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Hey, Jennifer,

I'm brand new to the 3FC site and was thrilled to find a challenge right away. My goals:

* Walk at least 5000 steps daily and average 52,000 steps per week
* Drink 64 oz water daily
* Stick to the modified Carb Addicts plan that works for me when I stay on it
* Don't miss a weigh-in unless I don't have access to my scale due to travel
* Lose at least 5 pounds
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Height: 5'2"


My (General) Goals for Spring Fling 2004 (specific goals to follow in another post)

*Be honest and true to myself especially with food

*Journal food eaten daily

*Weekly Meal plans (they do work for me!)

*Check out a specific diet plan (The Zone, South Beach, etc.) and stick with one.

*Buy a work out tape/DVD (Maybe WATP)

*Be kind and loving to myself and others daily!
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I can do it again!
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Hi! I've enjoyed reading everyone's goals and I've made some general goals of my own, which I will refine and add to as time goes by. I would like to lose 10 pounds by the end of this challenge. To do this, I will: 1) drink 64 ounces of water per day, 2) try one new healthy recipe per week, 3) try a variety of strategies to reduce impulse and stress-related eating, 4) write in my food/motivational journal daily, 5) exercise in some way at least 3 times per week, 6) incorporate exercise into my work day, and 7) write in my gratitude journal and do other things of that nature to try to maintain a positive attitude. I have been doing all of these things inconsistently, but I hope this challenge will help me be more consistent. Good luck everyone! I look forward to being one of many losers at the end of the challenge.
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Hi! I would like to join the Spring Challenge too! Thanks Jennifer for the invite!
My goals are:
--Lose 10 pounds to get to my prepregnancy weight of 165
--Walk 30 minutes everyday
--Weight training 30 minutes 4x/wk
--Drink 32 oz. water before work
--Stay between 1200 - 1500 calories/day
Good luck and thank you for the motivation!!
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"workin' on my fitness"
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Talking great turnout for day 1

Welcome, Lucy, Northern, Sharon, Bestfigure, and Geeklover!

Thanks for joining us! I think we've got a great turnout for day 1, and a holiday, too.

I'll be calling it a night- I have to get a few things finished before work tomorrow. Thanks for the great kickoff, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Have a wonderful night, everyone!

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HI ladies

Here are my goals for the next 6 weeks!

Exercise: 6 days a week; with 3 days of running, 3 days of cross training and 3 days of strength training, thats on my running days.
Running goal:complete 6 miles at a pace of 12 minute miles
weightloss goal: 6lbs ~ CW 155 that would put me finally in the 140's

I think its going to be a tough 6 weeks, but I think with y'alls support we are all going to meet our goals!!!!

take care
SW 198
CW 155
GW 125
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Wink Thanks, Jennifer, I'm in (I hope)

Hi Jennifer and all Spring Chicks, thanks for the Challenge.
My goals
1) Workout four to five days per week.
2) Stay within 50 carbs per day.
3) Stay within 1200 to 1450 calories per day.
4) Get to the Blue Ridge to hike at least twice before end of Challenge.
I am so glad to have this Challenge, to get help with focus on these areas.
Have never got the hang of threads so I hope this is right.
Avatar? No idea. Do we need one? Where do we get one?
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Hi there girls! Glad to have you in charge of this Jennifer! Thanks. I will post on the journals each day to tag the gals there that can't get here and also come here to say hi as well. I wondered why there wasn't anyone there yet this morning when I got on at 9:30a my time.... You were all here!

I did well today. Had to make cookies, but I only had 3. Not bad for me. Water was good and walking exercise. I posted my goals on the journals, but will do it here again, because of course, this is where I belong!!


Plan is to get 110 oz water each day, exercise 5x week, eat only what is OP except for a little freedom one day a week, JOURNAL EVERY DAY!!! Man I really struggle if I don't journal what my eating plan is for the day, so that has to be a must if I am going to be successful. I am going to start working with the weights a lot more during this challenge. I know things will happen more quickly if I do....so here goes!

Talk to you all tomorrow! C-
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Default Great Idea ... count me in.

I plan to lose 10 pounds by easter.

The way I am going to achieve this is by:

1) Exercise

Before work:

monday & wed = yoga at the gym
tues & thurs = pilates at the gym
Friday = yogalates at the gym

After work:

Monday & Wed = hike 3-5 miles
tues & thurs = kickboxing class and/or calisthenics/resistance/weights


Hike 15 miles
casual bike ride around the neigborhood.

