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Hey all!!

Totals lost this month - FINALLY 5 lbs. (Woohoo!! To **** with that plateau!)
and 3 inches off of each thigh
3 inches off of each upper arm
and 2 inches off of my stomach!

WOOWOO!! You chickies kick major butt!!!
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Total lost: 10 Lbs ( boy am I still shocked, and I feel like I'm eating a lot)
Inches Lost: 4"

I just noticed yesterday when I put on some jeans, that I have not worn in a week and a half, boy are they baggier. WEll I look at it like this, 25 down and 25 to go!

Yes, things will evantually work out. I have challenged DH to him putting more emotional effort in our relationship. I have told him I will not do all the work, making the emotional peace between us. So far, he is acting as if everything is ok, and has not brought up the topic or as far as I can tell attempted to. I am going to ride this out for a while and just see!
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Bound and Determined
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S/C/G: 268/268/150

Height: 5'10"


Sorry for being absent, my computer wasn't cooperating.
The scale read 214 yesterday morning, so that means I lost 7 pounds in May!
Yay! New goal is to be under 200 by September 1.
See you all in the next challenge!
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Hi everyone!!

Man, it looks like everyone is doing so great!!! I'm proud of everyone!!! I wish I could be two places at once!! I like being in SC because I have my own little schedule everyday of what I need to do. But out here, nothing is organized, I'm being stressed and falling apart.....but this is where my family and friends are! It's crazy, I missed Woes for yesterday, and I doubt I'll have anytime for myself today, since I havent had any since I've gotten here. I havent exercised not one lick, and even though I've not exceeded my calories, I either dont eat but once, or I eat a happy meal from Mcdonalds or something crazy. But if I dont stop and eat something, I wouldnt eat all day. NOT GOOD!! I know, everyone wants to beat some sense into me,....so do I!!! But I dont even have time to do that!! GRRR!!!! My dad seems to need more help than I thought, and I'm the only one who helps him. This is just too ridiculous, I havent spent anytime with my friends and there are still some of them I havent even seen yet. I am ready to go now, but want to stay for my dad.?!?!? Well anyway enough of that, as far as my NCC challenge, I failed on the exercise and not getting stressed out part, but at least I've been eating smaller portions of non-healthy foods. I'll try to eat breakfast today. My husband got a truck, and although I should be happy, I'm not. I could care less about some stupid truck, that is not a family car or what we agreed on. I hate trucks, but who cares, I'll get my own job and get my own car.

Well, sorry so depressing but had to get it off my chest, no one else to talk to or understand!!! My friends just look at it like I'm exaggerating and I just "pretend" to be too busy. I get up at 6 everymorning just trying to make the days longer and dont get to bed until 1 or 2 the next morning, nothing I've done ,except getting my hair fixed, has been for me. But didnt I say that already?!?! Ok, I"m just going to suck it up and move on, life could be worse I guess, and I'm only here for 2 more days. I guess I will just try to spend these 2 doing something for me....well maybe tomorrow, today I have 50 million things to do. I wish I could congratulate you all more on how good you are and maybe put my 2 cents in, but I guess I'm too busy griping and complaining about myself instead of trying to be there for you all!!! I'll try to do better tomorrow, I gotta go start cooking breakfast for my dad!!

My Love to you all!!
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