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  • Welcome to the third challenge for 2004! Whether you are a returning Challenge Chickie, or new to the group, welcome!

    Spring is here, believe it or not, and we're moving into warmer weather...time to "Spring Into Motion" and kick up the exercise. The weather is improving- it's time for outdoor walks, bike rides, playing with the kids and pets. Or indoors, avoiding the April Showers and getting ready for summer and shorts weather.

    Whatver your program, whatever your fitness level, you can participate.
    Post your goal for the month of April, and join us for support and encouragement. Anyone is welcome to join us- please, make yourself at home.

    This Challenge thread is being set up as a place where we can all come to share our progress, our struggles, our triumphs, and to cheer on those who are committed to a healthier lifestyle, and to just talk!

    Let the challenge begin!

    * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
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  • Thank you Jennifer
    I am so excited to be doing this this month. I can't wait to get my goals and approaches down on paper (that's the way we do it in the medical field...gotta have a way to get to that goal!)

    So I will be thinking about that and will post tomorrow sometime!

    Don't let anyone fool you...into thinking you are anything less than what your potential is!!
  • All right! We're up & running!
    Okay! Whew! Now that everything's up & running & a little housekeeping is done, I can call it a night. In the morning, I'll be posting my goals, as I get them in order- food, water, and exercise.

    I did measure tonight, but I am going to re-do the biggies in the morning so I can calculate the total loss for the last challenge, and get a starting point for this one.

    Morning agenda: get up too early, potty, weigh, check measurements, then 1 mile WATP, no matter what. Tazer me if I check in & haven't done it- seriously!

    See everyone in the morning!

    A challenge. I am so glad I joined a few days ago and can start this challenge with everyone.

    Here are my goals:

    1. Each week do the following:
    2. Work out 5 times a week
    3. Increase my time on the treadmill every week
    4. Loose 10 pounds (maybe more!)
    5. Be healthier!

  • Hooray!
    I've only been here a couple of days (lurking around in the journal area) but I was happy to see there is a challenge I can start tomorrow. I need motivation big time, and I love this site. I can't wait to get started. I'm in!

    Now...do I need to post measurements or weight or what? I'm not sure how this works...
  • Update from Spring Fling Challenge
    Hi chickies...I did my measurements this morning and although there wasn't a HUGE loss, I did lose about 7 inches total! That's a great thing! I also am down 6.5 lbs from Feb 21. Now, that's 6.5 lbs that I am NOT gonna see again! Yipee! Total weight loss since January is 9.5 lb.s I'm gonna get that .5 lbs off in the next week or so here! I swear!!!

    Morning exercise already: bike 30 minutes

    Gotta get ready for work, so I will check in later today with my goals for this challenge!

    Have a great day all!
  • Good Morning, Chickies!
    Good Morning! It's a brand new month, and I'm excited about the new challenge, and a new start- time to kick it into high gear now.

    Welcome, Sylvia and Beckifer! It's great to see some new faces! You'll find an incredible group of women here- they never cease to amaze me!

    Sylvia, your goals look great! Very acheivable!

    Beckifer, I suggest taking measurements & weighing today, so that you have a start point for the challenge. There will be awards for pounds lost, inches off, meeting goals. Then, pick a few things to work on for the month. Whether it's sticking to your food plan, increasing exercise, getting your water in- it can be anything that you need to work on. I'll be listing my goals in a few minutes

    Julie- 7 inches is great! See, you were building muscle with all that exercise, so you lost fat but built up your lean muscle. Excellent! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

    I'll be back in a few with my goals!
  • My Easter Challenge Goals
    My Goals....

    *Stay on plan
    *Only deviance will be 1 work lunch 4/7 and 2 dinners out with hubby

    *96 oz water before I leave work each day

    *Every work day morning- 1 mile WATP or 30 minutes on the bike
    *Afternoon exercise- Upper body, lower body, or bike as scheduled
    *Weekends: 10 miles on the bike, minimum

    I'm printing this up to keep at my desk, and on the fridge, and on my nighttable- to keep me focused & motivated. Got my first 24oz of water that I'm sipping now...

    Time to hit the journals, post my measurements, and get to work- at least for a little while. Have a great day, chickies!
  • Ok, count me in too
    It's April one and I'm joining the challenge. I am new on my diet and not sure how to set it but here goes.

