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Wow - miss a few days, and suddenly the challenge thread has more than doubled in size!

The time change plus allergies are killing me. I just can't wake up in the morning.

Anyway, the scale was down this morning (hooray!). I did alright over the weekend as far as eating goes, but not really any exercise. Yesterday was good all around, except for not being able to wake up and blowing my nose and rubbing my eyes constantly.

I'm going to slowly incorporate my additional exercise into my schedule. This week, I'll work on increasing the weights for lifting and sneaking in some time on the treadmill, along with going to Curves every day. For today, I have Curves and LB workout.

Have a lovely day, all you ckickies!

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its Tuesday morning and I'm at work eating my home made veggie navy bean soup. After that I will have a huge mug of hot green tea.
yesterday I stayed true to my diet, and even got out and walked for 20 min.
I like having soup for breakfast so when I make a huge batch, I put a couple scoops of soup in a styrofoam cup and cover with foil and freeze them. When I bring then to work still frozen I just remove the foil and heat in the microwave right in the styrofoam cup. Its great.
hope everyone has a wonderful day..
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I am really glad that I chose this group. You gals are really on target. I scouted out threads for awhile, and some just chatted, without mentioning a thing about weight loss, fitnes, or health. Kudos to you! It will take a little while to get to know everyone though!

Well, yesterday, I kept a food diary of everything I ate. I think I figured out my problem. I don't eat enough during the day. It sure felt like I did. But, even after dinner, I had only 1100 calories. Then, of course, the evening munchies kicked in. Today I'm trying to even things out more. Breakfast was 3/4 c Kashi Good Friends, sliced banana, wheat germ, and soy milk. Lunch I am planning on a sandwich and some veggies. Dinner, I am making ocean perch and of course, veggies. Maybe a sweet potato, depending on my numbers. I guess I'll squeeze in an afternoon snack of yogurt and an apple.

I really did some walking yesterday too. I walked both in the morning and evening. I wear a pedometer, and got over 10,000 steps. That is my record so far! I like to break 8,000 every day. But, of course, it was easy to find the time yesterday, I was off of work. Likewise today. Tomorrow will be interesting. "Vacations over".

I suppose I'd better get busy. Have a good day everyone!
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Julie - you're doing fine!! Even if you haven't lost any #s, check those measurements!!!!

Lisa - *huge hugs!* That's the attitude, girl!! !!! YOU GOT IT!! Nothing can stop you now!!

Everybody who congratulated me (too many names to list!) thank you!! I totally appreciate it!!

The first meal of day 1 of my almost-no-carb plan is going well!! I think lunch will be some veggies & meat. I am uber energized right now, too. Score! Protein rush!! aah!!

Food today:

B - 3 eggs (deviled)
S - Carrots if I get hungry
L - Veggies & lunch meat, rolled up
S - Moooore veggies!
D - Taco salad, perhaps? If I have grnd beef. If not, then hot dogs. (no bun).

My bike is officially -screwed-, so no more biking for me. *sob* Oh, well. If I end up losing a few lbs on my new diet over the next couple of weeks, that's okay.

Soo... workout for today:

10 min stepper w/ weights
Balance Ball tape (since I have no bike!)
600 situps (I'm upping it. My goal for situps is 1000/day, EVERY DAY, from now until the day I am so superly pregnant (this is a few years, mind you), that I cannot do them).

So... I think I'm doing okay! I may convince the hubby to head over to our apt.'s workout center tonight and do a couple miles on a treadmill while I do something there. *shrug* Probably just end up going on a walk.

Either way, I'm doing good, and I FEEL good.

I am drinking Crystal Light this morning, because I totally forgot to put the water bottles in the fridge last night, and our tap water tastes like soap. EW. So... CL for this morning, water for later. No biggie. I've already downed over 16 oz of flavored (sugar free!) water today.

Also, because I have no bike, I decided that today I would actually DO the cleaning that I mentioned yesterday. Mwuahaha!! I have this nasty little habit of getting up at 9:30-10, watching ER for 2 hours on TNT (i used to love that show...), and then working out afterwards, which presses me for time and kinda drives me nuts. THe TV is on right now, but I think I am gonna switch to music and do my workout to that. Then vaccum, sweep, mop, dishes, laundry & let that beautiful Seattle sunshine in my windows!! YAY!!!

