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Taking a break from 3FC
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Default ~*Haunting for Halloween 2017*~

Welcome to Haunting for Halloween Challenge 2017

It's our 5th year!

For those of you who know me, welcome back, I’m glad you’re here! For those of you who are thinking, “who is this crazy person?” allow me to introduce myself! I’ve been doing these spread sheet challenges for a good few years now and I’ve seen so many amazing people lose weight.

Here’s the aim of the game…lose the most percentage of body weight by Halloween and roll up to your fancy dress party (or your couch with the lights off because you hate kids) and feel sexier than ever. I don’t want to hear any “oh…I won’t be sexy by Halloween” because I’m here to tell you YOU ARE A FREAKIN’ SEXY CANDY PANDA! SHAKE IT LIKE YOU’RE AT A NAKED DANCE PARTY! This is just a way to encourage a healthy bit of competition into your routine.

Let's Keep This Simple! Please Read These Rules!
  • Sign ups are open until Week 8 of the challenge!
  • ~~>Click Here to view the Spreadsheet!<~~
  • Enter your Username, Starting Weight (at the weight you are at NOW) and scroll to the right and enter your Goal Weight.
  • Week by week enter your weight on any day you want between Monday and Sunday.
  • Be sure to have your weekly weigh in on the spreadsheet by Sunday, because I make the charts on Monday. In the spreadsheet when the column is labelled "WK 1 8/31", that means the week BEGINS on the 31st August NOT the particular day you have to weigh in!
  • Check back in to the thread and I'll publish a weekly chart to show who's kicking butt and taking names.
  • If you want to take a break from weighing in then right click the cell for that week and select "Insert Note" (definitely not a "comment" because these won't move with your username if new members join the spreadsheet!) and add your reason for not weighing in.
  • If you don't weigh in for more than 2 weeks without a noted reason you will be moved to Standby. Come to the thread and opt back in if you want to re-enter the challenge.
Optional before and after measurements challenge! Read below:

That's it!* A huge part of this challenge is the community support, so please use this thread to talk to each other and update us on your progress. It’s less about just saying “today I weigh ___” and more about actually communicating with fellow sexy candy panda’s and talking about your life and all its ups and downs. Think of this thread more like a chat thread rather than just a place to post weights.

  • Can I change my Goal Weight once the challenge has begun? ~ Yes!
  • There's a - mark in my cell for a week, but I know what I weighed! Can I change it? ~ Yes! The more information you can put in the better.
  • My weight changed during the week but I already entered my weight, can I change it? ~ OF COURSE! I always like to use my average weight of the week. It's perfectly acceptable to change a weight as the week progresses.
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I've been waiting for this. Count me in! Once the spreadsheet is unprotected I'll sign up. Thanks, Rie, for keeping up these challenges for us and making them fun and motivational.
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Taking a break from 3FC
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Every. Darn. Year.

Should be good to go!
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Count me IN! Thank YOU Rie,

The last challenge I experienced for the first time in my life the ability to eat until I was no longer hungry. It felt good physically and emotionally. It lasted for several weeks, but I find myself at the other end of the spectrum now. Last night was my worst snack attack in a long time. I not only weight two pounds more this morning, but emotionally am out of sorts. So I am thankful for this challenge and hope to find myself eating better soon.

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Shorty getting fit
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You're awesome for doing this, Ries, thank you!
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I'm in! Thanks, Rie, for the challenge. Let's haunt those pounds off. I've got a lot of haunting to do, lol.

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I'm definitely in!!!

I want to lose about 30 pounds on this Challenge!! My wedding day is October 28th so I'm hoping to be very motivated and drop a few more pounds before my last dress fitting and the big day!! Good luck everyone!!!

Sw: 229.2
Gw: 200!!!
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This is just what I need, thank you!

GW: 210
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Restart: 05/29/2017
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Thank you Rie for starting this challenge. I was looking for another challenge after successfully completing the Labor Day Challenge over the summer. I really want to keep the momentum going especially since the Fall/Winter months are the hardest for me to stay on track (so much yummy comfort food as well as all the food related holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday - plus the weather gets depressing and cold which means I spend most of my time inside curled up under a blanket and not exercising/moving much). I'll be posting in the spreadsheet throughout the challenge but I'll also be updating this post with my weekly weigh-ins.

Haunting for Halloween Challenge

SW: 199.4 lbs
GW: 184.9 lbs (-14.5 lbs)

09/11: 198.4 lbs (-1.0)
09/18: 200.6 lbs (+2.2)
09/25: 198.6 lbs (-2.0)
10/02: 197.2 lbs (-1.4)
10/09: 197.2 lbs (0)
10/16: 197.4 lbs (+0.2)
10/23: 196.6 lbs (-0.8)
Halloween: 200.0 lbs (+3.4 lbs)

Total Gained:
0.6 lbs

Happy Halloween everyone!! I wouldn't exactly call this challenge a bust for me because, up until last week, I had lost about 3 lbs. Not much but at least I stuck to the challenge and boy was it a challenge. Our house is on the market and for about 3 weeks in late September/early October we had showings every single evening which meant a ton of fast food for supper. Showings have died down - none in the past 2 weeks but we have a 2nd showing on Friday - one of the first people to look at it back in September - so I'm crossing my fingers that they put in an offer. Then yesterday, I had 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and have been drinking a ton of liquids, plus my mouth is swollen up like a balloon. I'm sure that is adding some extra water-weight to the scale. Plus, I ate a ton of Halloween candy this weekend since I knew I won't be able to eat much hard food for the next 3 weeks. I'll probably try to get back to counting calories next week. I would love to be in the 180's by the end of the year - Thanksgiving & Christmas are going to make that tough but I think I can do it.

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Awesome, thank you for starting this!!! I'm in
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Me please, my goal is 10 lbs. My first WI is Sep 10, and from then I will weigth daily.
Thanks for this.

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I would love to do this. I left for 3fc for a long time but need to get back to my old weight. I tried to access the spreadsheet and it would not work for me.
Here is my numbers. 256.5
goal is 15 lbs.
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Hi everyone!

How is your week going?

I got to the gym yesterday, for some cardio, so that was an accomplishment. I used to be a gym rat, and then quit going for several years. I recently joined a local gym. It's just a couple of miles from home. I have to pass it to go to one of the local post offices. I generally drive to the post office, to mail back my Netflix DVD's. So, I've used it as a motivation. I only have to change course, for approx. 1/2 a mile, to pass by the gym on my way back from the post office. So far, the strategy is working to get me to the gym at least twice a week. I'm aiming for 3 gym visits per week. Belonging to a gym that is close to home is a plus for me.

I started volunteering at a theraupetic horseback riding center a couple of months ago. They are between class sessions right now, but the Fall classes begin on Saturday. It's a unique way to get some exercise. The students have a lot of different disabilities and the level of assistance from volunteers varies. The volunteers either help lead the horse (student has reins, but volunteer has a lead rope to assist as needed), or serve as side walkers to either monitor or assist the student with staying safely in the saddle. Once a class starts, you have to see it through, so no wimping out. It adds a level of interest to walking and some variety to exercise options.

What's everyone else doing for exercise?


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I entered my info into the spreadsheet. I am ready for a new challenge! We adopted our 3 kids this week and get to take them to meet our family next month. So stinkin' excited! I am amping it up this week with my exercise in hopes of meeting my goal to lose 11 pounds (I'd love to drop into the 1s with a 199 for our trip but, I'm not going to stress too much about it! Good luck everyone!
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The wheels fell off for me as we ended the Summer challenge. Fresh start! Back at it with a vengeance!!!
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