October Exercise Challenge

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  • Let's rock October! What are your exercise goals for the month? Join us to track your fitness during the month of October.

    State your goal and track it throughout the month with this supportive group of fellow exercisers. We'll compile our workout goals into a list. As each goal is met during the month, it gets turned RED in celebration. Join us for a great month of fitness!

    This thread is for fitness and exercise goals. For other weight loss goals, be sure to see our sister thread: October Weight Loss Challenge.
  • I'm in... I have been traveling some and not participated in a few months

    Goal 2500 min!

    Week 1
    01/10: Ear Infection, no exercise.
    02/10: Weights 45 min; 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 105/2500
    03/10: Step aerobics 60 min 165/2500
    04/10: 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 225/2500
    05/10: None
    06/10: Sick; none
    07/10: Sick; none
    08/10: 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 285/2500
    09/10: Still sick
    10/10: recovering
    11/10: 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 345/2500
    12/10: 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 405/2500
    13/10: Sick, again
    14/10: Sick
    15/10: Sick
    16/10: Sick
    17/10: Sick
    18/10: None
    19/10: 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 465/2500
    20/10: 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 525/2500
    21/10: 4.0 mile puppy walk 60 min 585/2500
    22/10: 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 645/2500
    23/10: Nada
    24/10: 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 705/2500
    25/10: 4.0 mile puppy walk 60 min 765/2500
    26/10: 4.2 mile puppy walk 60 min 825/2500
  • My goal for October is to start back on my exercise routine on Monday, October 6th (when I'm off of restricted!). I will do an hour of water aerobics M-F, on the days that I do not have to sub. I will also walk/jog/cycle for an hour at least 3 days a week.
  • Some form of exercise (cardio or strength) 3X/week

    10/1. 3 mile walk

    I am out. I am having trouble getting started.
  • Thanks, Gardenjoy, for starting the Oct thread!

    Welcome, Lori. Nice to see you back, Sum & JB! How are you feeling, JB?

    Since Sept is not over yet I feel I am jinxing myself but here goes. My downfall is exercising when (1) things get busy
    or (2) I'm traveling. Since Oct will include both, I have no idea if this will work.


                          Minimum             Better           Ideal
    Cardio                660                800             800
    Weights               240                300             300
    Other (tbd)            0                  0              100
    Totals                900               1100            1200
  • Managed 56 miles last month even with my mom visiting. Let's try for 65 this time!

    Goal: 65 miles biked
  • October 1 starts the 30 day "easy" squat and glute bridge challenge for me!
    I'll also continue 5 day a week cardio for 30-45 minutes.

    Love seeing those numbers drop! Bring it October!
  • Hey y'all! I'm back! I moved and settled into a new place.

    My exercise of choice is walking. And I'd like to log 100 miles for October.
  • I'm going to repeat the first 4 weeks of Couch to 5K. It was silly of me to set this goal for September. I work on a university campus and EVERYTHING is either happening or in the planning stages in September !

    Here's to an optimistic October for us all!
  • I'm in for 1500 minutes of exercise!

    Thanks for the thread GardenerJoy, while you're on vacation!
  • Strength Training 3x week
    Cardio at least 45 mins/day, 4x week

    Week 1:
  • Hey everybody!

    Jb1975, how are you doing?

    This month, in adition to 540 km on my stationary bike i also want to do strenght training twice a week and walk 5.000 steps everyday. It's not much, but i work sitting down all day long and i use the car a lot.
  • Goal: 65 miles on bike

    10/1: 2 miles

    Total: 2 miles
  • 10/1-30/1500

  • Week 1
    01/10: Ear Infection, no exercise.