September Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Sw: 268.2
    CW: 268.2
    GW: 259.9

    UGH!!!! Staying OP and exercising and I'm just yo-yoing between 266 and 268 pounds. So frustrating!
  • SW - 165.
    9/3 - 165.1
    9/4 - 164.7
    GW - 159

    Did 40 minutes of Turbo Jam last night. It had been a while since I worked out...and boy did I feel it!!!

    Hang in there Jb1975! Soon it will pay off!

    SallyPineapple - Sorry to hear about your accident! Glad you are back on the mend.

    Everyone have a great Thursday!
  • Trying to get out of the 80's!

    Start weight: 82kg
    Goal weight: 7something

    9/1 = 81,8
    9/2 = 82
    9/3 = 81,6
    9/4 = 81,2
  • SW: 186.8
    GW: 182.6 (-4.2 pounds)

    9/1: 190.4
    9/2: 192
    9/2: 189.2
    9/3: 189
  • SW: 185.8
    GW: 180.8

    9/1: 185.8
    9/2: 186.2 (+.4)
    9/4: 187.2 (+1.4) TOM

    At least I get to deal with all the bloating, soreness, and cramping at the beginning of the month. When TOM happens in the middle of the month I usually use the weight gain as a convenient excuse to derail myself
  • Sw: 270.6
    Gw: 250

    9/1: 270.6
    9/2: 268.8 - down 1.8
    9/3: 270 - down 1.6
    9/4: 267.6 - down 3lbs
  • September goal 15x.x (again...)

    3-161.4 (after fast day)
    4-160.7 surprise, sweated it out on the rail trail, usually gain
    5-161.3 weekly WI -3.5

    Best to all

    We had burgers and beer at the ball game, but stayed away from fries, popcorn, etc., so not bad, going to try and stay somewhat OP for the weekend...try...

    boatingmommy good to see you, plan is to throw in a juice fast one day a week, eat veg/fish during the week, log everything in MFP, post here, basically trying to get back to using the tools I have available, we'll see how it works, if this doesn't work we'll try something else (by we I mean me and DH)

    rashomon and sallypineapple sorry to read about your accidents, wishing you both quick recovery.

    Best to all
  • Good Morning For those of you who remember me I am back. I took August off from my plan. I am back on the wagon as of yesterday (YAY).
    Starting weight: 245
    End of Sept: 230

    I am being so ambitious because a lot of water wait will be coming off
  • Trying to get out of the 80's!

    Start weight: 82kg
    Goal weight: 7something

    9/1 = 81,8
    9/2 = 82
    9/3 = 81,6
    9/4 = 81,2
    9/5 = 81
  • SW: 186.8
    GW: 182.6 (-4.2 pounds)

    9/1: 190.4
    9/2: 192
    9/3: 189.2
    9/4: 189
    9/5: 187.6
  • Sw: 137.5
    Gw: 135

    9/1: 137.5
    9/2: 137.2
    9/3: 136.8
    9/4: 136.4
    9/5: 136.4
  • SW:275

    9/05 274.2 -.08

    Thank you Mountain Mama, Boating Mommy and Kelijpa. It has been a struggle, but I am ready to get of this funk and get moving again.
    It still hurts but if I continue laying down and playing computer games all day my weight will only go up and I don't want that!

    So will still take it easy the first two weeks of this month and then try to start getting some exercise in the second half of the month if everything is feeling right.

    I had to get back here on the board to continue my journey with you all and to make myself accountable. So it fills good to be back and to share.

    Good luck to everyone on their goals as we get ready to go into cooler weather and beautiful Fall colors.
  • Everyone wants to be healthier, and everyone wants to have a better body. As you get older, it becomes harder and harder to lose 10 pounds.
  • SW: 311 (8/29)
    CW: 309.4 (9/5)
    GW: 306 or lower

    I am kinda bummed today. I have walked about 9 miles this week and I have stuck to my calorie goals of no more than 1700 cal. I have only lost 3lbs in 2 weeks. I felt so defeated today that I didn't want to go for my morning walk but I did. It gave me time to think about why I am really doing it. I knew at some point I would put in the work and get few results but I didn't think it would happen this soon.
  • Sw: 268.2
    GW: 259.9 (-8.3)

    CW: 266.4 (-1.8)