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flower1 02-08-2018 02:26 PM

Winter Olympics 16 Day Challenge
Hi everyone.

Join the Winter Olympics 16 Day Challenge. The Challenge starts the first day of the Olympics on February 9 and ends on February 25. Set your weight loss goal for the next 16 days. All the goals will be compiled into a list. As each goal is met, it will turn gold/yellow to represent a gold medal in celebration of your achievement.

First weigh in is February 9 and final weigh in is February 25. You can weigh daily, weekly or whatever works best for you.

Feb-09 SW:
Weight loss goal:

flower1 02-08-2018 02:31 PM

My weight loss goal during the Olympics will be 2 lbs.

Feb-09 SW:
Weight loss goal: 2 lbs
Final Challenge Weight:


curvynotlumpy 02-08-2018 02:48 PM

:wave: flower1

Thanks for this challenge. I have no idea why I'm drawn to it but I am and can't see the downside to joining it. My Olympic weight loss goal is 5 pounds.

:goodluck: everyone!

flower1 02-08-2018 02:59 PM

Welcome curvy - glad you joined. Great goal:). I love the Olympics and try to watch as much of it as I can. There are a few qualifying events that start before the official opening ceremonies. Yesterday I watched the curling mixed doubles between Canada and Norway (I'm Canadian). Today the figure skating team event starts and tomorrow is the opening ceremonies and the start of our Challenge.

curvynotlumpy 02-08-2018 07:41 PM

Thanks, flower1. I enjoy the Olympics as well; sometimes too much as I stay up way later than I should. ;) Even with the time difference I still watch and don't mind if I find out ahead of time how countries finish in the medal standings. My goal with your challenge is to use this time to establish and re-establish some good habits even if I don't lose pounds.

curvynotlumpy 02-09-2018 11:51 AM

Good morning :coffee2:

Here we go!

February 9 SW: 211.2
Weight loss goal: 5 lbs.

flower1 02-09-2018 03:45 PM

Good morning. Did you watch the figure skating team event last night? One of my favourites in the men's event is Nathan Chen from the US and of course our Canadian, Patrick Chan.

Day 1 of the Olympics:)

February 9 SW: 134.2
Weight loss Goal: 2 lbs.

curvynotlumpy 02-09-2018 07:42 PM

I watched most of the skating last night. The time difference was messing with me though; seeing skating last night but Opening Ceremony tonight. :lol: We have a lot of talented youth on the skating team. Come to think of it, :chin: most of the teams.

curvynotlumpy 02-10-2018 12:30 PM

Good morning :coffee2:

Weight is back down to 209.4 this morning. I've finally released my bloat from this week's TOM and Super Bowl weekend. I wish I could attribute it to on plan eating and some :kickbutt: workouts but no, just biology at work. :lol:

What did you think of the Opening Ceremonies, flower1? I thought they were outstanding. I seem to enjoy the winter OCs more than the summer OCs. I think it's because the sky is so dark and everything else is so vivid against them. I sat in awe and admiration of the two athletes who ran the torch up that long flight of stairs. Wow. Just wow! :eek:

February 9: 211.2
February 10: 209.4

flower1 02-10-2018 01:49 PM

Hi curvy. Wow nice drop:) I seem to be plateauing again (sigh...).

I thought the opening ceremonies were outstanding as well. I enjoy the winter Olympics more than the summer too. I find the winter sports a bit more exciting. I watched the skiing biathlon last night - those athletes are in such fantastic shape.

Feb 9: 134.2
Feb 10: 134.4

kfunk6113 02-10-2018 04:37 PM

flower thank you for starting this thread!!

Good afternoon ladies! I am going to jump in with a goal of 3.2 lbs.

SW: 170.8
GW: 167

I hope you guys are enjoying the start of the Olympics. I will be honest, I do not watch much but I do hope to catch some figure skating!

flower1 02-10-2018 04:49 PM

hey kfunk - glad you joined us here:). I thought this might be a fun challenge. Wow you are almost in a new decade. Great job! You really turned your week around. I'm plateaued again ... and feel quite bloated.

Tomorrow team figure skating is on - the dance and ladies. I will definitely be watching. I just watched the mixed doubles curling with Canada and Russia. Canada rocked it 6-2.

Here are our goals so far. Good luck everyone!

curvy: 5 lbs
kfunk: 3.2 lbs
flower: 2 lbs

fofo_bunny 02-11-2018 01:26 PM

Hi all! I'm a huge Olympics fan too! I don't have a weight for Feb 9th, but I do for the 10th. This is probably a pretty big goal for me, but I'm using a new scale and think I might have a bit of water weight on me, so it might happen. Besides, the Olympics are for pushing yourself, right?

SW: 142.0
-2 lbs
GW: 140.0

flower1 02-11-2018 04:10 PM

fofo bunny: glad you joined us here:) Great goal. I agree the Olympics are for pushing yourself. What a great way to look at it - I'm going to remind myself of that for the next 2 weeks and try and push myself more than I have been doing.

Kfunk: Did you watch the figure skating yesterday? It was the team event with the ladies short and the ice-dancing short. The Canadian ice-dancers, Tessa Virtue and Scot Moir, were fantastic as well as the US dance team. The ladies were really good too.

curvy: How's your weekend going?

I am pleased with my drop today because I had been plateaued for the past week. I'm heading out for a walk soon. The sun is out but it's pretty chilly.

Feb 9: 134.2
Feb 10: 134.4
Feb 11: 132.6

flower1 02-11-2018 04:13 PM

Here are our goals so far. Good luck everyone!

curvy: 5 lbs
kfunk: 3.2 lbs
fofo bunny: 2 lbs
flower: 2 lbs

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