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    BEGINS 1-07-18 AND ENDS ON 4-1-18

    JOIN NOW! Just make a "reply post" in this thread and indicate that you want to join. There is a link to the challenge spreadsheet at the end of this post. Click on it to get to the spreadsheet, then bookmark it (so you can get back to it easily)

    REQUIREMENT: Please be serious and willing to stay in the challenge. Also, please be willing to communicate with others and make at least one post a week to reflect upon how your week went in regard to your food intake and exercise.

    The first weigh-in will be Sunday, January 7th. We will, thereafter, weigh in once a week on Sundays. You can choose to use a different day to weigh in (i.e., Friday, Sat. or Mon), but the weigh-in date on the paperwork will always reflect a Sunday.

    Upon initial weigh-in, you will place your starting weight and goal weight on the "Stat Sheet". After that, you will go to a Weekly-Weigh In sheet for the weekly weigh in and enter your weight there. A new sheet will be available each week by Sunday. The Weigh-In Sheets will feed stats into the Stat Sheet

    Post your weight/make an entry every Sunday on the Weigh-In Sheet (at the spreadsheet link). Please communicate within the team thread on the message board, by posting at least once a week. Interaction with a team is an important part of the challenge.

    These additional opportunities will be offered and are voluntary. You can choose which ones you will participate in. You can choose all or none.
    • Personal Goals:
      A spreadsheet will be offered for you to make up to 3 health-related goals and track progress on a weekly basis.
    • Exercise Spreadsheet:
      A weekly Exercise Spreadsheet is part of the team notebook/spreadsheets at the Google Doc address provided below. You can use it to track your progress and weekly mileage. A new sheet is posted each week. An optional exercise circuit may be offered for some weeks
    • Change a Habit Spreadsheet:
      This spreadsheet is offered if anyone wants to use it to replace an undesirable habit with a healthy alternative. You can record progress during a given week, then erase the entries and start a new week. You can record weekly progress on the Personal Goals Spreadsheet, or with some other personal method


  • Would love to join, I’m new to this forum; not new to trying to get healthy
  • Quote: Would love to join, Iím new to this forum; not new to trying to get healthy

    Welcome to the challenge!

    Are you using any specific diet and exercise strategy?
  • Dear Munchey ~ You know I'm in!!! Thank you! I loved the cat!!! I have definitely felt that way before, but thanks to our last challenge...not so much!!!
  • Count me in please Munchey Looking forward to the challenge
  • Munchey - yes I have seen a nutritionist and Iím going on a high-protein low-carb, low sugar diet. As I am new to this site I could definitely use a little help in guidance 👍

    Happy Nrw Year!
  • munchey Thank you for this challenge! I'm excited to be starting off the New Year with a goal.
  • Munchey, Thank you for this NEW year challenge. I've set some exercise goals to help lose into the normal weight range, still need to sit down and set food goals.
  • Munchey, thank you for creating the new challenge. I definitely fell off the wagon on the last challenge. I was doing well but then the holiday hit me hard and I was quite embarrassed about the amount of weight that I had put back on so I ceased to weigh in. Nothing like a new challenge to get me motivated again .
  • Quote: Munchey - yes I have seen a nutritionist and Iím going on a high-protein low-carb, low sugar diet. As I am new to this site I could definitely use a little help in guidance 👍

    Happy Nrw Year!
    Hi BellaLuce4, I am also trying to eat high protein, low-carb, low sugar, but have not seen a nutritionist. I've been doing a lot of reading and it makes sense. The problem I have having is that the recipes I am finding all seem to be high fat I am wondering if you are finding the same?

    Chub I did the same thing in previous challenges on here years ago I am determined to own any gains this time around. I figure that way the gain wouldn't own me and that it won't mess with my head

    Best of luck to all
  • Tkkoz- The program uses healthy fats, if you cut carbs severely you must replace with fats for you bodyís system to run well. My nutritionist recommends low carb, low sugar high protein. Fats like olive oil, coconut oil, Ghee etc are good. Absolutely no vegetable oils/ fats.
    The caviot is that my mothers well respected Cardiologist is a huge fan of Atkins, which is high fat of all kinds.

    I think what ever works for you personally is the best Because you will be more likely to stay on it longer.
    At my height and weight, Iím ashamed to say that I am labeled morbidly obese - 5í3Ē, 226.6 Lbs, age 56. So Iím starting a bit extreme to kickstart my weight loss and will adjust as I have success.
    Having a nutritionist for the first time in my life will keep me focused, I want to be healthy and live long.
    For exercise, my goal is to move daily, which is new for me as of late! I will be starting with 10 minute intervals a few times a day ( at least 3) using yoga & stretching and move into weight bearing exercize soon I work and am glued to my desk for 9-11 hours a day when not traveling so this is a very big challenge , and Iím excited to begin 👍
  • Bella thank you for the extra info, I appreciate it. Those are the kinds of fats I was seeing in the recipes, so that is a relief. I will stick with it as it appears to be working for me, slowly but surely.
    I too have a desk job and work long hours, no travelling though and I'm also in the obese category, 5' 4", 116.6kg (257lbs) and 46yo
    As for exercise, I am not doing much at biggest struggle. I'm not too concerned at this early stage of really trying to lose weight. I am hoping that as I lose weight I will feel like going for walks and perhaps trying something like Couch to 5k down the track.

    I've been a bit of a couch potato for the last 2 weeks, and I've been eating too much and things that I shouldn't eat. So, today I'm getting back on track.

    My Fitbit has been crying out for steps. Actually it gives me a little shock occasionaly, when I'm not moving enough. I'm back to "keep it moving". Back to focusing on reducing my food consumption and NOT eating anyting after dinner (except perhaps some yogurt or a few almonds/walnuts)

    It sounds like you have been gathering tools and that you have a good plan to start with. I find that protein does a good job of taming hunger. I love to have a large salad for lunch with lots of lettuce, veggies and some form of protein.

    Welcome back! We all have new opportunities.

    MorningGlory1950 & Magistra17:
    Good to see you both in the new challenge!

    Welcome! I'm glad you are joining us! With a little practice, you can get good at learning how to make substitutes in recipes to lower the calories or make it healthier. There is a "Hungry Girl" website, where she offers a lot of low calorie versions of various recipes (She, also, has some books).
    I think one key to success can be finding ways to prepare lower caloried foods in a way that is satisfying to you.


    Great to have you in the new challenge. I'm betting you will get to your normal weight range this year.
  • Good morning all
    I am doing daily weigh ins for a January challenge on here, which I must admit I was nervous about. There must be something right about the low carb, low sugar, high protein diet...for my body at I have lost a little each day. I have been eating like this for just under 2 weeks now and I am amazed. I am losing the weight better doing this than by spending a small fortune on getting Lite 'n Easy meals delivered.

    Munchey: thank you for the website, I will definitely check it out. I am more used to making substitutions based on food intolerances, still getting the hang of it for weight management though. Enjoy your walks
  • Munchey: thanks for the new challenge. I love the cat cartoon on your first post!! I can soooooo relate to how that cat feels

    Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone achieves their goals in this challenge.