April Weight Loss Challenge

  • April weight losses bring May health and happiness!

    Join the April Weight Loss Challenge to set your goal, track it, and meet it -- with the help of a supportive and encouraging group. All the goals will be compiled into a list. As each goal is met during the month, it gets turned RED in celebration.

    This thread is for weight loss goals. For your exercise goals, check out our sister thread: April Exercise Challenge
  • Hi gardener joy count me in for starters

    April - 4 weeks? 4 kilos down is my aim.

    I'll log in on the 1st with my start weight and go from there

    Cheers! x
  • Thanks for starting this thread GardenerJoy! Good Luck, Everyone!

    SW: 160.8
    CW: 160.8
    GW: 154.8

  • bring on april !

    sw ... 184
    cw ... 184
    gw ... 180 lbs.

    good luck to everyone with their plan and goal !
  • Good Luck, Everyone! Let's get ready for Summer by losing some weight now.

    SW: 160.8
    CW: 160 (- .8)
    GW: 154.8

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