4 tapes again, today, so a decent workday for me, still. I think I may create some form of new tank top for myself, today. I have some extra fabric lying around, and I have a great idea for a kind of peasant-style tank top, with buttons up the front to close it, perhaps. Or maybe down the back... hmm... I am weird. :P
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Cool A little discouraged

Hi everybody,
I must say that I haven't attained my exercise goal... I've only had one slip on the food plan, though.

I had hoped to lose 3 pounds by Easter, but I've only lost a half pound so far. Hey, it's better than gaining, or even staying the same... But, I"m jsut not motivated to do the exercise. I'm thinking more & more of joining the gym, though. I remember last time I joined... I actually went for 4 months straight! And, truly loved it......

Anyway, I'm still hanging in & reading how well everyone is doing does encourage me. Thanks guys for all your input here, it's great!!

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"workin' on my fitness"
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Red face Tuesday check-in

Hey chickies! I'm just nursing a bit of a funk from this morning..dunno what dark cloud settled over me. I swear, I know what I'm supposed to be doing..why aren't I doing it???? Grr...need to kick it up. Ankle should not be that big an excuse...

Tonight hubby has to work late, which is perfect for me. Go home, fill up my sports bottle with crystal light, and another big glass. Do the FIRM UB tape which is a lot- I want to feel jello arms after that. Then, the bike. No excuses. I can pedal harder with the left foot & let the right ankle not do so much of the work, but I can't let things continue. I need to be active. No more being lazy. No more sleeping in. If I can't get my tush to bed early, then it's my own fault if I'm tired in the morning. Exercise cannot be pushed back. Sorry- not accepting this complacent attitude anymore.

Dinner will probably be chicken breast of a cube steak with green beans or waxed beans- or, if I work out hard, I won't be that hungry, and then I'll do something small, like a sandwich, instead of feeling overly bloated & distended.

Ok...time to leave my love notes:

Mel: How is everything working out today? Or should I say working it's way out? ((Mom2))

Lucia: sounds like a great family dinner coming up!

Julie: Do you keep a count of how many eggs you hide? If one gets left behind, ewww! LOL Always fun to try to find it after the fact

Angel: Your goals look really good- excellent work!

Lisa: No fair! You still get a spring break! I'm jealous. Good to see your spirits up, chickie.

2sw33t: Way to go on the loss! Sorry to hear your allergies are bothering you.

Partytime: Oh man, is that eyeball freaky! LOL. Soup sounds yummy, though. What else is in it besides navy beans?

Joy: everything looks good. I'm glad you joined us, too. There's a lot of social interaction, but first & foremost, we're here fighting the good fight (most of the time) and then developing great, supportive friendships.

Lucy: I swear, girl- you are going to have abs of titanium dipped in steel if you do 1000 situps a day. You'll be this tiny slip of a girl with abs you could bounce a medicine ball off of! Or a bowling ball You go, girlie.

Stef: I am in the same mode right now- I need to get my exercise goal in. Arrrgh- I feel like I'm spinning my wheels a little bit. Tonight, no excuses, I need to move my butt. Want to partner up & try to keep each other focused? I know I need some extra prodding for some reason- don't know where I put my focus down, but I seem to have misplaced it. Gotta get back to it, right?

Ok ladies- I'll peek in after I sweat up a storm. Gotta, gotta, gotta do it. NO excuses. If anyone sees me online after 6pm, grill me- I have to be panting & sweating, or I'll let you all have a turn with the tazer

Have an in-control Tuesday, ladies!
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Update: Ok... yeah. Guess my tummy can't handle 600 situps all at once quite yet, hehe. I stopped at 400, but I did OVER 12 MINUTES on my stepper with the weights!!

I won't be able to pick up anything later, I'm certain. *G* It's better than feeling crappy,though!! IT IS!!

I decided to post my measurements, because I haven't lost any actual POUNDS for a few weeks, now. Like... 3 or 4, I think. Blech!! BUT I have been losing in the other areas, like inches.