2) Food

eat mainly vegetables & fruits only lean meat, skinless chicken & fish
eat foods low in fat and cholesterol
limit processes or prepared packaged foods
eat out only twice a wk
prepare my lunches and dinners on sundays for the wk
keep calories between 1300-1500
no more then 2 eggs per wk
no more then 2 slices of bread per wk
only one baked potato per wk
take snacks to work (radishes, carrots, apple, etc)

3) Water

64-100 ounces per day ..... more when hiking

4) Multi vitamin

So thats the plan ....... 6 weeks, 10 pounds ...... 1.6 pounds per week. I can do this, its possible and very achievable. If by easter I have lost these 10 pounds I will reward myself by buying myself a ring (i've lost 130 so far and none of my jewerly fits).

275 starting weight
147 current weight
137 spring fling challenge goal
129 ultimate goal (by the end of 2004)

Last edited by Roc454; 02-17-2004 at 12:10 AM.
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Height: 5'2"


Originally Posted by Roc454
I plan to lose 10 pounds by easter.

275 starting weight
147 current weight
137 spring fling challenge goal
129 ultimate goal (by the end of 2004)
Holy Smokes! You are kicking butt! You go...you can do the 10lbs by the end of this challenge! We all need to be accountable to one another and we can do this together! Your goals are high...sounds like you know what you are doing, though. Hiking...great! That's my ultimate goal! I want to start in the Spring (here in MI that means May!) hiking a couple times a week. We live near the dunes of Lake MI, so it's not a problem finding trails.

Good luck and keep us motivated, ok?
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Queen of Wishful Thinking
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Height: 5'6


I think this is the first time I've actually posted something (even though I registered a year ago)!

Lose 10 lbs (down to 160)
Lose at least 1.2% body fat (to be out of the 30's for body fat percentage)
Fit into my prom dress from 10 years ago

(New) Strategies:
Run intervals once a week
Do weightlifting 2x per week
Increase 1-mile jog speed to 5mph
Increase 4mph jog distance to 2 miles
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Default Hi Chicks!

WOW, what a turn out! This is going to be great. I'd like to edit my goals, as I forgot to add journaling daily.
* 72 ounces of water a day
* Stay on WW at home (POINTS)
* Exercise 3-4 days a week (I kept this low to avoid burning out, but I may
acheive more)
* Journal daily (food journal on paper) and my thoughts either on line or on
paper as well)

Thanks again for having me here. It's going to be a great Spring. I can't wait to get my bike out of the spare bedroom and dust it off. I'll be burning up the trails in no time.
Mary in West Virginia
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"workin' on my fitness"
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Talking Morning, chickadees!

Good Morning!

I think the only thing worse than a Monday is a Tuesday disguised as a Monday. Bleah!

HappyTX, Cristin & Roc, welcome! Glad to have you joining us! Roc- your numbers are amazing- that just shows us that our goals are attainable...wonderful! Wow!!!

All right, I'm into my first 24oz of water, so we're well underway.

Breakfast was:
1 peach cottage double
1 oz fat free swiss cheese
1/3 cup Smart Start
12oz diet coke (no, I'm not giving that up- I am allowed to have 1 vice)

Lunch defrosting here:
1 cup chili
1 cup brown rice

Dinner- nothing planned, but lunch will be very filling, so I might just go with something lighter. I want to get my Shortcuts Upper Body tape done tonight, and I'll preview the abs one to see if I can do any of those exercises. The legs one- there were 2 moves I couldn't do- guess I have to lose more before I'll be able to do those moves, but I did leg lifts when I couldn't do the actual exercise there. The UB, I can do all the exercises, and I can feel the results as the muscles start to actually firm instead of just hanging there like they have for too long.

Have a wonderful morning, and I'll check in later on! Good Luck to all of us on this Challenge!
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I can do it again!
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Hi Everyone,
Last night, I did not drink water once I got home, I watched too much tv, I didn't exercise, and I ate cookies for dessert. I could have gone to the pilates class, drank water, kept the tv turned off, and not made cookies. I would have felt good about myself this morning and I would have gotten some momentum going. Today, I can get back on track by drinking water, doing mini-exercises throughout the day, finding motivation, thinking before I eat, exercising when I get home, and of course- finding motivation in all of your posts. I read a quote that went something like this "every new day is another chance to turn it all around". Have a great day!
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It's great to see so many people accepting this challenge! I really hope everybody meets their goals. I finally weighed myself last night (I hate getting fixated on it) and I lost 4 pounds! Guess I should weigh more often LOL. Actually, I weighed myself so that I could set my weight loss goal for the Spring Fling Challenge.

SW 183/ CW 179 / SFC 169/ GW 125

There are my stats, I want to lose 10 pounds during the challenge, which seems reasonable for 6 weeks. Well I hope everybody has a great day.
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