5 lb. Challenge #325

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  • The 5 pound challenge game: Post your weight from the date this challenge started or the date you join the challenge. The first to lose 5 pounds WINS!

    The prize: The honor of starting the next challenge thread and a cheer or two from the other challenge participants. (Don't forget to re-number the new thread.)

  • Sw: 210.8
    gw: 205.8

  • Envelope on winning the last 5 LB Challenge! Good Luck, Everyone!

    SW: 215
    CW: 215
    GW: 210

  • Congrats, envelope!

    SW: 179.9
    CW: 179.9
    GW: 174.9
  • envelope good to see you back on 3FC

    I didn't weigh in this morning but I will tomorrow see you all then
  • Sw 209.8
    gw 204.8
  • Congratulations, envelope!

    SW: 172.0
    CW: 172.0
    GW: 167.0
  • Envelope - WTG!

    SW: 238.0 (8/1)
    CW: 233.6 (-4.4 8/11)
    GW: 233.0

  • Turns out I did weigh in yesterday. I get up when most of you are just getting to sleep good so I forgot until I looked at MFP. I was 183.9 yesterday. Ended July .9 more than I started ... today I'm at 183.6. I'll be happy to see 170 anything

    SW 183.9
    GW 178.9
  • Thank you for all of the congratulations!

    Rennie - I say use the 183.9 since that is how much you weighed the day this started.

    I am up today. The scale sure likes to bounce around.

    SW: 210.8
    CW: 211.4
    GW: 205.8
  • Okie dokie envelope. Done!
  • Dropped a bit this morning

    SW: 172.00
    CW: 171.25 (-0.75)
    GW: 167.00
  • Sw 209.8
    gw 204.8

    CW 208.0 - amazing what sleeping for 13 hours and then not really feeling like eating will do. I had a lot of sodium today, so I bet it will be up tomorrow.
  • Congrats, envelope!

    Well, my weight finally dropped a minuscule amount, so I'm joining. IBS is the most annoying thing in the world.

    SW: 146.96
    GW: 141.96
  • Hey everybody

    SW: 179.9
    CW: 179.0 (-0.9)
    GW: 174.9