Previous Measurements (as of 3/10)
CHEST: 37 inches
STOMACH: 39 inches
WAIST: 39 inches
HIPS: 43 inches
LEFT SIDE CALF: 16 inches
LEFT SIDE ANKLE: 10.5 inches
LEFT SIDE THIGH: 27 inches
LEFT UPPER ARM: 16 inches
LEFT LOWER ARM: 10 inches
RIGHT SIDE CALF: 17 inches
RIGHT UPPER ARM: 15 inches
RIGHT LOWER ARM: 10 inches

TODAY'S measurements (4/6):

CHEST: 35 <?!?!>
STOMACH: 34 !!
HIPS: 40 (I measured wrong last time, and it was actually somewhere like 44)
RIGHT SIDE THIGH: 22 (geez!)

Okay, wow. I seriously did not think I had lost that much!! WOW!!!! Holy criminey!!! I'm proud of myself, now. *G*

Okay, I added those up, and it appears that I've lost a total of 48 inches?! What?! Can I even -do- that?! Did I do that wrong? Somebody else check the math and tell me what you got.

Anyway... now that I've posted my beginning measurements, let's see what happens after 2 weeks on my new weird-carb diet. Basically, I just don't get bread, potatoes, pasta or ice cream-type stuff for 2 weeks.

I wonder how much I'll lose on this. If it works, I just may have to stay on it for awhile. *G*

Jennifer - Haha!! Yeah, I gave up after 400. It huuurts!! And my arms are jello already... very very limp. I love it!! I kinda -am- hoping to be that tiny slip of a girl, tho. I used to be little and cute, and I won't give up until I get there. I want to go on 15-mile hikes again and be the leader of the pack, even IF that means I keep my giant calves!! Better to be healthy and weird lookin' than unhealthy and weird lookin'.

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Hey Jennifer, Yeah, the eye is cool isn't it? I am a huge Tool fan, and so that is the Tool Third eye, and the song for that is on the Aenima album, track 15.
And the avatar is of Maynard James Keenan singer/ lyrics/ front man for Tool.

the bean soup. I soak my beans for at least 24 hrs. and then drain all the water off and rince, add new water and start cooking. in a different
dutch oven I begin to saute chopped onion, red pepper, green onion,
garlic cloves, black pepper, and I like to add one can of Itialian stewed tomatos blended. and then I add this stuff to the beans and keep cooking.
I try to have 1/2 cup of dried beans every day, usually for breakfast, and truly, your body gets use to eating beans and will be able to digest them as time goes on. I eat them because they have no cholseterol, and they will bring down your cholseterol. 1/2 cup has 7 grams of fiber, and they are low in fat, and provide protein, vitamins, minerals, and reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and Cancer. and I often get the canned beans, and I always rinse them and then use them in salads and in Whole wheat tortillas, or anyplace I can think of...
Generaly, I don't add any meat to my bean soups, no need to over kill the protein.
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Smile Jennifer, Thanks for Keeping up with all of the easter chicks

and your brood seems to be growing by the hour...

Anyway I just finished working out to Elle McPhearson's Personal Best's actually pretty good, aerobics and simple strength training...they play music from the 80's so I love that..Suicide Blonde for the warm up, Fields of Gold for the cool down.
I just started South Beach Saturday and so far I have been on track for meals this week but Today I am celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary and we are dining out....I know I will eat safely but the wine will be an issue!!!

I will post my measurements that I took today just to give myself a reference point for the end of the month
Waist 30.25
Hips 38
Thighs 23
Knees 16.25
Bust 39
Chest 37
Calves 14.5
Bicep 11

I gotta go bunny hop into the shower and get ready for DINNER!!!!
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Happy Anniversary angel,
have a nice dinner out, and remember you can always diet tomorrow..
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Ok, change of plans.

