5LB Challenge #377

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  • Welcome to a new 5lb challenge!

    -- Post your weight at the start of the challenge and your 5lb goal.

    -- First one to lose 5lbs wins!!

    -- The winner gets the honor of starting the new thread!


    SW: 228.2
    GW: 223.2
  • Congratulations Concerta on your Win!

  • Congrats Lacerta!!

    SW: 146.2
    GW: 141.2
  • Lacerta!

    SW: 254.3
    GW: 249.3
  • Thanks everybody and thanks for joining again. Good luck!

    SW: 228.2
    CW: 227.0 (-1.2)
    GW: 223.2

    I'm expecting to mini-plateau again soon. I'm not eating at the kind of deficit to sustain this sort of loss. At some point, it should level off, or at least slow down to match my daily deficit. But for now, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Sw: 146.2
    cw: 145.2 (-1)
    gw: 141.2
  • Sw: 228.2
    cw: 226.6 (-1.6)
    gw: 223.2

    ok, that's weird. No matter how many times I edit and fix it, the SW, CW and GW keep going lower case instead of caps.
  • Lacerta- Congrats on your win!!!

    SW: 168.5
    GW: 163.5
  • ...

    SW: 228.2
    CW: 226.0 (-2.2)
    GW: 223.2

    OK, what changed on the site? No matter what I type, I get Sw instead of SW, cw instead of CW and gw instead of GW. What gives? Edited to add: Weirder, it only does it if the post doesn't have something else above it. When I added something above, it works right.
  • Lacerta, the site does the same thing with my uppercase letters too!

    sw: 168.5
    cw: 167.2 (-1.3)
    gw: 163.5
  • sw: 168.5
    cw: 166.7 (-1.8)
    gw: 163.5
  • sw: 168.5
    cw: 165.9 (-2.6)
    gw: 163.5
  • kfunk: You're doing great right now, keep it up.

    SW: 228.2
    CW: 225.4 (-2.8)
    GW: 223.2

    I'm expecting one more good week and then a 10 day plateau (my usual pattern), so I might get to 5 pounds by the end of the month, but if not, it probably won't happen until mid September.
  • Lacerta- Thank you! Our weight loss patterns sound very similar!!!

    sw: 168.5
    cw: 164.3 (-4.2)
    gw: 163.5
  • So close

    SW: 228.2
    CW: 223.8 (-4.4)
    GW: 223.2