning house, walking out to the mail box, grocery shopping, window shopping, pacing by your chair? They all add up. Ain't life grand? Deep breath. Ahhhh the cool crisp smell of Fall air. Move it TURTLE!

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Default Let's get this party started!!!!

I am so excited about this challenge. I feel like this is a fresh start for me. We are planning a trip to a hotel with an indoor pool during November, and I want to be able to get in the pool, if not in a bathing suit of some sort, at least in something less than a scuba suit with a t-shirt over it that comes down to my knees - LOL!

My goal: No more excuses. Period. I want to eat decently, drink my water, wear my pedometer, cut the negative self talk, and be able to sit down in my jeans without having to unbutton them. Additionally, I want to stop feeling like the weekends are a torture experience when trying to eat healthy. I'm gonna work on that. I also want to journal more.

((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) to you all. Let's get this thing started!!!!
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Well I totally fizzled on the Halloween Challenge but I am ready to sizzle for the Thanksgiving Challenge. Here are the goals that I am placing for myself.

Plan meals for the week every Sunday
Exercise at least 4 days per week
PORTION CONTROL - measure our food before the meal
EAT BREAKFAST and bring a healthy lunch to work
Remind myself daily why I want this for me

Got off to an alright start today except for I didn't eat breakfast but I was in a rush. I am going to bring a box of instant oatmeal into work so that it is here and I don't have to worry about being rushed. I didn't pack a lunch today either but I will think of something. I may run home and make a quick salad. Tonight for dinner we am having stuffed rigatonis with homemade sauce (with turkey sausage and turkey meatballs) and a salad. I will definitely have to watch my portions tonight. I did exercise a little this morning. I rode the bike while I watched the news. I plan on either walking after work or the 2 mile WATP. My motivation is high right now. I want to start to like myself again. Let's do this!
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Here I am! I did better during the Halloween challenge than I thought but it did take two months didn't it? LOL Anyway, my goals for the next four weeks are:

Only weigh in at weight watchers.
Journal everything I eat and drink.
Watch portions better.
Drink my water.
Walk at least 5 times a week.
Relax, and don't feel that if I don't lose a lot of weight that I am a failure.

Jennifer, thank you again for doing this. I wish us all the best and so glad that we are all together again!

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My goals are
1. Fitday I must get back into it!
2. Tae bo or something 3 X a week
3. Actually lose some weight, get under 140!

I've been thinking today that I really have to cut calories down if I want to lose weight since I'm so near goal now. 1700 is not going to be enough to lose weight I need to aim for 1200 and that means NO SNACKING

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Yo! I'm here!!

Since my attempts at success for the Halloween Challenge were thwarted by my broken foot, I was basically stuck at 170-ish for the whole thing. That's okay.

My goals for this challenge are going to be updated/changed as of tomorrow, however.


- Stay on track with my higher-protein and less-junk-food eating plan.
- Limit soda and/or my double-tall mocha with no whip and fat-free milk... *sigh*
- Drink some freaking WATER!!!!! (I have been seriously lacking here)
- Work out at least 4 days per week.
- Lose 10 lbs or 1 full size by the end of the challenge.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting with my (new) doctor to discuss weight loss, and hopefully get some form of weight loss medication, preferably the one that 1/2 of my family has used and gotten great results with, Meridia. If anybody wants to tell me the cons and how horrible the pills are, feel free, but I understand the consequences and if you really have to, please private message it.

My one big workout change is this: I am upping from 2 miles to 3 miles. With the colder weather settling in (as in high of 48 during the day, VERY cold and windy and rainy), our family instict in my home is to eat hot, stick-to-your-bones foods, like stews and things made with cheese. Because of this change, plus because I'd like to increase my endurance and tone my legs/arms even more, I'm upping my daily milage.

My goal for miles run per month is now: 51.

My other big goal is to be done with my xmas shopping before Thanksgiving, because there is no way in **** I am going to work in the mall AND shop there during that craziness.

I will update my food/exercise goals tomorrow, once I know what I have to deal with.

Let's get our butts into gear and keep that cold, icky weather at bay, chickies! We all have the power, and we're all going to KICK BUTT this challenge!! WOOO!!!
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Default The Goals!

I posted these on the last page of the Halloween Challenge, but here they are for all to see again, just to affirm that I am here and will be ACTIVELY participating this time!!! Congrats to all the losers from the last challenge! You all did such a great job! I wish I could say I was a loser, but I think my weight stayed exactly the same (within a pound or so).

I weighed in this morning at 168.25, so I had BETTER see 165 this challenge..even in a couple of weeks would be nice!

So here are things I plan to do for the month of November so I can finally reach my goal of getting past this "plateau" and start to get to 159 and less!








I've printed out a copy of this and are going to post it in places where I know it would be useful for me to see! Like first thing in the morning...on my bathroom mirror and at work at my desk, etc.