I totally cannot handle no carbs. I started shaking, got really dizzy, and it's not cool. Oh, well. At least I tried. I'll be taking my stupid diet pills from now on, tho.
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Happy September
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Hello Easter chicks!
I have had a full but ON-PLAN DAY!!! Hope you all have had the same. Very busy today and tomorrow is the eye Drs again. Hope this time they say OK MEL! one can only wish it so. Keep you fingers crossed. I just got in a little while ago and will read posts tomorrow night. take care and see you then. Gotta get ready for tomorrow and bed! Have a wonderful Wednesday!! Sweet dreams!
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"workin' on my fitness"
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Height: 5'10"

Thumbs up Ok, no tazer required! :)

Angel: Happy Anniversary & many, many more! Celebrate meal does not make or break your healthy eating...just make the best choices you can...just do a little extra, um, working out

Lucy: No carbs is a dangerous thing...the brain gets it's energy from carbohydrates- the muscles, from protein. No wonder you're getting dizzy. Better choices, chickie- whole grains, fruits, dense veggies...stuff like that. Be careful- I gotta worry about my SuperLucy and her Titanium Abs.

Mel: I'll send plenty of good wishes your way for a clean report from the eye doctor. ((good vibes)) I go back May 7- been wearing my "sexy wife glasses" as hubby has dubbed them, but I still prefer my contacts & want a new RX when I get back there. Even if I can only wear them 10 hours a day, sure beats sweat dripping onto your glasses & into your eyes, right?

Drum Roll Please....

I did it. I stopped my whining, got home, hit the potty (drinking your last 24oz at 4:45 does not make for a pleasant ride home ) and got changed. Wrapped the ankle nice & tight in the ace bandage, and laced the sneaker up around it. I did the 1 mile WATP- a little more gingerly on things like the side steps- but I did that, and then the 35 minute FIRM Upper Body tape- the only moves I can't do in that are the pushups, so I did stretching while I watched them do them... Arms are nice & wobbly now...I'm thinking tall glass of Crystal Light...and even considering doing the WATP again, since I missed it. Or the bike.

Dinner, I decided, will be chickarina soup, since hubby is going to be working even later than he was supposed to. He lost 2 hours of his day due to a car problem..the tow truck guy was able to fix the problem, which was a great turn of events, but still, deal with a crabby-butt husband 40 minutes away, when there's not a dang thing I can do except drive out there to pick him up & leave the car. Some days you just can't do anything right, you know?

Tomorrow is our semi-annual lunch with our processing center. OUr manager, who seems to gravitate towards italian for EVERY SINGLE EVENT has planned a 12-noon lunch meet & greet at "Palm Beach Pizza." I'm already thinking about what I can actually have, without making sure 40 pairs of eyes aren't staring at me while I pick at things, or try to bypass stuff. I'm thinking that minestrone soup can't be horrible...or pasta e fagioli. Skip the bread/butter/garlic rolls...and hopefully there's chicken parmesan that I can work with, or a spaghetti with meat sauce or meatballs. I might be a little over on that meal, since I won't have exact #s, but I can get close. Cut back a little on breakfast tomorrow, and then anything else that needs to be adjusted, I can deal with at dinner. Lots of water once we get back, too. Not on the 50+ minute trip up, or back, or I'll be dancing all the way. Wee wee dance!!!!

Ok...time to update this in the journal, and then, see what other activity I can fall into without hurting myself.
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Okay... somethin is wrong with me. Not sure what, exactly, but something for sure. (see actual journal for details).

I'm going to call my -real- doctor tomorrow instead of the idiots at the Planned Parenthood here, because the last time I went they didn't even LOOK at me. I hope it's okay. I'm sure it is... probably just something small, like my patch in the wrong spot. Blech.

Anyway... so since my TOM is here (for no apparant reason, as I'm ON THE PATCH and I put a new one on this morning?), I have no energy left and I feel like a big pile of crap. Dinner tonight is supposed to be tacos or something, bu we'll see what happens. Hafta go shopping, too... so maybe it'll be tomorrow's dinner instead.

I've got some food-swapping ideas to think about... hope you guys have a good night!!
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Height: 5'2"

Default Tues Pm check in

Hi chickies...
a quick post before DD & DH get home from their errands and find me on my 3FC site rather than cleaning up the kitchen, which is what I said I was going to do when they left!

