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S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"



I didn't make it to 171 to start the new year 40 lbs down, but that's okay! 39 lbs down works just fine!

SW: 172
GW: 167
CW: 172

Joy, I am going to change my mind and go for only 5 lbs this month. Since I'm getting closer to normal weight, I figure my weight loss might be slowing down a tad, so instead of 6 lbs being my goal, I'm going to say 5 lbs. Thanks!

183, wow that must have been some fog! Glad you had fun!

Kelijpa, yay, congrats on hitting the 150's to start the new year!

to all the new friends joining the thread and so glad to see the returning friends! It's going to be a great month and a great year!

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Height: 5'3"


31: 152.2
01: 152.4
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Welcome to 2014 folks! I'm glad to see so many people in this challenge.

I went way off plan last night, so much alcohol and carbs! Oh My! The scale is very disapproving this morning. So I will use yesterdays weigh in as my start weight, and I am aiming for 5 off of it. So first things first, lose the water weight!

SW - 244.6
GW - 239.6
01/01 - 249.8
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Happy New Year everyone

SW (Dec 31) 145.6
GW: 140.6

Jan 1: 145.6
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S/C/G: 260/ticker/159

Height: 5'3


Goal 202

Jan 1: 208.4
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Happy New Year, everyone! It's great to see all your shining faces in a shiny new year! A special welcome to the new people to the monthly weight loss challenge -- this is a terrific place to get support and encouragement to meet your healthy 2014 goals.

I'll make our challenge list tomorrow, so there's still time to join us and be on the initial list.

My goal for 2013 was to keep my weight between 165 and 170. What I really did was keep it between 164.8 and 176. I had some trouble over the summer. I've had trouble over the summer every year since I started this weight loss journey.

So, for 2014, I’m going to try to nudge the low end of my maintenance range to 160, with the idea that I can have some trouble and still stay below 170. So, my goals for 2014 are to get to a low of 159.9 and never go higher than 170.

For January, my start weight is 165.8 and I’d like to get to my lowest weight of 2013, 164.8. In kilograms, that’s:

SW: 75.2kgs
CW: 75.2 kgs
GW: 74.7 kgs
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Default Hello people...

Happy New Year!

I dunno if I am supposed to use today's weigh in or yesterday's weigh in but today I am 260...and it's probably just getting rid of water weight going down this fast but I'm still happy it's happening ... also I'm weighing naked (sry TMI) so it probably changes things quite a bit... so that's what I'll keep doing.

Didn't drink yesterday, not feeling the holiday spirit there I guess.... our pipes all froze yesterday so I've been preoccupied. But, on that note I've saved myself the cals from drinking....

Hope you all had a fun new year's!
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I'm in toooooo, lets see what can happen in a month.
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Happy New Year y'all! So excited to start the first challenge of the year with you guys!

Last night was kind of an off-plan fiesta so my weigh-in wasn't stellar this morning, but oh well, it's just one day and it's a whole new year!

I'm going to shoot for 7 pounds (207) by the end of the month. Seems reasonably difficult considering the work trip/vacation I have coming up.

1/1 Starting Weight: 214

Goal Weight for Jan 31: 207
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I am in

And the FIRST thing I did for this post is turn off my touch pad on the laptop.

I have lost 5...that is FIVE posts I have written which before I got to the point of hitting "post reply" suddenly disappeared, one even just two keystrokes before I wanted to post. Don't know what I hit but it suddenly changes the page and I cannot go back to the post/or it just clears the post.

Anyway, to all of ya

My big celebration for New Years was yesterday, eating the "right foods" but without restriction. Lots of fruit being as that is one of my favorites.

Anyway, to all of you, not just the ones who made "goal," but to all of ya. You are all winners. I have looked at the weight loss overall of each of you and it is a trememdous amount of which as a group you can be very proud, and same as individuals.

I used to post a lot on some different forums, mostly gun dog training forums, plus bee keeping forums, electricians forums and hunting/fishing. This is by far the most friendly supportative group I have ever been around. It would be a super pleasure to be in a "real life" support group such as you all are.

Repeating Jacqui, welcome to the newcomers, both the ones new to 3 fatchicks and to Joy's thread here. You can not find a better support group.

As far as I am concerned, you all made your goals last month, even 183 who took a month out for whatever She? will lose that fast and be right back in the "race?" with us.

Myself, though so close to my 12 lb loss goal for last month kinda took the last two weeks off myself.

I was at 227.5 briefly, only 2.5 lbs short of my goal with almost two weeks left to lose that in....... LOL Anyway.....

Starting weight using yesterdays weigh in in Dec thread, 229
Goal for January will only be 8.5 lbs.