I'm off to go do 2 miles with Ms. Leslie Sansone!!!
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Yup, I'm here! Didn't think you could do this challenge without me, did ya?

Let's see... goals, goals, goals.

Ok, goals.

1. Get back into the habit of healthy eating, no matter what the circumstances. By this I mean "for the most part," as I intend to allow myself treats occasionally, and certainly at Thanksgiving dinner, but I don't want to allow lunches or dinners out/at Steve's/with a friend to interfere with my healthy eating. That has GOT to S-T-O-P!
2. Cardio exercise 4-5 days per week
3. Slendercises 5-7 days per week
4. Strength training 3-4 days per week
5. Log 100 miles, including at least 50 in the form of cardio
6. Drink 64+ oz. of water per day
7. Lose 5 pounds this month
8. Stay focused.
9. Stay focused.
10. Stay focused.

I've also got to get my metabolism revved up again. This is ridiculous. I can do 5 pounds, I really really really can. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can (say it with me, chicks), we think we can, we think we can, we think we can, we think....
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well I am up for this challenge! I did well the last one but was under my goal 1 lb which means I need to make up for that this challenge. I am pretty confident that I can do that and reach my goals. My goals????

1. Eat better... portion control!!!
2. run 3 days a week (intervals for 2 of them)
3. taebo 3 days a week
4. walk 3 miles (at the least) days not running
5. weigh in at 140
6. be able to do 25 pushups without stopping
7. keep a good mood about it... my daughter is watching me
8. feel confident enough to take pics.
9. get the hubby to get back into running too

I believe I can do it. Hopefully with ya'lls help I can keep that thought process up.
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OK.....I'm in!

I did ok on the last challenge.....maybe I will just think of it as my 'warm-up', and now I am ready to get down to the serious stuff!

And I should be setting goals.....I have a doctors appointment sometime in December.....yeah, the annual know. I have put on so much weight in the past would be great if I could be down another 10 pounds by then.....which would mean 5-6 pounds by the end of November. That is only a tad more than a pound a week......broken down that way, it sounds like I might be able to do it!

But how?
Water.......been doing ok on the water, but could kick it up a notch. I have almost eliminated caffeine.......2 cups or less of tea a day during the week. The weekends need a little more work......

Exercise.......I'm really proud how far I have come in the past month, but now on to the next level.....a little more intensity in the workout.....adding some crunches and the like

Food.....this is the biggie.....and the one I always falter on. Breakfast is always ok.....lunch will be brownbagging it or a salad or baked potato at the fast food place. those portions and steel myself for the 9pm snackies!

Well, that's the plan. That and FOCUS.....CONSISTENCY.......OPTIMISTIC DETERMINATION!
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"workin' on my fitness"
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Evening, chickies! Whew- still hot from doing my 2 miles WATP. That gives me 3.92 miles for the day. We had to run back to my office, so I lost some time, otherwise I was going to push for 3 miles tonight. Don't want to totally burn out tonight.

Dinner is being nuked as we speak...Chickarina soup....light eating so that I don't go to bed with a rock in my stomach. I'll do upper body weights while I watch TV a little later on.

Yawn...I am not long for this world tonight...and I have to be up even earlier tomorrow to vote. Have a wonderful night, chickies!

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Default Day One Done

Well, I made it through . I exercised well and my food was pretty much on track except for some sugar free candy (which I WILL count the POINTS for), but my water was under goal. Not bad though I'm still trying to drink more to get it in. I'm feeling good about today. Pooh Bear won't be here next week, so he grilled up some boneless, skinless chicken breast and a little lean steak for me to pack in my lunch later this week. Ain't he a sweetie?

Off to bed early. It's cold and we're tired. Pooh Bear tells the "bestest" stories. Day two, here I come!
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Would any of you crazy east-coasters' mind letting the lonely west-side chickie in on what the heck Chickarina soup is?!

I have one mortal enemy left. We didn't get any trick-or-treaters last night, so we have 3 huge bags of candy sitting in a big bowl on the kitchen counter. At least the bowl is out of sight while watching tv & whatnot. (I try to keep any food that is on the counter, on the side that you can't see while in the living room). But it's filled with jawbreakers and suckers. I grind my teeth so I like to suck on hard candy... and there are probably 100+ jawbreakers and at least 80 suckers there. AAAH!!

We are going to the grocery store tonight. I am getting myself some fruit & veggies. I will prep them tonight and store them in little ziploc bags, full of snack-sized simplicity so that I don't think, I just grab. I am stocking up on raw shrimp and chicken breast, as well as whatever I find that will make a nutritious, simple dinner that the hubby can make before he picks me up. YAY!

I didn't get a chance to work out today, what with my reading and sleepiness, but 4 days a week means tomorrow thru Friday, I say!

Have a good night, chickies! AND REMEMEBER TO VOOOOOTE! I don't care who you vote for, JUST DO IT! (You can't complain if you don't vote!)
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