Since I didn't work out this morning and DH wanted the bike when I did, and it is a beautiful evening here (upper 50's is beautiful in early April in Michigan!), I told DD she could ride her bike while I did a walk around the neighborhood! She was thrilled! Two nights in a row (I forgot to report that in my post last night, that we did a short little walk around the block while she pedaled her bike)...she MUST have died and went to heaven! Where did they take her Mom and who is this other person who is full of energy and wants to "play" outside??? LOL! Anyway...tonight it was a brisker walk since I figured out how fast she can go (much faster than I can walk or "jog") so I just walked as fast as I could...probably did about a mile, which isn't bad. I had to stop a few times and rescue her as her wheels would catch on the top gravel which they put on our streets last summer...YUCK! I'm pretty sure by the end of the summer, she will be riding without training wheels and maybe we can actually do a family ride on the nearby bike trail around a local lake! That would be fun!

Well, that was a long winded paragraph! Sorry...I guess you don't need my life history ...just the facts of the day, maam!

So you got the exercise low-down. Now for the food. I think I was pretty much on target with everything and I am currently sucking down my 5th 16 oz. glass of water for the day...there will be more to come, I'm sure! I'm very thirsty at night!

B-fast was not great, but within #'s: 1/2 cup coffee w/ 1 T low carb (love that stuff) Hazelnut creamer, 3 oz. deli turkey, 1/2 cup grapes (sorry, all I had time for) (2P, l.5 C)

Lunch: 1/2 cup pasta, 1/2 cup veggie sauce, 2T Parmesan cheese, 1 oz. mozz. cheese, 3 oz. chicken, 1/2 grapefruit...WOW...that was a lot! (2.5 C, 4 P, 2F)

Snack: 3 Lorna Doone cookies & 6 almonds (3C, 1.5F)

Supper: 3 oz. Roast Beef & about 2 T gravy (homemade...are you on your way, Jennifer?), a dollop of mashed potatoes made w/ sourcream & butter, 1 cup steamed gr. beans & carrots! Yummy! (2C, 3P, 5 or 6F)

I just added up my #'s and I think I am under in the carb & protein....did I do something wrong? And even if I include an extra fat in the cheese at lunch, I'm still under in the fat! Hmmmm! I don't feel one bit hungry!

Maybe I can have a nice snack tonight when I watch TV. I have some yummy strawberries waiting to be eaten...and some cottage cheese...Yummy!

So, now to the really good stuff: I was a bit afraid to weigh today, but I did anyway...I just figured if I didn't lose, I wouldn't post it, but guess what? DUH! I'm posting, so that must mean I lost! Yes! One whole pound! So now, I'm officially down 10.5 lbs! I am so excited. If I lose two more lbs. this week, I will be in the 160's! So cool! I don't remember being there in over 10 years...probably more like 15!! DH is noticing the changes and told me tonight what a great job I am doing! It's nice tohear it from him! I know he gets tired of me being on this site all the time, but I really do get a lot out of it!

You all rock, sistahs! All of you are doing so awesome...and no need for the tazer to be brought out today! (LISA... ) YEA to all of you.

WTG Jennifer on the exercise today! Glad you got "un-funked"! That's never good to be in that frame of mind...and how could you lead if you were all "funked" up? Sorry! Had to go there! Chickie you are doing awesome, but please take good care of that ankle! Is it still hurting? BTW, I'm back to typing normal and the finger seems to be healing (like hubby said! )
Good luck on the lunch tomorrow. I am starting to dislike very much pizza! Can't have much of it and I love it sooo much!

Lucy, don't get too dizzy and like Jennifer said, eat some carbs, girl! fruit, veggies...they all count! I know I'd be dying with 600 sit ups....let alone 10! So, Miss washboard stomach, you don't have to show off for us!!

Angel, hope you had a great dinner and anniversary with hubby! We celebrate 11 years on the 24th of this month. Your goals look awesome, BTW! Hey, I noticed you are from Michigan also...what part? Were you on the last challenge or is this a different Angel? need to get your rear in gear, chickie! Go exercise! If you don't watch out, Lisa or Jennifer will get that tazer out and use it! They mean business, too! Watch out!

Dolphin...we are glad you are here! It is an awesome group and I have learned so much about eating and exercise from all these chickies! Your food and exercise sound like you are doing good! Keep posting. It helps!

Partytime...soup sounds good. I make that sometimes. It's so good! I don't do beans too often, but need to, I guess!

I need to finish this and get DD in bed and get the kitchen cleaned up! Yuck! I don't want to! (*stomps feet and pouts*)

Hugs to all!
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