    1. Exercise by walking on my treadmill Mon - Sat 20 Minutes
    2 Increase by 5 min till it reachs 30 min
    3. Walk minimum of 15 on Sunday
    4. Drink my 8 glasses of Water daily
    5. Lose at least 8 lbs by 1 May
    6. Do my reading and research into emotional eating
    7. Find at least 1 additional exercise to add to overall exercise plan, and do it a minimum of 3 times per week for at least 15 minutes.

    Okay gang, I've copied this to my word program and will print it out and watch go over it each day. I just happened to measure myself today for the first time, so I didn't add that in, but will see what changes/losses in a month.

    Good luck to all and keep at it.

  • Hi! I am Cindi, SAHM to 7 children ranging from 18mos to 18y and also an In Home Childcare Provider. I just joined the site last weekend and am excited about this challenge. I have T2 Diabetes and am working hard to get my blood sugar levels under control in a hurry, so this is perfect timing for me, as exercise is the key to making that happen.

    I am not following any particular plan, kinda winging it for now by eating less sugar, less carbs and generally just much more healthy than I have been in recent months.

    My goals are:

    3 balanced meals and 2 snacks daily

    64 oz of water to start, then need to increase.

    Exercise daily, even just 15 minutes is better than none. Heck, for me, 5 is a much needed improvement

    Take daily meds DAILY!!!!

    Get enough sleep, I need it and I deserve it!!

    15 minutes minimum of "Me Time" daily. I have spent so much time taking care of everone else that I have neglected myself for far too long. Stress also elevates blood sugar, so this might help.

    As you can see, I have lots to work on, but I can do it with a little help from my friends. I AM WORTH IT!

    Thanks for the motivation!!Looking forward to getting to know you all better!!

    HW 235/CW 220.5/GW150 short term...199!!
  • Hi Magnolia Cindi! Welcome! Glad to have you both on board with us!

    Your goals look really good- great idea to build up the excercise, especially if you're just starting out.

    Magnolia- as far as the emotional eating, have you checked out the Skinny Daily Post? Here's a link to it- http://www.skinnydaily.com. There are some great journal exercises geared to figuring out your triggers. I've only know about that site since January, but I can get lost reading through the archives.

    Cindi, I'd kill for 15 minutes of me time! With 7 kids, I'm surprised you have 15 seconds to yourself! Anytime you need to steal a few minutes away, we're here!

    Ok, really getting to work now! I'll catch everyone later!
  • Hello Chicks and Peeps (and all you Jelly Beans as well)
    Mostly checking to see if my new avatar is working. I had to make it really small to fit. I'm excited about a new challenge as well. I'm trying to shake things up a bit and do things differently. I'm hoping Spring will spring up some weight loss (and maybe that new job I've been hunting). Mary in WV
  • Just wanted to let y'all know I'm in. I'll think about what my goals for the month should be tonight and check back in tomorrow.

    Good luck and work hard!
  • Count me in Ladies!!!!!!!
    Well, I'm just starting this thing --- again. For 12 days I have been eating healthy (except for Sonic once & McD once)... Drinking water was added after 7 days, and now I suppose it's time for the exercise... I'm gonna start out by walking, but may end up joining the gym. I used to love the machine that you stood on & put your leg over this bar & pulled down, working the glutte's... I'm tired of all the dimples on my butt!
    I haven't lost nay pounds yet, but I have hope, and Iknow if I keep doing what I'm doing, I will. I did before, just this way, well, with exercise. Gotta do that.

    My goals for the month will be:
    - Stay OP with food - Approx 1200 calories per day, low fat
    - Stay OP with H20 - Approx 1.5 - 2 L per day
    - START exercise, regardless of what it is, 15 min. at least per day
    - STOP weighing every day!
    - Lose 3 pounds by Easter, 4/11/04

    Okay, here's hoping y'all! Hoping I can stay upbeat and trust my Higher Power for help when I can't do it alone!
    I think He works through others, so that's this board for me right now! Thanks all for being here, look forward to this month!!!!!!!!!
  • Sign me up!
    I am really excited to run across this challenge. It is just what I needed! I am ready to get serious and down to business!

    My goals for the upcoming weeks are as follows:
    1.) Drink lots of water!
    ~This is so hard for me! I know I need to do it, so it's first on my list!
    2.) Exercise at least three times a week.
    ~I have all the latest DVD's...all still in plastic. I need to break them out
    and use them!
    3.) Eat well and healthy...
    ~I am a compulsive eater so I really need to control my emotions and
    stress so I don't overeat. THIS IS THE HARDEST THING FOR ME TO

    I will support everyone along the way! I know we can do this together! It is nice to have this support system here!


    P.S. Is there a particular day to post progress reports?