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Originally Posted by SeeMyFeet View Post

I didn't set a firm goal for Jan, but lost about 7lb
Lessee--Feb has 28 days, so how about 6 lb for Feb??

Daily Weights and Weekly we go again!

Sat 1 Feb DW: WA:
Sun 2 Feb DW: WA:
Mon 3 Feb DW: WA:
Tue 4 Feb DW: WA:
Wed 5 Feb DW: WA:
Thu 6 Feb DW: WA:
SeeMyFeet, is it ok if i use this template from you?
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I'm in. Excited for February! There are exactly four weeks and I'm aiming for a pound a week - 4 lbs

SW (Jan 31): 143.8
GW: 139.8
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Aiming for another 4-5 lbs for Feb to lose.

SW: 290
CW: 263
GW: 258

2/1 -263
2/3 -
2/17 -
2/24 -
2/28 -
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I'm back in for Feb. Goal is to lose 5 lbs!

SW (Jan 31): 149.6
GW: 144.6

Thanks Gardenerjoy for all your work in this challenge!!
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Thumbs up Ah, can you smell it? A New Challenge month!!

So excited!!! Not going to set my goal till tomorrow.... but would like to join of course and chat a little with people...

gardenerjoy Hello, thanks for making another thread.... groundhog....right...I really hope for less winter at this point being from the NorthEast U.S. and really I think we're all set with the frigid temps....

katerina11 Welcome and good luck! We are here!

auzziedee Welcome and good luck! Lots of people had had good luck with the concept of not eating too late in the day... good goal!

Avesy24 Welcome and good luck! Gosh you have such a pretty face!! I'm assuming that's you....just had to say it

underanalysis Welcome, nice goals!! Running...omg... good luck... for me, I like this quote: "I never run with scissors...those last two words were unnecessary!" nah, would if I could.

sum38 Welcome back and good luck!

AAD Me too, I'm waiting til tomorrow as well... welcome back!

selway Welcome.... yes 12 is a lot...but it can be done esp if you have a lot...the more we have to move the more we burn.... only good thing I guess.... me too...

sweetenuf welcome....holy cowbeans!! quite a lofty goal.... what kind of plan are you on? It can be done....

princesshuccup welcome!

pixie3208 Don't feel bad about goals that seem small, they are good motivators and really help make a good habit...and habits take a few weeks to set in.... bad habits also take a while to break...welcome and good luck!

seaurchin Welcome! I see you really came a long way last month... what kind of plan are you on? Good luck, see you around the boards!

Rated Good goal, good luck!

seemyfeet Welcome back, nice goal!

MissSmcC Welcome and good luck!

turtle11 Welcome back!

stilettolife Welcome back! Good luck!

Woodstock Howdy, welcome back!
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Height: 5' 5"


I'm in and I'm shooting for 4.4:

SW: 200.4
CW: 200.4
GW: 196
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Height: 5' 11"


Goal: 10 lb

02/01 .... 130.7 kg .... Start
02/07 ....
02/14 ....
02/21 ....
02/28 ....

-0.0 lb TOTAL
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Aida ~ Slow but steady ~
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S/C/G: 229/229/159


Goal for 2/28: 211 (Scary!)
1/31 = 217.9
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S/C/G: 220/205/190

Height: 5'


Haven't done a weight loss challenge in a LONG time. I'm in for 8 pounds this month.

SW: 186 lbs.
GW: 178 lbs.
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Height: 5'10


I'm back at in again. Met goal in January. So I am aiming to do so again. Goal is to lose 5 pounds
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S/C/G: 260/ticker/159

Height: 5'3


I am in this month. I will do my weigh in and decide my goal in the morning. Good luck everyone!!!

gardenjoy thank you for keeping this going for all of us

katerina11 WOW girl, you are about to hit that 100 mark!!!!

AuzzieDee I am really trying to work on my exercise too in February.

Avezy44 Hi, your avitar is such a pretty picture

underanalysis hope you make your running goal, I dream of being a runner one day

Sum38 12 pounds...that's a hefty goal for someone as little as you, best of luck.

AAD Hello, I am waiting until tomorrow for my final weigh in and then decide on my new goal then too.

selway Hi, I love the idea of trying new recipes. Let us know if you discover something really good.

sweetenuf cute name. Good luck in February

princesshicup Welcome, this group is soooo suportive. Hope to see you around a lot

pixie3208 I like setting the smaller goals so I can actually reach them. When I first started
dropping some pounds I would be so mad at myself if I didn't lose 10 pounds a week. All
of the negative self talk would make me just want to give up. I am happy with 1 pound a week,
or even a week without a gain is good.

seaurchin Good luck with getting to your wedding day weight!

Rated Hello, I see you are in Canada. I am in the south but we were soo cold this week. You
must be one tough girl to live in a place that is cold all winter long.

SeeMyFeet Woot Woot!!! 7 more pounds goooneee!!!!

MissSMcC You can do it!!!! You will be closer to 200 than you are to 300. I felt awesome when I hit 249 and you will too very soon!!!

Turtle11 I think I am going to shot for a pound a week too. We can do it girl!!!

stilettolife Looks like you will be heading to Vegas in February!!!

Woodstock You are so close to your final goal, how awesome thats gotta feel!!!

NighAngel26 Glad to see you back. You were so encouraging to everyone last month. You ROCK.

Rsadler126 You are sure to reach the 100's in February, you are sooo close!!!

darius Hi and good luck with your 10pounds.

curvynotlumpy love your name Glad you decide to join in.

ajlee33 Hi and awsome job last month!!!

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Height: 5'8"


Glad to see all the newcomers this month and of course happy to see all the returning chicks and roosters!!! Joy, thank you for this February thread! Things are getting busier for me right now, but I am in! I hope to lose 5 lbs and I will give my starting weight tomorrow.
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Vegetarian low-carb
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Height: 5'2"


I'm in! My February goal is 10 pounds but I will be glad to lose 8.

I am a low carber, a vegetarian, and I also adhere to an eating pattern of calorie cycling called JUDDD.

Looking forward to participating in the February challenge.
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Height: 1,73m


Hi everyone!

I am in! I'd like to lose 2,2kg this month and make it to 76,5kg. I just realized that's kind of a lot, but let's aim high.
Not weight loss related, I hope to get back into my exercise routine; hopefully to beat my 11k time and I want to run 13k, which is further than I ever did before, and if I'm feeling brave, maybe even 15k. But that just as a personal side-note.
I will weigh in on Fridays but check in with exercise and calories daily.

So here it goes!

SW: 78,7kg
GW: 76,5kg

yesterday's exercise: 43min run (6k)
yesterday's calories: 1400

I am easing back into the running - I really struggled after 2 weeks without moving much, but I made it home. Rest day today. 17 sleeps till my first exam! Uuurgh.

Good luck to everybody this month! We can do it!

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I am just getting starting with this and my goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of Feb.

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