Challenge to Pick Myself Up, Get Back On the Wagon and Stay on the Wagon

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  • Hi GettinFit, Thanks for the warm welcome. So this is my day 1. I'm actually excited to be back in control again. Yes, this will be our best year. I know we can make this happen together.

    Breakfast: flaxseed bread, eggbeaters w/dried tomatoes and bacon bits, banana and 1/2 cup soy milk
    Lunch: mushrooms, apple, almonds
    Dinner: soy patty, zucchini w/parm cheese, sautéed green beans, orange

    Let's make this a great day!
    Going for my walk. Bye for now.
  • Tyla I hope yesterxay was good for you. Let me know how it went.

    Day 36

    Finally a move on the scale to 223.

    B: 2 sl light wheat toasted, 1 sl cheese, coffee w/1/2 c skim milk, flav creamer, banana
    L: Shrimp & cheese grits w/peppers & onions
    S:unsalted saltines w/Newmans Own queso cheese dip, clementine, 15 walnut halves
    D: Progresso soup, crab meat, 2 Ww mini bars
    Exercise: house cleaning

    tracked calories - 1550 cals
  • GettinFit, I'm so happy to report that this is day 2! I also exercised on the elliptical for 15 and the treadmill for 15 yesterday. This is a big deal, since I've been floundering and have been off and on my plan since the holidays. I tell you that I feel so much better in one day. Thank you for your inspiration!

    For breakfast: flaxseed bread, 1/2 cup soy milk, eggbeaters, banana
    Lunch: Mushrooms, apple, almonds
    Dinner: I will eat what I was going to eat yesterday (soy patty, zucchini, green beans, yogurt), since we went out to dinner last night. I only had a 1/2 of sandwich and small salad.

    All the best to you! And congrats on losing a lb.!!!!

    Have a great weekend! We can do this!
  • Tyla I knew you'd do good. . I hope yesterday was an op day for you as well.

    Day 37 and holding at 223.

    B: greek yogurt, pear, C skim milk, coffee w/creamer
    L: Subway salad
  • Day 3 here. GettinFit, Congrats on your Day 37!!!!!

    B: Going out to breakfast - English muffin, ham, coffee
    Lunch and Dinner: Not sure yet, but will be good.

    Let's do this thing.
  • Tyla I knew you'd do good. . I hope yesterday was an op day for you as well.

    Day 37 and holding at 223.

    B: greek yogurt, pear, C skim milk, coffee w/creamer
    L: Subway 6 in turkey/ham sub, 1 pk 100 cal cookies
    S:100 cal pk Cheezits
    D: Lean cuisine, 100 cal pk yogurt pretzels, coffee w/flav creamer
    Exercise: walked 45 mins
  • Day 38 and all is good

    B: Greek yogurt, banana, coffee, 1 C skim milk, flavored creamer
    L: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer, 100 Cal pk of cookies
    S: 2 clementines, 100 Cal pk of Cheezits, 10 unsalted saltines w/ Newmans own queso dip
    D: Smartone santa fe rice & beans, 100 cal cookies
    Exercise: Walked
  • GettinFit, excellent work!!

    Day 4 here. Did well yesterday, and planning on doing the same today. I've decided my best bet is to stay off the scale. Since I lose so slowly, it does nothing for my confidence.

    Today: 6 am Oatmeal bar

    8am: eggbeaters, banana, yogurt
    Lunch: spinach, tuna and low cal salad dressing, apple, graham cracker
    Dinner: oatmeal w/ raisins, pack of almonds

    Good luck to both of us today!

    Exercise: weight training & 15 minutes on elliptical, walking
  • Tyla,

    Congrats on making it to day 4. You're on your way now. Keep up the great work.
  • Day 39

    Tyla, I hope you have a great OP day. You're off to a great start!

    B: Greek yogurt, banana, coffee
    L: Taco salad (very filling)
    D: 8 walnut halves
    S: hot chocolate
    Exercise: Walked 30 mins
  • Day 5. I had an early morning appt., so I'm finally writing my stats today.

    Breakfast: flaxseed bread, eggbeaters, banana
    Lunch: Spring Salad w/salmon, almonds, apple slices
    Dinner: Soy patty, corn, Veg medley, yogurt

    Exercise: walk and elliptical

    GettinFit, wow, Day 39!! Amazing!!
  • Day 40

    I'm stuck in the house today. When it snows in ATL everything shuts down. I'm glad to have the day off though. I plan on sticking to my plan for the day and staying 100% OP.

    Tyla I hope you have a great day.

    B: Greek yogurt w/1/8 c Raisin Bran, coffee w/ flav creamer
    S: banana, pear, clementine, 1 serv trail mix
    L: Shrimp & cheese grits w/peppers & onions, 100 calorie pk cookies
    D; Lean cuisine, broccoli
    Exercise: Firm Cardio Party and Leslie Sansone Classic 1 mile walk
  • Wow, GettinFit, I saw the traffic mess and the super snow situation on the news. I hope you're safe and sound. I'm saying prayers for you. Stay strong today. I know it's sometimes hard for me to stay put in the house. But sometimes it's fun, too - something different. Just knowing that we're doing this together might give you motivation. Hope so. And congrats on making it to 40 days.

    Day 6. Breakfast - eggbeaters, flaxseed bread, grapes
    Lunch: spinach with tuna, low-cal dressing, almonds
    Dinner: sandwich, greens with low-cal dressing, yogurt

    Best of luck to you!!
  • Thanks for the encouragement Tyla. I feel bad for those who are stuck on the freeway. One of my co workers didn't make it home until 2 pm today. Fortunately I rode the train in yesterday & didn't have to deal with the traffic gridlock. I have done very good today & have followed my plan today except I haven't eaten all my snacks. I have done my workout and may do another dvd this eve.

    Have a great evening.
  • Day 41

    Stuck in the house again today. I made it through yesterday 100% OP so today will not be a problem. I am determined to stay on the wagon.

    B: 2 sl light wheat toast w/ 1 tsp Land o Lakes light butter spread, 1 tsp fruit spread, 1 clementine, coffee w/flav creamer
    L: Salad w/ reg dressing, Oven fried Fish fillet
    D: Cafe Steamer, extra veggie, 100 Cal pk cookies
    S: banana, clementine, 1 PK 100 Cal Cheezits
    Exercise: Firm DVD