My overall loss since starting weight loss on July 8 has been an average of 8.33 lbs per month. I did not really start a real weight loss plan until I joined 3fc in Sept. My first portion of loss was by stop drinking near beer, 12 pack per day, over 1200 calories a day and cutting back on my eating some, and by not buying/eating cheese. I finally had to cut out all dairy, I just cannot control myself when I have them, though I came close with some. Now I have included veggies and have been learning ways to make them tasty enough to have daily. At any rate, I have learned to include plenty of fibre in the diet to help carry out some fat and bile, lowering cholesterol and slowing digestion and slowing the blood glucose (lowering the gi)

But these last two weeks I have not followed all that too well, buying a pound of queso fresco and eating that in one sitting with some chicken fideo I had made for one thing. 1600 calories plus 4 days worth each of sodium and cholesterol.

And buying a 30 oz bottle of Bob's bleu cheese dressing from the refrigerated deli dept so I could try it on the veggies. I opened that when I got home for a "taste," sticking my finger in and scooping some out. Then another one. Then another one. Then a spoon with some. Then all a spoon would hold with some. Then........... before I knew it, I had ate 1/3 of the bottle, 10 oz at 140 calories an oz. 1400 calories... but in my own defense, I will add that my two girls got about 400 of those calories and were still wanting more. The next trip to town I also purchased a large bag of salad fixins and had salads with the rest of that bottle of bleu cheese. I realized it would probably not go well on steaming hot mixed veggies.

Anyway, back to earnest weight loss again, but I will be altering this some and will not be in as big of a hurry to lose. 8 lbs a month will be fine with me. By the end of this month I will be half way to my new total goal of 180 lbs. I initially only wanted to get down to 220. When I started in 3fc, Jacqui told me my feet and back I would be feeling much better as I got the weight off. I am happy to say, she was RIGHT. Back pain and foot pain is practically gone. I feel way better. I will reach 50 lbs of weight loss during January, which is half the total loss amount.

Funny thing also, --- not sure if I like it or not, is food tastes WAY WAY BETTER THAN IT DID BEFORE which is causing PROBLEMS. But I think it will be well worth it for the increase in pleasure of what I do eat. I used to smoke, and stopping smoking (about 38 years ago, four packs a day to zilch, cold turkey) made a huge difference in the taste of food also, and nearly as much of a difference again. Has anyone else had this experience with taste?

There was a mention of stopping drinking in this thread not far back to which I did not respond. Myself, I stopped drinking over 21 years ago also.

Starting weight 229
goal weight 221

50 lbs off weight will be 223 lbs

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Hi BFR happy new year! DH and if have had the same experience with taste, we have cut way back on sugar, processed foods and fast burning carbs (mostly cut way back on breads). We attribute it to cutting back on sugars, not a scientist so really not sure what does it, but even ketchup tastes sweeter. Seems like when cutting back on things your taste buds don't get overloaded. The good news is the good stuff tastes better,too

Congrats, you're doing great!!

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Height: 5'4"


Okay the new year has officially started!!! Goodbye holiday binge eating and drinking! Hello exercise and good wholesome foods!

SW - 159 (not really sure because I have a house full of sleeping teenagers and could not get to the upstairs bathroom to weigh in). Going with this weight because I did have a few cocktails and they always pack on a few pounds until the water weight goes away.
GW - 153 or less

Rooster - I know how scary some of those trigger foods can be. Things seem to spiral out of control. But, you acknowledged your failure - time to move on! I agree, too, that I feel so much better with almost 30 pounds off...no groaning and aches and pains. Can't wait to see how I feel with about 20 more off!!!

NightAngel - sorry about your pipes! That is a total pain in the a**! We have an older farmhouse and have to worry about that too. Good to see you again this month!

Joy - thank you again, for being the chick in charge!

Turtle, pixikat, Sum, Jacqui_D, Woodstock, 183StGB, kelijpa (and forgive me for those I missed) - So good to see you all on here again. You truly inspire me.

To all those newcomers - Can't wait to join you on your journeys!!!
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S/C/G: 185/131/120

Height: 5'2"


Day 1:
Started at 166.4 yesterday (I don't weigh in on most DownDays)

Today is a DownDay so I will be eating very simply/minimally today.

Coffee with soy milk
Psyllium husks drink

Hard boiled egg
Vegetable broth

Egg beaters omelette 1/3 cup
Vegetable broth

I know it seems like too little but the point of JUDDD/IF is to alternate days of near-fasting with high calorie days. It's a kind of calorie cycling. I can look forward to a higher calorie day tomorrow!

Bosu balance squats
Weights - arms/shoulders
10 minute abs video
Walking the dog tonight, 2 miles ~ with weights

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Height: 5ft 5inches


Im in again !!
Met my first 2 goals now on to a new one for January 2014!
SW 288
CW 239.4
GW 235

Jan 2 239.4
Jan 8 240.2 I will get it back next weigh in! Im very determined!!
Jan 15 237.6
Jan 22 237.4 TOM

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Height: 5'6"


The new year has begun. Starting weight is 158. Goal weight for Jan is to lose 4 pounds, very doable especially with group support.

Week one goal - reestablish the no snacking after dinner rule.
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